Solar Lighting Saves You Money and Protects the Environment

Solar Power can Save You Money

Save Money with Solar Power and Solar Lights

Electricity is expensive stuff ! The sun, however, is available free of charge and it is a pity we don't make more use of it for solar power. If, like me, you find your electricity bills excessive and painful to contemplate then you should check out solar lighting . Solar lights, as their name suggests, are lights that are powered by the sun. They are often garden lights, exterior lights, shed lights and garage lights and can be used instead of mains lighting. Solar lighting can even take the form of antique lighting fixtures. They operate wihout wires or cables and so can be installed just about anywhere, with no need for a qualified electrician. Solar lights are charged throughout the day by sunlight, even on cloudy days. After they have spent the day charging up they then switch on automatically as the sun goes down. Some solar lights also have manual overrides.

Solar Lights

Solar Lights
Solar Lights
Floating Solar Lights
Floating Solar Lights

Solar powered lights can also be very decorative and can be used to enhance your garden. They can also be used for special occasions, as they are made in special forms such as solar string lighting for garden parties and barbecues. Star solar lights change colors at night, for example from orange to blue or from pink to green and are highly decorative. You can even buy nowadays energy-efficient antique lighting fixtures

Romantic Floating Solar Lights!

All solar lighting is very easy to install, an added bonus as you are probably too busy to want to worry about messing around with cables etc... solar lights do not have any electric wires, so safety is not a problem. Some floating solar lights can even be put in a pond and will switch on at dusk (not sure how the fish will feel about that though). Some solar lights also offer added security to a property as they light up when they sense movement and shock intruders, who then run away in terror.

Solar lights can be used in sheds and garages, where it may be difficult to install mains electric lights, if for example your shed is down the bottom of the garden. Not only do you avoid the need to run a wire down the garden, but your solar light will save you money on your electricity bill. They are easy to install, and require no electrical knowledge, you just put a small solar panel on the roof of the shed. The solar panel charges throughout the day, free of charge, and you put the actual light inside the shed. if you need to go out after dark you can switch your solar light on with a remote control before you go out.

These solar lights can be used almost anywhere e.g. greenhouses, barns etc.... So, solar lights are easy to install, but the best part has to be that they don't cost much - prices start at around $15 - and they cost you nothing in electricity ! There really is no reason why you shouldn't get yourself a few or ask Father Christmas to bring you some next Christmas.

They also do not pollute the environment with smelly gases or bucket loads of carbon monoxide - so really they should be compulsory or better still given away for free by the government, but as that ain't going to happen, go and buy some yourself ! Each time you see your magnificent solar light you will get an additional warm glow when you think of all the money you are saving !

One final point, solar lights have electronic controls between the battery, light source and solar panels to ensure the battery doesn't overcharge, and to control timing and light operation .

Benefits include : Free energy, no daily operating costs, off-grid power when power is cut, crime deterrent, cleaner environment, ideal for illuminated entrance signs in zones where there is no power

In addition to solar lighting, you can also cook for free using solar powered ovens ! They don't require much solar power and cook slowly without using any polluting fuels and withot costing you a penny, other than the initial purchase.

If you are interested in investing then solar power companies could make a good choice for stocks and shares to invest in !

As a result of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima many people are having serious doubts about nuclear power and are looking more closely at solar power, there are also lots of people who have decided to buy geiger counter kits - so much so that many stores have sold out and have a waiting list.

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