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The Term “Siloing” as it applies to website optimization, refers to the practice of creating pages within your website that are specifically designed to serve a specific keyword function. To put the term into a more tangible definition, picture in your head a silo on a farm.

Silos on farms are created for storing grain, corn, wheat and other products that a farmer will sell at a market. In order to ensure that what he is selling to his customers when he empties his silo and takes it to the market is grain and not wheat, a farmer will take special care to make sure that only grain is stored in a specific silo, and that other products are stored in other specific silos. A farmer never mixes “grain” with “wheat” in his silos…and you should never mix your keywords in yours.

Start thinking of your keywords as products that must be stored in a specific silo. In order to ensure that you are bringing the right product to the market when it comes time to sell it, you must store only one keyword in a specific silo at any given time. This allows for maximum keyword effectiveness.

The search engines will pick up on the fact that you have a dedicated page (a silo) on your website that is about a specific keyword phrase, and this allows for a quicker and more efficient indexing of your site for a given keyword term.

Use “Siloing” as a method of organizing your keywords for search engine optimization when marketing your website and you will see results in the search engine results pages quicker than you can imagine.

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prairieprincess profile image

prairieprincess 5 years ago from Canada

Wow, this is really a deep concept to get my head around. So, each page is devoted to one keyword only? I don't really understand how you would do that! What I get out of it is that you need to be focused in how you organize your pages? Is that close?

This is a fascinating, well-written hub, and has got my interest definitely piqued! Voted up, awesome and useful. Welcome to Hubpages; you are off to a great start!

Web World Watcher profile image

Web World Watcher 5 years ago Author

Well it;s kind of simple if you think about it.

if you were a farmer...What would you want a potential customer to find if they looked in your grain silo?Grain right?

Start thinking of each individual keyword as a piece of property or real estate that you want people to come shopping for...each article has a specific purpose (or keyword) that you are trying to sell...

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hi, sometimes the ideas are as simple as the nose on your face, that's why most of us, including me, miss it! lol thanks for the push in the proper direction, cheers nell

SEO 5 years ago

Excellent post on a vital seo strategy -

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