SmartBro Pocket Wi-fi

Portable wifi

SmartBro pocket wifi is the answer for people who want connectivity at all times. There are other plans being offered bu the pocket wifi can be used anything and any where as long as there is a cellphone signal available.

The pocket Wi-Fi is a user-friendly, plug and play portable device that allows one to connect up to five devices at any given time. It is a wifi plan perfect for families and homes when the members need to connect to the internet in their different devices. You now can do away with messy broadband cables and connectors. One person may now have multiple devices and connection can be a bit of a hassle but with the pocket wifi, you can say goodbye to your connectivity problems. The solution is this nifty gadget which easily fits in the palm of your hand.

Ideal gift for loved ones

The SmartBro pocket wifi is perfect for students, families and other people who are always on the go. It is a great gift idea for people whose business is connected online, students, researches. The pocket wifi is available in Smart Communications outlets in leading malls in the Philippines.


The Smart Bro Pocket Wifi plan is initially available to postpaid subscribers at an affordable monthly service fee.

Some Freebies

SmartBro offers a postpaid plan which allows 50 hours of internet use each month while additional usage will be billed additional charges.

Connect up to 5 wifi devices

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Comments 4 comments

treal 3 years ago

trick naman jan kung para speed super bagal connection ko "pocket wifi"

sylvia cambe 3 years ago

how to put a personal password for my pocket wifi. I lost the manual already. thanks

jor 3 years ago

Smartbro pocket wifi postpaid sucks. Don't get postpaid otherwise you'll be locked in for two years and you'll have a really really slow internet connection. And you can't download torrents anywhere.

maricel 4 years ago

how to put a personal password for my pocket wifi..tnx

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