Solution for How to Setup BSNL EvDO Internet Connection in Network Manager on Ubuntu 9.10 *Exclusive*

What was the actual Problem!!

I had been searching on GOOGLE about "How to setup EvDO AC8700" but no-where found solution for this...The same matter was with other wireless terminals.

EvDO is a device developed by ZTE corporation to provide high speed data connectivity using CDMA 2000 technology. It is also known as 3G of CDMA. We had problem after the release of Karmic Koala. But we were having no problem with Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope.


EXCLUSIVE!!! because no one could found the solution for this Problem. Large number of EvDO users are compromising with many OS services by using wvdial alternative. I found the solution for EvDO on Karmic Koala in the end of January. This solution might work for other wireless devices too like 3G data card dongles too as I haven't tried on others, so I can't say about others. But since the reason behind the problem is same, so there is high probability that it might work for others too.

Reason was that our EvDO hardware is identified as "Qualcomm" by Ubuntu. But Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala was detecting as "CONDA s.a.p Communication"

You can check by yourself (for ZTE EvDO AC8700 device only) by firing this command in Ubuntu:-

$ lsusb # will list the USB devices connected

Since it is detecting the device wrong, it is talking with device wrongly i.e EvDO listen ATR command only, but it was sending CMIE command (shown by log viewer) which was not understandable for device, result "Disconnected--you are offline" message.

--> Then I tried Live CD of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic and check by entering command "lsusb" and . Surprisingly, it detected correctly as "Qualcomm". and then setup the connection as before and was not surprised when it connected rightly.

--> Then I did fresh installation of Ubuntu 9.10 and when it finished, I had to reconfigure it after reboot.

--> I reconfigured it and voila !! it worked...yes it worked

This made EvDO to work in Ubuntu without need of wvdial package. It is now working in Network Manager means that Network Connection can be setup in Network Manager.

I don't know actually what is the bug inside, that prevent any "lib" file to copy from CD into system during installation. But when I configured while running Live CD(i suppose) that lib or config file copied as it was in running state.

Now you will not have problem with IM client like Empathy, pidgin, etc and gwibber like clients who check connection from Network Manager. In wvdial method, Network Manager is bypassed due to which clients do not work..

Well this will work for all EvDO AC8700 users. So, enjoy Ubuntu........

THANKS for reading this HUB, and PLEASE DO COMMENT ON THIS...I am WAITING....

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Karthik 6 years ago

Hi, Could you please tell me how to setup the Network manager to configure BSNL EVDO. My EVDO is Micromax MMX 300C CDMA 2000 HSIA modem. I tried different method posted in internet but in /dev/ folder there is no ttyUSB0 file is created. Please advise how to congifure in Ubuntu 9.10. Waiting for your reply.

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ezee 6 years ago from Bhopal, India Author

How did you got Micromax rather than ZTE AC8700 that we all have usually..

Karthik 6 years ago

Hi, This modem is newly launched by BSNL. I tried different methods but my modem is not reponding while i am running wvdial. It shows the following error.

--> WvDial: Internet dialer version 1.60

--> Cannot get information for serial port.

--> Initializing modem.

--> Sending: ATZ

--> Sending: ATQ0

--> Re-Sending: ATZ

--> Modem not responding.

Please help me how to fix the issue.

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ezee 6 years ago from Bhopal, India Author

Prabha 6 years ago

it is not connect of Vista 07. so pl solution of the problem

Ezee 6 years ago

Which device you have- is it ZTE, Micromax or Capitel??

r.kulkarni 6 years ago

why do you take so much time to explain in how bsnl evdo micromax 300 cdma working conf in ubuntu ?

it is really disturbing for users who later gets fed up.

Vinodkumar KN 6 years ago

Actually what did you do other than Ubuntu reinstallation?

Because I was using 9.10 and now 10.04, both are showing it as

Bus 002 Device 004: ID 19d2:fffe ONDA Communication S.p.A.

But I remember once it showed as Qualcomm earlier when I was on 9.10 but at that time it didn't work. What is your suggestion other than reinstallation?

R.KULKARNI 6 years ago

i am using ubuntu10.10 since then not able to connect bsnl evdo micromax 300c HSIA Modem.i have already tried wvdial conf but it ends at conf sent to /etc/wvdial.conf ttyUSB1&2.

it does show that phone no.,username name,pasword not configured.but i do not get the link to configure phone no.,usrname,password.

what to do ?can you help me by sending a link to conf wvdial fully & help connect BSNL EVDO Micromax 300c modem.

with regards,



Vinodkumar KN 6 years ago

Hey. Ubuntu 10.10 solved my EVDO problems as I am using it via Network Manager and now I can use Ubuntu one, Gwibber etc..

Pankaj 6 years ago

I've just found a useful comparison between bsnl evdo, airtel, tata & reliance data card. i think it's worth to share that link with you.

Ayyoob 4 years ago

I couldn't install the file. and i thing this is not a good way of unlocking? Why your program detecting antivirus as a virus??

suraj 3 years ago

hi my modem is bmg cs-13 evdo , the problem is my modem not showing evdo tower . so what can i do pls

Sushma 3 years ago

can i use this device on HCL tab

faruk 2 years ago

in previous version bsnl evdo working fine on os x 10.9. today i install new system os x 10.10 ( os x yosemite) ... bsnl evdo prithvi ue100 modem not detacting CDC modem driver. so unable to connect internet.. so any one can solve the problem

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