How to Speed up Slow Smartbro Connection | Reboot Your Canopy

How to speed up your Smartbro internet connection and make your broadband load faster? The solutions are in this hub. The thing is the canopy IP address is no longer This article is the latest. Unless you’re not in 2012. lol

There comes the day when your Smartbro connection just goes crappy and slow. One of the things I hate is a slow broadband connection because I use the internet like everyday. A limited connection sucks, too. Intermittent (on and off) connection is worse. No connection at all is the worst dilemma. It also means calling the tech support or customer service agent, which I find so annoying. Well, I am annoying and they are. lol Before I discuss the steps on how to speed up your slow smart bro internet connection, know the reasons and causes of slow broadband connection. And they are:

Slow computer – so check your system’s memory and disk space. Dump all the unnecessary files. I recommend doing all these tips from a hub of my smart CiscoPixie.

Antenna errors - check if your antenna is facing the server's satellite signal. If not then, you need to turn it around GENTLY. Check if there are loose circuits attached to it.

Virus and Cookies – you might want to update your lame anti-virus software.

Wrong router settings – double check your router settings. Oftentimes the problem is there.

Unplugged circuits check all the internet ports, WAN, LAN and all.

Server is down – sometimes Smart server unit in your area reboots so it takes an hour to have a fast connection again. If you still have no connection, something is really wrong.

Unpaid internet bills. – they have the right to disconnect you if you don’t pay on time.

Slow internet browser – switch to Google Chrome. It’s damn faster! You need a really fast browser.

First step: Know your smartbro canopy IP address. If you’ve browsed around the net, you might have found out that smartbro canopy was like but that was 2007 dear lord. And then one site says it’s or 3.3. The thing is no other site could give your exact canopy address except Smartbro itself. The latest subscribers’s canopy address starts with 10 and it has the format of That’s what it is for the 999 subscribers. Going to the command prompt and typing cmd.exe won’t give you your canopy address anymore. There’s no other way to know and get your canopy than to request a technician from Smart Bro and wait for him to set up and reboot your canopy configuration. You can then retrieve the URL and address in your browser. Save the thing, write it in a paper and keep it for future needs.

Second step: (If you’re not using a router, proceed to step 3) Disconnect Smartbro from the router and connect it to your main computer.Go to Control Panel, and then onto Network Connections. You should see your Local Area Connection. Right click on it and click Properties. A new window pops-up, which says "Local Area Connection Properties". On the General tab, there should be a box which contains a list with checkboxes beside them. Scroll down to the bottom and you should see the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item. Double click it. Under "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties", you will see Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Choose and tick Use the following IP address and enter these data: IP address: - Subnet mask: and the rest, leave them blank. Click OK.

Take note you will see your internet connection icon marked with red x now. Yup, you are out of connection but it will be back later once you accessed your canopy and rebooted it.

Third step: Go to your web browser and type your canopy address URL. It’s like in this format: http:// 10.521.34.878 (This is just an example. You know your own canopy IP address by this time.

Fourth step: Once you’re in the Canopy page, you can then reboot. I suggest you don’t change a thing coz you might have a bigger problem. It is your choice to change and configure the settings like your uplink and downlink values and other ranges. The thing is, nobody knows what they mean and how they work. To be certain, just ask an expert and the smartbro technicians could and couldn’t say the real figures that work. Often times they are more clueless than you are LOL. So it’s just up to you. Rebooting the thing will make your connection work again anyway. I tried it and it works for me. All you need to do is to REBOOT.

Fifth step: After Rebooting, go back to your "Local Area Connection Properties" like what you’ve done in step 2. click on Obtain IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server automatically. Press Ok. Wait for a moment. Then your connection is back.

Sixth step: Restart your computer. Click your Internet browser. Smartbro Portal will then appear. Follow the steps until you’re internet is active again.

Last step: Connect your Smartbro to your router. Go to your browser and type your router’s address. Usually it is Click ‘admin’ in the user name and password. Change the IP address from to or whatever your router manual tells you.

Congrats! Now your fast connection is back. Wanna know your real internet speed? Have a broadband speedtest. My hub below will tell you how. Cheers!

Broadband Speedtest:

- Know and test your real internet speed connection.

Smartbro Internet Quickfix:

- this software will help you fix and know the connection errors of your broadband. It is free to download.

Free HP Printer and Cellphones from Smartbro

-get a free HP Printer (Print/Copy/Scan Printer All-in-One) and amazing cellphone once you subscribe to Smartbro or renew your subscription. Hurry up! get them while they're free!

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buryshane profile image

buryshane 6 years ago from (Delhi) India

Excellent presentation, contains useful informations. Thanks for sharing such useful hub with us.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Thank you. Just sharing what I learned and according to experience..Glad if this would help a lot of people for I hate slow broadband connection. I've been using Smartbro for two years now.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Sounds good twentyfive. I might check out smartbro. God bless!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Smartbro is fast but sometimes it sucks :) God bless.

Alex 6 years ago

Hay salamat! This is the only article that helped me with my slow smartbro connection. Lahat pare-pareho sinasabi tungkol sa canopy ip address. Buti nalang nabasa ko to. Thanks ha!

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

There are some internet companies here that have a similar system to this, and they have to be pointed to some transmitter somewhere local or a satellite. It sounds interesting and technical, me I am not very technical, Fehl. Ha. I switch a thing on I switch it off, thats it. LOL.

Our internet is 3mb per second right now, so we're happy with that.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

@ Alex - the canopy address for the 999 subscriber are different from the first batches. Mine starts with the IP I've mentioned from the article. You're welcome :)

@Cathy - Mine says it's 100mbps but when I checked it's just 2mb. :c Marketing strategy of my ISP very brilliant. I'm not so techy, I'm just curious and always wanna learn things. When we talk bout the internet speed, I remember that link you sent me LMAO

MLcab 6 years ago

hey 25

do you know any technician / contractor that can help me out with my connection?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

hey MLcab! Smartbro technicians are available in the hotline *1888 for smart sim subscribers. For landline, call 02-672-7277 Technicians are under contractual terms so they always change employees.

What is your connection problem?

Jeff 5 years ago

Tol anong sasabihin ko sa *1888 pg may nakausap na akong agent don?

