Some Great Google Tricks

Google: Much More Than your Average Search Engine

Did you know that Google can yield much more than just relevant websites?

  • Try typing in the airline company followed by the flight number your uncle David is on. Google will give you a live tracking info with the estimated departure and estimated arrival.
  • Would you like to know what time it is at Mario's place in Italy? Simply type:What time is it in Italy? There you go!
  • What if you need to exchange dollars in Euros? Type "10 dollars in Euros. Better than going to the bank!
  • Are you cooking? Ask Google by typing in:" 1 cup in teaspoons" or try" 1 liter in cups" for foreign recipes. The search will yield the results.
  • Wondering what the weather is looking like? Just type in the word weather followed by your zip code.
  • Checking the stock market but reluctant to buy a newspaper or watch it on TV, no problem simply type something like "CSCO" and Google will give you the market details.
  • Planning to go to the movies? Type "movies" followed by your zip code. Now just get dressed and drive!
  • Waiting for a package? Try to type in the tracking number, you may be surprised!
  • Try testing Google's math skills simply type: 2+2 and press search. Voila' Google is also your personal calculator!

As seen, Google goes a long way when compared to the average search engine. Nothing really can compare. I believe that Google is and will always remain the king of the web. Do you google?

Questions? Ask Google!

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