Show Javascript Confirmation Warning before deleting the record in MySQL , PHP and Javascript

Use javascript to warn before record deletion.

We are going to update the address book tutorial in giving you a warning before you delete the record in MySQL.

Same app we just added, with a little more functionality to it. The one function is a warning using the javascript confirmation box.

All this will do is ask "Do you want to delete this? OK or Cancel.

If you click OK, the record will delete using the same method as in the address book tutorial.

If you click Cancel the function will stop, NO ACTION at all.

First things first, add the following to the address book file, between the head tags, like so:


<!--code here-->

function deleteAlert(name,id){
var conBox = confirm("Are you sure you want to delete: " + name);
location.href="<?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>?id="+ id + "&mode=remove";

Line by line:


First you name the function (deleteAlert) and give parameters(name,id)

function deleteAlert(name,id){

Second create a confirmation box and assign it to a variable for easier handling
var conBox = confirm("Are you sure you want to delete: " + name);

Set up the conditional statement that will check for the var conBox

Next, we use the location object to send the var id to a specified url, we use the PHP_SELF to stay on the same page
location.href="<?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>?id="+ id + "&mode=remove";

All these next two lines do, is kill the function if the user picks Cancel

That's it for the function.

Now, to call the javascript function we need to modify this line:

<td><a href="<?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>?id=<?=$info['id'];?>&mode=remove">Remove</a></td>

And change it to this:

<td><a href="javascript: deleteAlert('<?=$info['name'];?>','<?=$info['id'];?>');">Remove</a></td>

Notice in bold the connection to the function deleteAlert, inside the parenthesis are the parameters <?=$info['name'];?> <?=$info['id'];?>, we are calling them when we click the link.

Try to mouseover a record in the database, the remove link, at the bottom of the browser window you can see the parameters in action, just mouse over and look at the bottom left corner of the browser window.

When you click the link "remove" the function will go into action and ask the question:

Are you sure you want to delete: [Whatever the name will go here]!

That's all there is to it, I will be posting more articles on how to incorporate javascript into your apps or pages, for now bookmark me and keep an eye open.

Please ask questions or leave comments in regards to this how to.


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Comments 24 comments

rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 7 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA

wow, good tutorial and very useful for me. thanks for sharing.

keagan 7 years ago

Works great, needed this for a PHP/MySQL project. Thanks!!!

Drwibble profile image

Drwibble 7 years ago from UK

Hi Alpho011, first of all I like to say thanks for your very useful hubs on MySQL, javscript and PHP. I am just starting out at using these languages and playing with databases. However, your examples are at just the right level to start learning how all these languages interact together.

I used a bitnami LAMP stack on my local machine to run your examples. After a bit of tweaking I managed to get the MySQL database working. However, in you code example you use <?=$variable

this just returned errors in my case, so I changed these to <?php echo and the example works fine. Did a quick google on <?= to try and figure out why this would not work on my LAMP setup. Any Ideas?

Alpho011 profile image

Alpho011 7 years ago from Marietta, Georgia Author

Drwibble :

reason being is that my server is set for short tags, so I am able to do shortcuts like that, but don't worry about that on a home setup like what you have.

hope that helps

Drwibble profile image

Drwibble 7 years ago from UK

Indeed it does help. googling short tags gave me the information I needed. if you want to use <? tag, the php.ini file needs to have short_opentag variable set to On.

aaaaaaaaaaaa 7 years ago

good one

Thusar 6 years ago

IT is good example, but it is not deleting my record , my record is still there.

Alpho011 profile image

Alpho011 6 years ago from Marietta, Georgia Author

@Thusar, then either your SQL statement is having problems, echo it out and chack it, and or the id of the record is not inside the link.

kevin 6 years ago

very useful...just suggestion, attach the file to download...

Alpho011 profile image

Alpho011 6 years ago from Marietta, Georgia Author

ok, take a peek at the src code, since the javascript is the piece we are looking at.

waqar 6 years ago

Dear Brother:

I am using your javascript alertbox deletion code. But i have some problem with this code.

Alpho011 profile image

Alpho011 6 years ago from Marietta, Georgia Author


Well all we doing is calling an confirm box, but what is happening?

Ja 6 years ago

Thanks lot.Fantastic work

Ja 6 years ago

I just replaced

pneelam 6 years ago

hi Alpho011

i just see the example and it is really nice one

pls attach the code here


Alpho011 profile image

Alpho011 6 years ago from Marietta, Georgia Author

asdad 6 years ago


6 years ago


Rajiv 5 years ago

i want to know about function for

ashish thakran 5 years ago

in this coding were i will use database

mahesh 5 years ago

Good script

Talha Mughal 4 years ago

Very nice script

vivek 4 years ago

thanks for this

happy 3 years ago

it's nice tutorial but but you explain with video file then easy to quickly append a video ..of the tutorial..

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