FB ko pla kua..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Jeff! Easy ka lang. You tell them bout what is your connection problem exactly. Limited connectivity ba or no connection at all..o kaya naman sobrang bagal o paputol-putol yung internet connection mo. Make sure pala na you're in front of your computer pag tinawagan mo sila and if you're using a router, tanggalin mo muna at gamitin muna yung main computer para mabilis. Patatanggal din nila kasi sayo yun when they asked you. After everything is ready, you will be asked to make some troubleshooting on your system. If you're not so familiar, they will teach you and guide you what to do. If your connection didn't come back after ng troubleshooting, they will tell a technician to go to your house to fix everything. I suggest watch everything the technician will do pag nasa house mo na siya. Lista mo din yung canopy address mo para alam mo na next time. :)

ashkenazz 5 years ago

"Often times they are more clueless than you are LOL" (pertaining to technicians) - perfect!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

LOL they always are :)

roerrorsomi profile image

roerrorsomi 5 years ago

Yeey! Thank your for this wonderful Info tweetyfive. Im going to try it later when i got home. Thanks Again

peach 5 years ago

Another reason for a slow internet connection is the speed limitation assigned to your account. My friend had the connection installed last January, it's already April and they haven't upgraded the speed to its maximum of 2 MBPS. They will tell you the speed is burstable that means it will not go a high as 2MBPS really..I don't expect them to reach their maximum promised speed(knowing its advertising strategy only) but at least to reach half..How can I have a 1MBPS speed if the limitation speed is set at that? I have called several times on the past months... I don't know why they love to hear angry customers.. Do they bet after shift who's got the most angry customer? Really CS is lousy but call*1888 and ask at what speed your account has been set to.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Roerrorsomi! It's a pleasure :)

Hi peach! Indeed. I've tried the trick to tweak the settings and use the maximum 2mbps because it's on the contract to use the maximum. :) All we need is to change the settings a bit and all will be so fast :) I'm gonna publish how to edit and tweak the settings on the canopy soon. The call center/ customer supports don't know a lot bout tech stuffs. In fact they just schedule you. They can't do major tweaking on your network. I know because I've been calling them and I always get annoyed LOL

olan  5 years ago

how do i configure the setting ? if password protected???

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

If the technician has fixed your settings before, the password in the admin will appear as is. All you gotta do is log in. If don't see the password, you have no choice but to request Smart Bro personnel to go to your home. Remember your canopy address so you can use it in the future. Thanks Olan!

mritchi 5 years ago

lol. i can still access in my linux machine. here's the exact link when i am logged in:

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

good for you boy :)

niptocrap 5 years ago


verd 5 years ago

pwde po ba to sa plug-it?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

nope, this is not intended for smartbro plug-it. It's only for Smartbro plan 999 canopy users. Thanks for dropping by :)

Fro 5 years ago

hi 25, would you happen to know if they switch IPs? coz at first i am able to use the but now it doesn't seem to work. does smart know the activity of the canopy antennas? coz when mine's a lil slow i just switch APs. Now cant do it coz i can't go to my canopy's page.


btw i when the technicians installed my connection i deliberately disabled the lan on my PC. They came then tested it on my PC, puzzled, he then said "Sir wala po ba kayong laptop?" then i gave my laptop and they did what they have to do. And then before they left he told me "Bili nalang po kayo ng Lan card sira po ung sa pc niyo". LOL

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Fro! Like I said, the is not always so accessible anymore. Yes, Smart knows the activity of the canopy. They monitor it. When you access the canopy, you’ll see such data.

wtf? lol kakatawa naman. Pinagtripan mo pa sila hehehe

thom 5 years ago

twentyfive pano mkikita ung ip ip ko ... sobrang bgl kc ng smart bro kakabadtrip... add mo ko sa fb idol plsss thomtubio@y.c

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

If you read my article, there's no other way to retrieve the canopy address of except by asking a technician to troubleshoot your broadband at home. Smartbro is now hiding it kaseh. If the tech guy went to your house, you can then bookmark the URL when he accessed your canopy. You'll see its address. You have to write it and keep it in your notebook para next time, you can access it na. :) My fb is

asdf 5 years ago

the title says speed up but the information you gave is how to reboot. jeez man...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Reboot your canopy, that's on the title too dude. You must read the whole article. Impatience wont solve your problem.

Eden 5 years ago

Hi! My aunt wants to transfer her smart bro with canopy to our home because she doesn't have computer now. The problem is that when we transfer it. Quick fix always say " antenna is now connected with computer" But it's connected... We have 1 Mb but we only got 512 kbps now. It used to be fast ^_^ but since we touch everything I think it's broken. so what shall we do? Please help...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I suggest you request for a transfer from Smartbro office and the staff will do everything for you (transferring the canopy and installing everything up. You lost the fast connection because the canopy is in a new place and they have to configure the canopy settings again. By that, your fast connection will come back. Thanks for dropping by. :)

number4 5 years ago

Thanks for the post.

but my question, is there any other way how can we know our canopy address aside from calling their tech s*ck support? XD

lady 5 years ago

can you help me?? my problem is when i reformat my pc my connection became 10mbps., but before i reformat it it was 100mbps., i don't know what's the problem., but my connection became weak., and before when i unplug the lan and plug it again the smart asking for my account no. but when i reformat it., smart never ask me again :( im so confuse can you help me :D pls ^_^

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Number4 - old canopies used to have the common access ip of but early 2010 and til now, smartbro upgraded to faster broadband and users can no longer access their canopy settings using that ip. I've heard that looking over the canopy antenna, you can find a sequence of code and a blog somewhere said it may be the canopy address. However it must be converted to the correct ip address by using a scientific calculator. It's tricky and I never tried it. Better to call smartbro staff so the next day, you'll know your canopy ip once and for all. Right? Hehe I know what you feel bout their customer service, bro hehe. No choice tayo.

@Lady - when your pc has been reformatted, Smartbro needs to verify you too so you must open your browser and wait for a window that says Smartbro Portal...You have to fill up your account's info and proceed to the step. Smartbro needs to reset your connection, too. If it's successful, your connection is back. If not, you'll continue to see 10mbps or 100mbps again and again. Pag di mo yun, nagawa ng maayos, ulit ulit nalang yung detection error sa pc mo.

waking424 5 years ago

bgo mg pedring 180 kbps dL q..tas naun 32..bd3p.... reboot lng b solution?

echo 5 years ago

pede po ba mag ask? im a smartbro plugit user, 3days ko ng pasakit ung full signal ako ng hsdpa & wcdma but napuputol pa din ung cgnal ko? super taas na ng plugit ko abot bubong nakatutok pa sa tower ng smart near samin. dati kc 2-3mbps ang speed then now ayun 500kbps tapus mag drop sa 0kbps tapos tatas parang seesaw po.. try ko makisalpak sa medyo bagong plugit ng smart but gnun din prob eh? ask lng po sa cgnal kaya oh sa sim ko? almost 1yr ko na gnagamit sim ko po?

ikr 5 years ago

sir, ask ko lng, nag upgrade na pla ung smartbro, pano na ung mga old canopy users?dapat ba mag papalit na ng bagong antenna 2mbps? 512kbs plan ko nga pla. d ko din maaccess canopy :(

aldin 5 years ago

do you know some seminars that can i attend in order for me to get more knowledge in maintaining my computer..??please inform me.. here is my email..

asdfff 5 years ago

ano naman ung antenna alignment?

butch 5 years ago

idol panu ko makukuha ung ip add ng canopy ko??

ruie22 5 years ago

pde b 2 s wimax?

