Sony Book Reader

Sony have many different eBook readers with the latest being the Reader Touch Edition PRS-600SC, the Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300SC and the Reader Daily Edition PRS-900BC.

Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition PRS300SC

This is the bestselling reader of Sony's range and is also the least expensive. The screen size is 5" and is lightweight and slim. It can store up to 350 digital books on it and also lasts around two weeks before you need a recharge.

The size of the pocket edition is great and fits in a jacket or cargo pants pocket (just like the name says it will) as it's light.  Of course the trade off is that pages are harder to read on screen because of the smaller size, but for light readers this shouldn't be too much of an issue.

It feels great to hold and has one button to turn pages which you can reach even if you are holding the reader with one hand.

Sony Reader Digital Book PRS 505 Review

This is actually a pretty decent eBook reader.  Personally I really like it but it still does have it's flaws.

For example, the screen is not LCD.  Most other ebook readers are (which is why they are lit from the back) so this could either be an advantage (power will last MUCH longer) or a disadvantage if you like LCD screens - so people don't.

The Sony PRS505 is an updated and better version of the PRS500 which was a bit clunky.  The PRS505 is much easier to use.

Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition PRS600SC

This Sony book reader has a 6" display screen and touchscreen navigation. The advantages of the Sony readers over the Kindle readers is that they have full support for PDF documents which allows you to access of 500,000 free public domain titles to read at your leisure.

This is also good if you use a lot of reference books (if for example you are a student or need to access these sort of texts often).

You can store up to 350 books on it and the battery life last around two weeks before it needs recharging.

Many users say that the touchscreen is really easy to use as you can turn the page with just a wipe of your finger across the screen or navigate around it really easily.

Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS900BC

Coming December 2009.  The first Sony reader that will allow you to download, browse and purchase content direct from the reader.

Sony PRS 900 Price in Australia

If you want to buy the Sony PRS 900 in Australia you are looking at around $200 and up. You might find it cheaper at discount mobile phone stores - but make sure you read all the fine print to make sure there are no secret costs.

As of writing eBay has some cheaper versions as well.

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