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Renewable Energy Technology

Earth 4 Energy DIY Kit
Earth 4 Energy DIY Kit

Homemade Green Energy System

Home Solar Electricity
Home Solar Electricity
Homemade Wind Power
Homemade Wind Power

Renewable Energy - Is It Worth the Investment?

It's a pleasure to say, people are becoming more and more conscientious and friendly to the Environment; they are willing to advocate and participate in helping maintain a healthy ecology especially within their communities. Building their own residential renewable energy systems have become a popular initiative in most communities, As the demand for energy increases and cost rises substantially, the time to consider or even switch to green energy have never been better. Solar panels on apartment buildings and houses are no longer a rarity cause solar panels are quite affordable today. It's time to stop throwing your hard earned money out the window by switching to a renewable energy system. It's like winning two prizes with the same numbers; green energy helps the environment and you save money on energy bills.

Renewable Solar Energy

Solar Power
Solar Power

Exactly What is Renewable Energy?

Technically, a quick summary would be the harnessing of natural elements in the environment without hurting or draining the natural resources nor disturbance to the ecology. Let's take a closer look at how renewable energies are converted to power, the natural resources from which they are developed and why they eliminate the need of burning fossil fuels.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar power is produced from electromagnetic radiation coming from the Sun's rays. Solar panels are used to convert the sun's energy into electricity. A solar panel is basically a fix number of solar photovoltaic modules electrically linked together and fixed on a supporting unit. The power is distributed throughout the house via a circuitry system. The same circuitry system identical to the electricity supplied from the grid to your house/home.

Green Energy Sources

Solar Power
Solar Power

What is Wind Energy?

The definition is when the kinetic energy of the wind is converted to mechanical or electrical energy via turbines as a power source. Wind power has been around/in use for centuries in the form of windmills for pumping water or grinding grain to name a few. Wind energy is no longer used just for subtlety since being evolves into modern commercial wind turbines. They produce electricity by using rotational energy for driving power generators. Wind turbines are generally categorized into three groups.

Large Wind turbines from above 30 kw to 300 kw:

A Large number of wind turbines are grouped together to create a wind farms. They are mostly used by national/local utility grids to provide electricity to the public. A farm is capable of producing enough energy to provide for commercial or small community use.

Medium Wind turbines from above 1 kw to 30 kw:

The medium size wind turbine is a device relatively large in size and not suitable for small-lot residential home or urban dwelling; they are usually installed on properties the size of an acre or larger.

Small Wind turbines from 300 w to 1 kw:

The Small wind turbines are used on-grid or off-grid. They are often used on-grid for residential properties, farms, cottages and small businesses. By connecting your small turbine to on-grid (local utility), you can reduce your dependency on the local utility grid and cut your grid electricity expenses by 50% or more. For off-grid use, small wind turbines are used to power RV's, remote communities/stations, boats, residents, farms, cottages or small businesses. Small wind turbines are a great help in many areas, especially in isolated, remote communities/locations. It can help reduce the dependence on diesel generators and provide power for both year-round or seasonal use. They are very efficient for reducing pollution and saving on fuel cost.

Solar Home

Renewable Solar Energy
Renewable Solar Energy

Renewable Energy - Why Invest?

Wind or solar power have been proven and confirmed by reputable statistics to decrease your current energy expenses by 50% or more over a period of time. The start up cost in conversion to solar energy may vary from company to company, plus most companies offer you the choice of building your own solar panels. The DIY kit comes with easy to follow step by step video instructions and guidelines.

Installing an renewable energy system depends on the advantages and disadvantages of the system and there are questions of accountability issues to be answered. A number of green technologies have emerged as developed alternative sources to burning fossil fuels; such as solar energy, windpower, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal, etc. However, for residential conversion, small wind turbines and solar panels are the most popular choices for alternative green energy systems. Therefore, let's explore some of the main issues you'll face when installing a wind or solar power system. Here's a quick summary of the five basic issues you should or may want to address.

Environmental Issues: local zoning, building regulations, impact on wildlife ecology, bird/bat migration path, nesting area.

Financial Issues: return on investment, initial cost, time length to payback on investment, incentives from government and/or local utility grid.

Social Issues: neighbours acceptability, housing development covenant question.

Input Issues: availability of natural source (wind, sun), sufficient or constant wing speed, southern exposure to sun, roof feasible for solar panels.

Output Issues: Personal/own use, producing excess to sell local utility grid, incentives from government and/or local utility grid.

Solar Electricity System

Green Solar Energy
Green Solar Energy

Is Solar Energy Emerging the Winner?

Energy expenses are increasing as the demand keeps growing and growing. It's not Surprising that more and more people are seeking to go green and reduce their power consumption while preserving the environment. Over the last couple decades, the demand for solar panels has grown exponentially creating the need for new organizations to be established to deal with the urgent consumers demand. Solar power organizations represent an established industry which are friendly to the environment. The vision for renewable solar energy is needed and clearly the winner. New housing developments, private homes and industrial complexes are provided with residential/commercial solar panels to make them presentable, eye-catching with appealing designs to the customer.

Renewable Solar Energy

Solar Energy Panel
Solar Energy Panel

Why Build Your Own Solar Panels?

Research and investment are inseparable. The prices of solar panels and installation cost could be too expensive to some individuals. However, there's an easy and simple way to reduce cost and fit your home with the green energy solar panels. The easiest way to avoid the expenses is by building your own solar panels. The requirement are basic and simple, is designed beginners without experience or knowledge on the matter. The DIY solar panel packages consist of videos with specific guidelines that demonstrate the exact step by step procedures on how to assemble, build and install panels. It's as easy as A. B, C. Most DIY videos include instructions with simple visual demonstrations anyone can follow. If you want to save on implementing your renewable energy system then DIY solar panel kits are available to consumes willing to discover a new skill, cut installation cost, save on energy bills and preserve the environment for future generations.

The Most Popular Renewable Energy Source

Solar or Wind power, which one is the most popular?

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Cheap Easy Green Energy DIY Energy

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