Ryuuzaki 5 years ago

i think you can still see your ip using if you are old user. na try ko na aaccess ko pa dn and yung ip na ay makikita mo pa din gamit ang 169.

smartbroken 5 years ago

very nice information, but in smartbro canopy you can configure it to make it free net LOL...its easy as 1...2....3

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Ruie Hi! I dont think this will work on Wimax

@Ryuuzaki Yes, that old IP address is for old canopy users. Not applicable to 2010 and 2011 subscribers. Thank you.

@SmartB Hello! Yes heheh

extra 5 years ago

khit nka lock n canopy my way p dn pra mkuha ip

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

yes, call the technician and let him fix the thing and then remember the canopy address

snapple 5 years ago

ok, so everyone is talking about having to determine what one's canopy address is, but i don't see what the reason is for having to do such a thing, anong connect ng alam mo ang canopy address, sorry for my blabber let me get straight to the point, ano ang magiging tangible advantage para sa akin in terms of boosting my 999 account if nalaman ko sa technician ang canopy address ko? will i do something about it like making butingting if i try to access that canopy address myself, am i right or am i left?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

The advantage of knowing the canopy address is that you can configure your canopy settings anytime your internet connection is slow or not working at all. If you have read the article and the steps, you'd know about it. You can reboot and bring back your connection when you access your canopy. No canopy address=No accessing of canopy settings and rebooting

Yes, it's needed when we make butingting of the speed and settings of our Smartbro connection lol Hhehehe. Cheers!

snapple 5 years ago

oh ok i previously thought that we can make current speeds faster than usual, my d/l rates are just 50 kb per sec 6pm onwards and that is when i noticed (when i open up my canopy url) that i am with 49 other subscribers per base station antenna or whatever it is called,, like i think heard before that that is too many subscribers stuffed into 1 base station, so does that like, slow down speeds here in our subdivision, i only reach 150-200 kb per sec come midnight, which i think is still pitifully slow as compared to smart bro average speeds nationwide according to and even moreso with respect to other countries' average broadband speeds, i blabber too much sorry bout that hehe

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

yeah I noticed that too. My cousin and I have same IP address though he lives in another street because we are on the same base station. I wanna have my own IP. I guess I have no choice since Smartbro users have static ips. I guess I have to wait for my 2 year contract to finish so I could switch to DSL. LOL Smartbro is fast, no doubt about that but I want a more secured network.

Try to change your base station by going to the configuration, choose the one which has the lowest number of users and save your settings. See if your connection is faster and better. Thank you for dropping by :)

IZOMIKAEL 5 years ago

Just wondering, why not rebooting the canopy by unplugging the power adaptor and plug it again after a few seconds? Will it work???

Luisa 5 years ago

Bossing, is this applicable to 2012 Users? Waiting for the tweaks and editing Smartbro Settings! More power po

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Izomikael Yes sometimes uplugging the pc and router would return the connection back. But if nothing really works, rebooting the canopy and configuring the settings will resume the internet connection faster.

@Luisa Yes it's also related to 2012 smartbro canopy users.

chicco82 profile image

chicco82 5 years ago

Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Enter these data: IP address: - Subnet mask: and the rest, leave them blank. Click OK.

Hmm, I did the above instruction po but I can't type anything dun po sa box,pero pag uncheck ko po yung OBTAIN an IP AUTOMATICALLY AND OBTAIN DNS SERVER~ saka lang po ako nakakapagtype eh sabi nyo i check field na yun...what will I do? HELP please...mag 3 weeks na akong sobrang slow ng connection, tawag ako ng tawag sa *1888 paulit-ulit lng yung sinasabi nakaka frustrate sila, grr

chicco82 profile image

chicco82 5 years ago

sobrang slow po ng connection for almost 3 weeks na , I called TSR for couple of times but they are telling me the same thing over and over again nkaka frustrate talaga, PLEASE HELP ...I tried to get the canopy address using the instruction above but FAILED po ako ...I couldn't type anything in the box if -Obtain IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server automatically.- pag uncheck po xa saka ng makakapagtype but if nka check di pwede? I'm really confuse


chicco82 profile image

chicco82 5 years ago

I called TSR again a while ago regarding my very slow connection sabi naman ng agent dahil line traffic ba yun then same old damn thing i monitor dw within 24 hours, eh ilang 24 ng lumipas wala naman nangyayari....Any other solution you can share? Please help po!!!

jek 5 years ago


I can access the canopy but the username and password is no longer "admin".

how can we reset this to be able to enter the canopy?


Ching 5 years ago

I haven't done everything yet. I'm currently compressing my files and still 2 hours remaining but in an instant my connection went faster and no longer turning off! It's been turning on and off 2-3x/minute and I do diagnose all the time so it goes On everytime it goes off. And this has been torturing me for almost a month now...thanks so much!

makel 5 years ago

panu malalaman un ip addres ng canopy?

joseph 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing 25 :)

joseph 5 years ago

Pag nag request na po ba ako ng canopy address ko sa *1888, possible po bang ibigay skin agad yun? or kailangan pa talgang pumunta ang technician sa bahay nmin?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Chico82 hi. Sorry for late reply, work is hectic. Yeah I know that feeling. I have also had same problems year back but then I changed my router. I’m using wifi wireless router now and the guy from Silicon Valley told me it’s the best router compatible for Smartbro broadband. It’s Lynksys E 1200 Wireless N Router. Changing the DNS settings just like from the article works only if you already know your canopy address. Since it’s no longer doable to retrieve it, you can only get it via a technician when he went to your house. When he configured your Smartbro canopy settings, check your browser’s URL and find something like Then write it on your notebook and keep it forever so that you can use it whenever you want to tweak your canopy settings.

If you don’t know your canopy ip address, you cant proceed to the next steps above. The other solutions I can think of is to check all your connection ports, and plugs. And restart your computer. If you’re using a router, unplug the Smartbro port from it and use it on 1 computer. Obtain DNS automatically and save settings. Click your internet browser and see if connection is fast again. If not, there’s really a problem with your area internet traffic.

@Jek hi. The username and password will appear there, you don’t have to type anything as only them knows the password. Repeat what you’ve done and wait for the username and password to load in the box.

@Ching hello. I also experience smartbro intermittent internet connection sometimes. It’s on and off. And it’s annoying. What I do is do nothing except wait for that day when everything is back to normal. They might be nothing wrong with your pc or ports. The problem is with them. Smartbro resets their zone connection during certain time and days.

@Makel hi. Just read the article.

