Silicon Valley Will Be Totally Transformed In Future

Will Silicon Valley look the same a dacade later?

Silicon Valley
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Silicon Valley Will Be Totally Transformed In Future

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Silicon Valley Will Be Totally Transformed In Future

Future of Silicon Valley

USA May Have To Grant Citizenship on the Same Day of Arrival

There is another advantage of many entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley returning to their homes. Majority of them start new firms in India and China instead of taking up jobs in some existing concerns which is not to their liking. So employment opportunities are created in India and China for the local people. What is America’s loss is India’s and China’s gain. Maybe, after some years, USA may abolish the visa system altogether and allow Indians and Chinese to immigrate freely into America provided they possess certain qualifications like English language and skills in one field or other. If such a time comes, an Indian or a Chinese will be granted US citizenship the day he or she arrives at the US airport.

Potato Chips Will Be More Relevant Than Silicon Chips

Also, ten years from now, Silicon Valley itself may lose its relevance or importance. Instead of telecom, communications and information technology that are dominating the world and made Silicon Valley a famous place, energy technology is going to overtake the above three. Solar and wind energy and the way these energies can be stored for future use is going to be the talking point of the town. Traditional companies from the Silicon Valley like Oracle, HP and Cisco will face more challenges from the biochips where proteins will be used for storing energy instead of silicon or germanium chips. The existing patents will lose their relevance. Silicon Valley professionals and technocrats will have to deal with life science than computer science. To put it jokingly, potato chips will be more relevant for work than silicon chips.

May Write DNA Code Instead Of Computer Program Code

Typewriters have been consigned as museum objects long back. PCs and laptops may meet with the same fate in the next decade. Students of history will be studying about what was once a PC. Human beings could be connected through network. Some nano chip, preferably a bio-chip, could be planted in some innocuous corner of the human body. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur can send his thought waves to a person in New Delhi in split second time. Telephones and basic mobiles will be consigned to the museum. There will be no need for video conferencing. If technology can reach this stage, then there will be no need for finance, money, currency, exchange rates etc. Just like social networking, all the resources of the earth (and other planets) could be shared by all the human beings or preferably by all the living creatures on the earth and other planets profitably. There will not be any need to go to a shop and buy an item, spending money. Technology will vanish currency notes. There will not be rich people or poor people. The next generation Silicon Valley technologists will be writing DNA and RNA codes instead of computer programming code. Any product you want will find you if you just wish for it. Your thought waves will be communicated instantly through the bio-chip installed in your body to the relevant server and you get the product within seconds or minutes.

One Can Choose One’s Life Partner with an Array of Choices

For marriages, one can select one’s partner from all available matches in the whole world. If you desire that your wife should be possessing certain physical properties like height, weight, hair colour, hair length, breast size, eye colour etc, you can find millions of matches. You can narrow down your choice by considering other properties like food taste, language she speaks etc. Finally the choice can be still narrowed if you extend the criterion of selection or match. You can choose the most appropriate match as your life partner and live happily without any wrangles or divorce. One can even choose children one desires. That way, people becoming terrorists and gangsters will be eliminated as every parent will choose their children possessing particular genes that guarantee good behaviour and respect for all.


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