Sirius Sattelite Radio - Commuter Must Have

Sirius Kept My Sanity Intact for 18 Months

For 18 months I had an extraordinarily long commute. I drove 48 miles to work everyday, and 48 miles back every night. Due to family obligations I couldn't leave before the morning rush, due to work obligations, I couldn't leave after. I routinely spent over two hours in traffic every morning. Since I worked long hours I would leave work after 7 pm, often long after to miss the evening rush hour. That cut my commute to under an hour.

During the evening hour I often used my cell phone to occupy myself. I called my mother more than I have called her in my entire life. During my morning commute calling was out of the question, it was too early. So I flipped on my Sirius Satellite Radio, which had previously been just a novelty to me. I found Cosmo Radio. Soon I was listening to Wake Up! With Taylor every morning. I was laughing along with the show and knew all the running jokes and back stories of the hosts.

I found myself wanting to hear the whole show, so I started plugging in my headphones to my computer at the office and listening to the rest at work, online. Once that show was over I would go to a music station, no need to charge the iPod anymore, just plug into the computer and you are good to go.

When we decided to take a vacation that required a long drive we started losing our radio signal about an hour away from home. There was nothing else on the radio that interested us so I flipped on the satellite radio and we were good the whole way, going between alternative music, which my husband loves, and pop, which my daughter and son love. It was perfect.

After playing with the channels I discovered that the satellite radio has local traffic as well for major cities in the US. Very nice. They also have all the political talk you could want as well as tons of celebrity shows. If you like all Elvis all the time they have a channel for that too. It's great.

One other thing that might be of value to a consumer is their incredible Nascar coverage. We attended a Nascar race that became rain delayed. They spent hours trying to dry the track and then it started raining again. At this point we were forced to leave as we were four hours from home and the kids had school the next day. As we were driving towards home we turned the radio to one of the Nascar stations to see the status of the race. It was getting ready to restart, so we listened to coverage. There was a general Nascar News channel as well as several driver radio channels. It was great. One word of caution, Sirius is pretty much uncensored. If you have kids in the car, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., may not be the best driver to listen to!

As fabulous as Sirius is online and in the car I don't really like their on the go products. Last year I bought a Sirius Stiletto. It's like the Sirius version of an iPod. You can do playbacks or listen live. You have to wear giant headphones, designed to get the satellite signal. You look like a huge dork and the signal constantly cuts out. You can't use the thing indoors, except as a playback device, even if you are right by the window. I wasn't that sad when someone stole the Stiletto out of my car.

All in all, Sirius for the car and online is great. If you have a long commute or drive for vacations it is well worth getting. We have had both the factory installed Sirius and the Sirius device you buy and put in your car. Both work wonderfully.

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