@Joseph hi. It’s a pleasure. I have tried asking my canopy address lots of times already. They will never give it to you or anyone. If they did, everyone can have access to the admin portal easily..If you know what I mean…Just get it secretly when the technician tweaked your settings. It’s in your browser’s history… ;)

Ozzy 5 years ago


I have a problem with my Smartbro (Plan999)...I could use skype and I could use my voip (x-lite) but i cant browse using my browser (firefox mozilla, internet explorer, chrome and safari) when i check my network connection icon its ok, but once i go to the network sharing center, then manage network connection i can see my broadband connection with a disconnected mark below...sounds weird right... i mean i can play "Battle of the Immortals" but not 12 sky 2....such as it is...every time I open my browser the messages appear "The website is responding too long or the website maybe busy..try again later...or like the http is not configured to go to "" what do u think?

bratzz 5 years ago

ive done dis but on d 3rd step..omg no connection d n me mkapasok s canopy address ko kea d ko na continue the other steps..pno kea un?

Boy 5 years ago

i have new connection. it is still

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Ozzy hi. Oh wow, that is very weird indeed. Try going to Network Sharing Center then instead of Manage Network Connection, don’t go there, just view your connection status instead. Are you using a wireless router? I think you need to restart installing your router if you’re using one.

@Brattz hi. Yes, prior to step 3 your connection will be cut talaga. You have to enter your canopy address in your browser and then you’ll see the admin page. Don’t type anything, the data will appear. Once you’re in the mainframe, click reboot. You’re done.

@Boy. Old smartbro canopy are still in the format. You’re lucky you knew your canopy ip address but then new canopies are much faster.

peter 4 years ago

i hate smart bro plug and play product. ver very7 slow connection that i had encounter.......very very bad for me. i swap to sun plug & play ANG GALING TALAGA! kahit anong O.S gagana siya. ngayon nag SUN na ako pati mga anak ko gamit namin SUN lahat.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Plug and usb stick internet gadgets are usually so slow. I prefer having a wifi router than plug and play sticks like SMart and Globe Tattoo. I never tried Sun yet but I already hear some positive feedback from users. Thank you for sharing your experience

capsilog 4 years ago

Hi, i always have a meltdown when my connection goes soooo slow and sometimes it gets disconnected. i usually get such slow speeds from 10 am to 12 pm and then intermittent slow to normal or fast speeds then real slow speed from 2 to 5 pm intermittent speeds and then really slow sometimes disconnection from 6 pm to 11 pm. i use my smartbro for work but it does not say in the contract anything about prohibition for usage other than home use. i cannot get the ip address and techs do not come to my place anymore.

SmarbagalE2 4 years ago

Well ako din 2 months pabagal ng pabagal ang connection then totally no connection for a week.. tawag ng tawag then monitor ng monitor ang advice.. then finally they send a tech at ang professional advice kelangan itaas ang antenna dahil may nag tayo ng bldg, the weird thing is there was no bldg. around my house WTF!!!Smart.. Bleeech

almen 4 years ago

tol, maganda rin ba sa internet shop ang smart bro 999 plan? let say 2-4 pc unit per plan 999? wala kasing available na DSL dito sa lugar ko kya eto ang pinakabit ko as starter sa maliit kong intshop.tnx.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Capsilog and Smartbagal – My connection is running fast and smooth nowadays. I notice that when I always pay the bill at regular times. I never let it pile up. I maintain the 999 balance a month. Sometimes lower too due to Smart rewards. :) I guess Smart makes the connection so mabagal when some users have outstanding bills on their account. It’s also a factor.

@Almen. Yes, Smartbro 999 is awesome for internet café shops. Just buy a wireless wifi router so you can avoid too many wires and ports. I recommend Cisco Linksys Wifi N Router. It costs around 2100 pesos. P1900 if discounted. It’s easy to install. I have published a page about that too. Check it out if you need the instruction.

nuj 4 years ago

pag hinap ko yung signal -74dbm po ang pinakamababa na power level sa color code na primary, pero pag color code ay secondary -54dbm ang pinakamababa na power level tapos pag tinggal ko na yung adaptor at babalik ulit sa -74dbm to -77dbm power level at color code nya ay primary na, kaya napuputol nalang conection ko at mabagal. ano kaya ang solusyon?

nuj 4 years ago

at pag natapos na po yung lock in period na 2 years ng smartbro pwede kaya ako mag apply ng bagong smartbro canopy at hindi ko na ipagtuloy yung dati kung smartbro canopy?

slow smart bro connection 4 years ago is this the wireless plan you're using right now? because it says that the speed is only up to 1mbps. how did you get your 999 plan with 100mbps speed connection? available pa ba yon?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Nuj hi. You can request a new canopy unit if yours is defected even if your contract is not yet ended.

@Slow... That's the new plan 999. Yes, that's the one I'm currently using though I just renewed my contract. Mine is 2mbps kasi it was offered before pa. The 100mbps is what you will see on the icon on your desktop, but it's just an icon. The real thing is, it's only 2mbps. Fast enough.

This plan 999 today is only 1mbps. Since they offer Wimax now too. Their products are new and different now.

bly 4 years ago

brO, subscribed dn ako for plan999 2mbps, malamang pareho tayo nung 2mbps pa inooffer for plan 999...sobrang bumagal na ung net ko since then...tapos pag checheck ako sa bagal ng download at upload, pag pinag sama mo, halos di pa pumalo .50mbps.....note: pinagsama na yan ah...kumbaga pt. something lng sila pareho...diba IMBA sa bagal un...anu ba gagawin ko beside accessing my capony setting para ma maximize or at least pumalo ng 1mbps each or 1.5mbps for both....nkaka bobo pag kakausap pko ng agent, ung iba di nila alam cnsabi nila...thnx bro sa help

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Change your router. I changed mine and use wireless wifi router nalang. Since then, my internet speed is awesome. Walang palya. hehehe Linksys Wireless N Router is recommended for regular home use. You're welcome :)

chieffy_08 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive, do you know any username and password to use to access the canopy. a smartbro technician came here to fix my connection, but he himself can't access the canopy with his username and password. does it have any limit of tries for inputting the correct username and password? thanks!

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

The username and password in the canopy admin will automatically appear once the canopy page appears. you just have to wait for the page to load. Don't be in a hurry or excited. If you typed anything in the box, the values won't show up. You'll end up losing the details. The values will appear in asterisks. The technician must know that unless he's not from Smartbro.

romel 4 years ago

Hi!i still open my canopy ip address which is where do i reboot on the config or in statistic? my router is TPLINK lite en router, my connection is too very very slow, max throughput 7mbps aggregate. pls help me

donna 4 years ago

haizzzz,,,, haga't pwede at nakaka connect ... yan ang smartbro......

estoy 4 years ago

still slow...

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Romel hello. Yes to some old version of Canopy, it can still be accessed. Just disconnect your computer from the router and just plug it on one pc. Follow the steps above and reboot.

@Dona hi. lol tama ka dyan sister

arct 4 years ago

di ko talaga ma access ung canopy antenna ko grr. ginawa ko na lahat at nagsearch sa google waley paren. hirap nman kc hanapin nyang IP ADDRESS na yan e.last option ko akyatin ung antenna tapos tingnan ung esn code. pde cguro ung 25 dba?

jackie 4 years ago

sana gandahan naman ng smart ang service nila, nkakadissapoint,. sa una lang sila pa impress. am bagal ng connection, di tuloy ako mkapgturo ng maayos kya nkakatamad silang bayaran.

