Sony Alpha A35 Digital Camera Review

This digital camera review will cover the overall design, image quality, performance, value, and features. While most people think that the Sony Alpha A35 digital camera is just a scaled down version of the A55, a closer inspection proves that it is more than that. This latest Sony digital camera is a Single Lens Translucent camera or known short as SLT camera. Compared to the A55, the A34 Sony camera comes with an array of new features that will definitely delight fans of digital camera.

The A35 comes with an amazing sensor of 16.2 MP which can be found in high-ended models like the Sony camera A580. This digital camera comes with a stabilization feature which will work even with another lens, and at full resolution it has the sensitivity from ISO 100 to 12,800. The LCD is glare-free an is 3 inches in size with a resolution of 921k-dots. This digital camera also has the ability to shoot full High Definition videos at the resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a bit-rate of 17 mbps.

The design of the A35 Sony digital camera is unique compared to the other models, mainly because of its size. All of the function buttons are placed nicely and spaced out properly for easy use. It is so easy to switch from one mode to another as well as changing the settings of the camera to help you get that perfect shot. The camera also comes with a rubberized grip which means that it is anti-slip and will stay secured even when you have sweaty palms.

The A35 Sony digital camera comes with an extremely fast continual autofocus features. This means that when you are in autofocus mode, it is easy for you to get a focus on your desired object swiftly. According to a user of the A35 digital camera, in his digital camera review, he comments that the video capturing feature of this Sony camera is amazing, and he is a professional videographer. The menus and user interface are easy to navigate, set and use.

The image quality of the A35 Sony digital camera is nothing short of amazing, especially with its affordable price tag compared to other digital cameras. When it comes to capturing professional-like quality images, the Sony Alpha A35 digital camera is a great choice, with value much more than it is priced at. This is a highly recommended digital camera for those under budget.

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