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Arct hi. I'm not a smart geek to unfold that ESN code. I've heard you can figure it out by using a scientific calculator. The values of the code in the antenna corresponds to a value in the calculator. IDK how.

@Jackie hello. If your bill has piled up to 2 months, they usually make your connection mabagal. I always pay my bills every month to avoid that.

Klaine 4 years ago

sir. yung part ng canopy IP. when I type the 3rd step. nothing appeared "too many parameters" lang pahelp naman oh

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Klaine you must type your own canopy address in the browser bar.

fortyseven 4 years ago

hi sir, mukhang eto na isa sa pinaka matinong nabasa ko regarding smart bro canopy. pero, di ko pa rin sya ma access, tried the thing, but sabi mo nga di na pwede makita sa cmd prompt yung canopy add, so the only thing to find it is through the smart tech guys?

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes, I have also tried finding my canopy ip address using the cmd prompt and tried it lot of times na but my laptop couldn't figure it out. Perhaps, the guy who figured it was using the old version of Windows and new OS like Vista and Windows 7 couldn't show it or perhaps Smartbro itself blocked it. I have read that somewhere too. So I called the Smartbro technician and when he rebooted my canopy settings, I looked carefully and watched him as he type my canopy address in my browser. Once he's gone, I typed the ip address again and wrote it in my notebook so next time, I could access it myself. :)

If you're not sure about your canopy ip address, just ask the tech guy before he leaves you. The only key to rebooting and bringing back Smart bro connection and accessing the canopy panel is knowing your canopy ip address :)

fortyseven 4 years ago

thanks for the info sir, may i also ask kung anong palusot mo para pumunta yung tech sa house mo? :)

Melanie 4 years ago

Hi sir, almost 1 year na po kc aqng subscriber ng smartbro at recently lang po nagkaroon aq ng problem with their connection.. actually 1 month na aqng tumatawag sa customer service nila pero lage nilang sinasabi na ipaparating nila sa kanilang support group ung problem at magwait daw ng 24hrs kaso same problem pa din ung naeencounter ko sa connection ko. I've search the net and found some articles like this... kaso every time na ittype ko ung canopy address eh walang lumalabas sa browser kundi error naman po :( ayaw po kc magpadala ng smartbro ng tech nila sa haus ko eh.. thanks

Melanie 4 years ago

nabasa ko din po sa mga ibang comments sa taas na may mga OS like windows 7 na hindi makikita ang canopy add using cmd promt... pwde po kayang dahil na din sa OS un kaya nagloloko ung smartbro connection ko? dati po kc windows xp ung OS ko, nagpareformat lang

Melanie 4 years ago

(continuation...) nagpareformat lang po ako last year ng pc. Sir kung ok lang po email niyo nalang aq regarding sa mga concerns ko (, I think mas makakahingi ako ng reliable answer sa inyo kesa sa mga CSR ng smart. Thank you so much! :)

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Fortyseven You’re welcome. :) Palusot hehehe I had no palusot kasi naman I really need their tech guy to check my disconnected internet and bring it back. It has stopped for few days and it’s really annoying me na. They will surely come and visit you if you request them too. Tell them it’s been super slow and you really need it to be fixed or else you will be a dissatisfied subscriber.

@Melanie Why is that they wont bring their tech guy? Maybe it’s fixable with their network online tech support. Make sure you have paid the Smartbro monthly fees. I’m sure they won’t annoy you anymore :) Ah you reformatted your OS? What are you using now? Are you using a router or just use the Smartbro internet connected directly to your computer?

It is always a pleasure to help. :)

marvin 4 years ago

sir probs ko po 1 month na to paputol putol konekxon 11 pm - 9 am mblis net pero pg patak ng 10am- 10pm RTO ng RTO na xa anu po pwde ko gwin soluxon ngwa n po nmin ng mga agent basic troubleshootings. may router po ako gmit sa tatlo pc....

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Check first if your current Smartbro bill is not 2000 above. Usually, they want to call your attention thru slow connection if you have unpaid bills. If not, disconnect your router and plug the Smartbro to your main computer. Then test it if you get good internet connection. If not, it's probably your antenna. You can check it by downloading the Smartbro Internet Quickfix and doing the troubleshooting. If you still have intermittent connection, you need to ask a tech guy by calling their hotline. If you know your canopy ip address, you can tweak and reboot your canopy settings yourself otherwise you just depend on the tech guy. Good luck.

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Kazmarr 4 years ago

hello sir, how can i speed up my USB smart broadband? please tell me

jiandrake 4 years ago

hi ask ko lang kaka kabit pa lang ng smart bro ko na cannopy 999 1mbps pero napaka bagal .37mbps lang lagi ang download speed ko pa help naman thanks

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Kazmar USB or Plug it stick are usually slower than the DSL or home canopy broadband like Smartbro canopy 999. I bought my USB plug it before and just threw it away coz it was worthless. lol There's no way you can speed it up since it will stop and connect and stop and connect again over and over

@Jiandrake What is your computer? Check out your internet browser too if you're using a fast computer like Dual Core or Mac, then you're fine. Are you using the latest Firefox or Google Chrome? If yes, then the canopy may have the problem. observe it for 2 days, if connection still so slow, it's time you call the Smartbro tech support.

RJ 4 years ago

tanong ko lang sana kung kailangan magpalit ng antenna for canopy subscribers? last nov. 2010 ako nag subscribe. may nabasa kasi ako sa thread na ito na, mas mabilis ung mga bagong canopy. pag nag renew ako ng contract (since wala naman akong naging problem sa smartbro except na hanggang 1mbps lang talaga nakukuha ko kahit up to 2mbps ung plan) puwede kaya na mag demand ako ng mas mabilis na speed para lang mag renew ako?

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

yes, pwede. Just make a request to Smartbro to replace your old canopy. Tell them your connection has been so unsatisfactory. Thank you for dropping by RJ :)

Jesse 4 years ago

sir, makakaapekto po ba sa net connection ko yung may mga blockage sa antenna?, sa di kalayuan kasi may puno ng niyog na nakaharang sa antenna kaya walang visibility sa tower ng smart?

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes if something big is blocking your antenna, you must transfer it to nice spot where it's visible to the tower. 5 feet lang kasi yung height ng canopy post so often it can't receive enough signal. You can request to make it higher. Ask Smartbro. I think you will pay some fees when you use some things like pole from them.

Jesse 4 years ago

thanks for the urgent reply sir... Malaking factor ba harang sa net speed ko?

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes, it's a huge factor.

rey 4 years ago

sir bat ganun kailngan pa nga user name and pass:

pero dati nabuksan ko na po ang canopy ko ngaun nabuksan ko nga kaso kailgan ng authorization pra mabuksan? can you help me sir .

rey 4 years ago

sir anung po password and username ng canopy? kailngan po kc pra mabuksan ung website ng canopy?

leave a comment pleassssssseeee

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Rey wait for few seconds for the page to load the admin username and password. They will appear automatically. You dont need to type anything.

Kraid 4 years ago

Hi Sir, Good day, ask ko lang kung maganda ba itong wifi router na ito para sa smartbro canopy, i'm planning to set-up a wifi connection in our house.

Looking forward to your response. thanks!

Herson Keith Sanchez 4 years ago

bkt hnd nakita ko na yung canopy ko bkt d naconnect kpg nilalgay ko na sa browser yung ip address?

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Kraid Yes , Cisco is one best wifi router for me, the fastest, too. Linksys has proven to work better than any other router. Perfect match to Smartbro internet

@Herson if you are using a router, you need to plug the Smartbro port and start your IP settings again so you can browse your canopy

dumbro 4 years ago

hi. i just wanna know, paano un? pag pumupunta ako sa canopy page ko? wala naman ako nakikita reboot dun? tapos di ko pa alam password kaya di makapag log in? what should i do?

mig 4 years ago

hi. i just got my Canopy, umakyat ako sa antenna :) kaso hindi ako makapasok sa canopy page. eto lang ang laging lumalabas The connection has timed out The server at is taking too long to respond. hindi yan ung canopy address ko.example lang. thanks in advance :)

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Dumbro wait mo upload ng system yung admin username and password. They will appear after few seconds. if you type anything, they won't appear at all. You will see the REBOOT button once the panel opened.

@Mig Try changing the settings again from your Local Area Connection by going to the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item. Double click it. Under "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties", you will see Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Tick them and tap OK. Then proceed to your canopy URL to your browser.

franzians 4 years ago

I have done what you have said all and all but in the end d naman ngpunta sa smartbro portal. so how will i know that it works?

Snod 4 years ago

sir,pareho kami prob ni dumbro! sinubukan ko po maghintay.. umabot po 20 mins. ala pa rin lumabas na user at pass! i did not type anything.. pero ala tlga nangyari..

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Same thing happened with me. I just did the thing again and it works. Do it smoothly. Don't be in a hurry.

HallyMao 4 years ago

Best way parin ang pagtawag sa *1888. The day before yesterday I contacted their hotline and requested for a technician to come on our place due to intermittent connection I had been experiencing from the past few days. I was surprised that the day after I called, the technician arrived and he fixed our antenna by making it more higher and tweak some changes in my canopy page. After that everything is fine now.

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

yeah it's fine. always after they fixed it but what happens when it stops again, that time you should know yourself and not depend on them so much :)

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chingkaineh 4 years ago

sir nabuksan ko na po ung canopy page ko,,kya lang need ng pass and username eh,,pls help,,sa umaga lang mbilis net ko,,ty,ty ty

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

wait for the canopy admin panel page to load and teh username and password will appear automatically

noob 4 years ago


You have timed out of your session, have been locked out due to too many unauthorized access attempts, or have exceeded your maximum allowed sessions.

Please press here to continue

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

try again after 36 hours

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chingkaineh 4 years ago

kuya di po lumalabas ung user and pass automatically eh,,T_T,,what should i do now kuya?tnx for d reply

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chingkaineh 4 years ago

kuya na reboot ko na sya,,kya lang ganun pa din,,bagal pa din ,,sad!!

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

are you using a router?

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chingkaineh 4 years ago

direct connection lang po,,ok na po dl speed ko ,,upload speed ko na lang po problema ko.lagi na lang 0.03-0.04 mbps lang ,,kya sobra lag pa po ako,,ping ko lessthan 100 tpos dl speed ko 1.30mbps,,help me po kuya plsss

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

To change and adjust your Smartbro canopy download and upload speed, log in to your Admin Canopy Panel, go to Quality of Service (Qos) tab, then see MIR Bandwidth Settings and CIR Bandwidth Settings, scroll over and you'll see the default speed, change them to the maximum speed which is 1000mbps or 2000mbs (depending on your version of Smartbro Canopy) then save all data. Reboot and have your speedtest

I'm gonna make another article about that soon due to lots of requests :) Thanks for dropping by!

noob 4 years ago

still got the same error


You have timed out of your session, have been locked out due to too many unauthorized access attempts, or have exceeded your maximum allowed sessions.

Please press here to continue"

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

relax and don't log in after failed attempts. You have to wait for the system to refresh and 48 hours to finally let you log in again. Better yet, call Smartbro hotline about your slow internet connection.

Sophia 4 years ago

hi twentyfive. i've been smart bro canopy 999 plan subscriber for 4yrs now. but now, 799 lang ang monthly payment ko kasi nag-avail ako ng 24 mos retention nung 2010. my problem is bigla na lang "limited or no connectivity" ang naging status ko, i called to smart customer service at may pumunta namang technician sa bahay namin only to informed me na down na raw ang canopy ko at di na makasagap ng signal. he asked me to migrate to smartbro wimax 999 but when i went to smart wireless center, they told me that my monthly payment will be 999 again with lock-in period of 24 months, because of that, i refused to migrate. ipapa-disconnect ko na dapat ang canopy ko and switch to globe but unfortunately, sabi ng globe, wala pa raw facility sa area namin. do you think meron pang other way para maging ok ulit ang connection ko, as of now hindi ko pa rin pinapa disconnect kasi im still hoping na may chance na maayos because sometimes my connection naman ako..


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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

you can just buy a new canopy if they are still offering units. I gotta know more about Wimax 999 if it's awesome and reliable and fast

bro 4 years ago

25, wala pa ba ung sa upload and download mod? saka ano username pass ng canopy? same pa rn add nung skn pa rn..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Once you have accessed the admin canopy panel, you can adjust teh download and upload setting by going to the Quality of Service or QoS I think with the old canopy like yours, maximum speed is 1500mbps? Just check it and adjust your settings. Check out my comment to Chingkaineh above. Username and password is default, The data will appear once the page is loaded completely, wait for it to load

computer instructor 4 years ago

how about typing arp -a in cmd?

haopee profile image

haopee 4 years ago

This is great. I had to share this with my friend because she's been complaining that Smart Broadband is very slow. I don't have experience in using it so I had to search somewhere else. By the way, I still prefer Bayantel.

haynako 4 years ago

wlng ng yari boss, still ang bagal prin ng net ko... lag dc sa online.. pg browse naman ang tagal lalo na download...

Richard 4 years ago

how do you do this with a mac os? hehe

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Haopee How much for Bayantel?

@Richard Never tried it at Mac since I dont have a Mac computer lol but I think the steps are closely the same. Go to your Internet Connection Settings then to Local Area Connection Status, you will find all other functions there.

jake 4 years ago

Sir 25 may mga tweaks ka na ba sa SmartWimax? thanks in advance if meron ;D

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Will find out soon. Grabe ang baha, my broadband is kinda slow but at least I have connection hehe

Marc@smart 4 years ago

I am only able to use my internet at Late night-Dawn because of its VERY VERY slow connection. Evrytime I troubleshoot , it appears that I dont have a Valid IP config and the default gateway is unavailable. Smart is disappointing(sigh) My Net runs at lower that 5kbs. Its like I'm paying my bills for nothing

LordOfKat 4 years ago

Nawawalan na ako ng gana sa smartbro, after this monsoon rain, nag down sila,now it's up,pero sobrang bagal.

My previous DL speed was around 1.50Mbps ngaun nasa .20-30Mbps.

I tried changing DNS settings and stuff ,wala pa din. I tried accessing the CANOPY I can see it using . Unfortunately, I was signed in as GUEST,ang nakikita ko lang eh ung "HOME,GENERAL STATUS, wala akong Username and Password to update anything. I also tried to wait for it to load for username and pass to automatically pop up, pero wala.

Called their hotline 4 times, it seems na ayaw nilang mag send ng tech to check and see what's happening. Laging, "sige sir follow up natin sa BASE STATION at makaka receive kayo ng text pag ayos na, within 24 hours"

Can you help me retrieve my old connection speed back.


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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I have received an update from Smart that some subscribers will lose connection effective Aug. 13 because they are fixing something. Although this won't be in general. I'm hoping I'm not covered by that maintenance stuff. The update suggest contacting Smart hotline for affected users. That means, having to talk to their usual call center agents again. Hmp!

bevjane 4 years ago

hi po! d ko po alam kung anu e adjust dto para sa download at upload link eh.

MIR Bandwidth Settings

(Uplink + Downlink) Sustained Data Rate [may less than sign po dito, d kc pwede mag comment na may ganung sign, pakigoogle nlng po ng less than sign hehe= 7000 kbps

Sustained Uplink Data Rate : 3500(kbps) (Range: 0— 7000 kbps)

Sustained Downlink Data Rate : 3500 (kbps) (Range: 0— 7000 kbps)

Uplink Burst Allocation : 500000 (kbits) (Range: 0 — 500000 kbits)

Downlink Burst Allocation : 500000 (kbits) (Range: 0 — 500000 kbits)

Enable Broadcast/ Multicast Data Rate : Enabled

* Disabled

Broadcast/ Multicast Uplink Data Rate : 7000 (kbps) (Range: 1— 7000 kbps)

CIR Bandwidth Settings

Low Priority Uplink CIR : zero (kbps) (Range: 0— 7000 kbps)

Low Priority Downlink CIR : zero (kbps) (Range: 0— 7000 kbps)

Hi Priority Channel : Enabled

* Disabled

Niko 4 years ago

Super thank you sa mga post mo, akala ko ako lang yung parang active na SmartBro user na mejo techy, have you tried changing your Canopy Version to 11.2 SM-DES ? and have you tried changing Link Speeds and Dynamic Rate Adapt?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I only set up close values to the allowed kbps (example 0-7000kbps) I make mine 6500

Niko 4 years ago

ohh, i see, mines set upped 1700 dl and 300 to ul, the Link Speed that I'm saying is the one that has 100F,100H,10F,10H. I forced mine to 100F , did u forced urs too?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

yes mine is configured to 100F and I didn't change it since then :)

certified installer 4 years ago

sir sinu gus2 wala na kau babayaran monthly at ma booster ko pa just call me

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

really? how is that?

ihatesmartbro 4 years ago

sir ask ko lan po kung my paraan pa ngayon n ma speedup ang smartbro plan 999.... download speed 50=80kbps pag madaling araw tpos 3-10kbps pag tanghali hanggang gabe.. sobrang nahihighblood n po kc ako.. pg nmn tinawagan mo CS laging "pkimonitor po ng 24hours" paulit ulit... please help po.. d mkautube d dn mka gaming... it feels like paying for nothing.. u know what it feels like right :'( :'(

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

that's really useless. I feel you. How old is your canopy? Maybe it's about time you request for a new unit from Smartbro because often old canopies are really headache and not functioning faster anymore

sachie 4 years ago

thank you so much for this tweak! a big help for me ! dont wanna deal with those smart CS.. thanks!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Haha yeah they always reason out "please monitor your connection for 24 hours as we are updating...'

pinoyako 4 years ago

sir how can you 'force' smart to replace you canopy? other than telling them its old and i've been having nightmares about my internet speed. Would it be better to visit smart center so you can talk to them personally and address the problem with the connection. my canopy is 2 yrs old now, i think.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes it is really advisable if you visit personally Smart Center near you or at SM. Just make a request and they will surely grant it. Customer's are always right :) Make sure you have no outstanding balance in your account so they won't interrogate you eheheh

Hanna Krishia 4 years ago

Hello, wanna reboot my canopy sana kaso whenever I access it, I am signed in as Guest lang. Any idea?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Wait for the username and pw to load and it will take you to the canopy admin page

profile image

nytechemist 4 years ago

recently ngka issue with smart, no browse s specific website like facebook apps. Then i called them changed the settings of proxy server. after a day now browse on all of website nmn. twag ulet ako then changed DNS nmn ginawa. i dont have to do this before nung bgo plang service ko. Tas ngaun slow connection nmn. Can rebooting the canopy will fix this?


Bull Jack profile image

Bull Jack 4 years ago

im just a noob here, can you help me what to do after 2nd step.. tnx in advance.. my smartbro connection sucks..plz help me..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

after the second step, you must type your canopy IP address at your browser to lead you to the admin panel.

Vestigial 4 years ago

We're registered at myBro canopy plan 999. Ang plan 999 daw 1mbps but we're just receiving maximum of 100kbps only. We're suffering this speed for about 3 months already. Til one day we lost connection, then we called the technicians to come over, (sure it took 1 week for them to come). Just as they fixed the internet we asked them why we're not receiving the promo speed. They just said "Ganyan po tlga yan sir, kunwari lang yan ng office." And I was like... "WHAT?"

We do not receive the desire speed. 1 Mbps was a lie.

We just called right now from smart. asked the canopy address, but they didn't give, we told we have the rights to know as subscriber, they told us it's on the antenna. and we're like "WTH?"

They're crazy. We don't receive the speed and this is how they treat us. Screw them. I want my downspeed and upseed to increase. We can't just let this happen.

Krazien 4 years ago

25, can i ask something ?? ,. yes, i can acces at canopy website , but i cant configure or anything im just a guest , as i read at the post we need to w8 right?, well i wait alot , i still cant lead mo to admin panel

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I've been experiencing on and off internet connection the past week. I phoned Smart again and they told me about area maintenance again. I had no choice but to wait. Now my connection is back again. Fast enough.

If my contract is finish, I might look for faster internet options. I heard about LTE. I wish Smart would offer service like that.

Grace Lorenzo profile image

Grace Lorenzo 4 years ago

sir phelp nmn po s settings ng canopy 512kbps lng un aggre.. 2mbps un apply nmin. 1st week ng oct. 2012 po kmi ng apply..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

They are usually like that. If you want more clarification and explanation, go to Smart Wireless Center personally and bring your SmartBro reference number or account number. Calling their call-center is not a good idea lol

choi 4 years ago

siguro best way para maintindihan ng iba maglagay po ng Screenshot.

legit user po ako, 1mbps myBro canopy. usually ang best download ko nsa 150kbps sa IDM. ganun din ba sainyo? naghahanap ako kung pano mawala yung limit ng net.

SCORPIO73 4 years ago

sir, 3 yrs nakong subscriber ng smartbro canopy dati ok naman ang connection pero nung may nag pakabit sa katabi naming bahay bumagal ang connection possible ba na dahil dun kaya humina ang connection namin, lagi akong tumatawag s customer service pero walang nangyayari ayaw mag papunta ng technical support, ano kya ang dapat kong gawin para mapuntahan ako ng technical support, siya nga pala pareho kami ng kapitbahay namin na may internet shop.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

yeah I experience slow connection during weekends usually. I heard lots of subscribers are in my area or close to my area. I think that is a factor. My contract will end on Feb. I'm trying to find another internet connection that is fast and unlimited and less hassles, less errors. Really have to know the options...

profile image

NewInSmartBro 4 years ago

HI..i just wanna ask if TRUE ba 'yung canopy connection booster..i just installed smartbro/mybro few weeks ago, have no choice of having other ISP since sya pa lang available sa place namen sa an idea from a comp. shop that i can ask a technician na mag-iinstall ng service for the booster, na i just need to settle an amount-which is under the table transaction, for them to boost my connection..thanks!

snyd 4 years ago

hey guys,, ano ba dapat yung nasa link speed under configuration? ung sakin kasi 100F/100H/10H tama lang ba yun? makaka affect ba yun ng speed ko? 2mbps ako ive been with smartbroken for almost 2 years na and my contract will expire 3 mos from now.. please help me thanks.!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@NewsInsmartbro Wow I never heard about that booster thing. My contract is about to finish and I am thinking if there are broadband service better than Smartbro. We don't have PLDT yet in our town so I think Globe and Smart are my choices for now and I know Smart is better and faster when it comes to internet...

@Synd smartbroken? That's so funny!

Nick 4 years ago

Why does my Local Area Connection Properties only have 2 tabs; "networking" and "sharing". I'm using windows 7.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Mine has only 2 too. I'm using Windows Vista. You'll find more properties in you go to the status

hesuka 3 years ago

invalid ip address ung any help?

DiVen 3 years ago

PwIdi KO po BANG tanoNGIN Yung technician kong anu yung canopy address ko?

josh 3 years ago

mga sir eto naman po ung sakin...galing po kami ng baguio and dun po kami nagsubscribe..may almost 2 or 3 years na po kami nagamit ng smart bro and ok naman po..nung umuwi na po kami ng bataan ...pinatransfer namin...maganda ung pinagkabitan sa bubong walang mga harang harang and nka harap sa may post or tower ng smart(ata)...ang nangyayari po kapag umaga hanggang gabi mabagal ang net..nasa 300 ang ping pero pag madaling araw bumabalik sa dating bilis nya po....any suggestions po or kng sino pa may ganitong case?salamat po

totoy 3 years ago

josh ako rin. ganyan din problem q pagmadaling araw lng malakas ang net XD

gez 3 years ago

sir sabi nung tech na pumunta samin pede daw nilang dagdagan yung speed ng internet pero may bayad. . parang inside job, naasar ako nung sabihin nya yun dahil di ko na nga namemeet yung 1mbps sa plan999 tapos sasabihin nyang ganun. Pero after nun na aaccess ko n yung canopy page. . di ko lng sure kung alin dito yung pang boost ng connection. . any idea??

TheTiger'sBait 3 years ago

Hi fellow smart brothers! I am also experiencing the same thing sa smart bro. Actually almost 3 years na kami and discounted na rin ung monthly fee namen dahil sa 2 years of smart bro service. Pero nung nag sign kami ng contract na 800+php na lang ang babayaran. Biglang bumagal na siya ng bonggang bongga, hanggang umabot sa part na kung madali araw lang talaga siya nag sssuuuuuuuuuuuuuper fast! Literally super fast. PERO I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL 2AM PA!! imagine that. Anyways, mabilis po ang smart bro pag 1st time nyu pa mag subscribe. kaya it's better na after 1 yr of subscription, paputol nyu ung smart bro nyu at mag apply ulet ng bagong account. in that way, always kayong bida sa kanila kasi bagong subscriber kayo. :D Thanks for listening at isang tip lang. Mabilis ngayon ung PLDT fiber optic. :) Next month pa kasi magkakaroon dito sa province namen, so imma wait lang muna :D

nga-nga 3 years ago

Hello subscribers like me, same din nangyari sa ken, 2 yrs ang contract ko sa smartbro after 1 yr tumawag sakin ang smart at qualified daw ako sa 6 mos extension pgdating ng 2 yrs ko, kumagat nman ako dahil wal nmang problema, pagkatapos kong pumyag sa bait, aba! on and off na signal ko tumawag ako sa csr nila, wala nman daw problema canopy ko, nagtry ako ng broadband stick mas mabilis pa to, kaya balak ko sana magtransfer sa unli sim nlang, puedi kya yon?

jed 3 years ago

ask ko lang po tagal ko na to problem sa smart pag hapon tumataas na ping ko... papanu ma aayus to? na search ko sa net binabago nila ung ADSL nila sa settings ala na ata ngaun un? 400 ping ko pero pag maga ok naman.. thanks in advance for your answer

Askal 3 years ago

Try nyo format pc or use another pc , pag lumabas yung smart portal enter nyo yung srn no. and account no. para mag active ulit. Works for me, dati kasi 112 kbs download speed nya using FDM (11:00 pm - 7:00 am stable sya) my minimum speed is 30kbs download speed tapos march 20 bumaba sya naging 50 kbs, hanggang sa naging 10kbs (march 27) download speed. Try ko change Sustained Uplink Data Rate and Sustained Downlink Data Rate wala pa rin. Tapos ginamit ko yung newly formatted desktop ko, dati kasi yung laptop gamit ko. Ayun balik uli sya

janjantae 3 years ago

sir nag reboot ako ng smart bro lumabas smart portal then ni enter ko yung ref num and acc num ang bilis naman sa una pero onting onti nababawasan yung speed bakit kaya ganun?? sadyang ba mautak yung smart bro??

smartBROKEN 3 years ago

smartro sucks these days, could be because a lot of people are using their connections nowadays because kids are on vacation.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 3 years ago Author

Yes it's been a month since mine started going on and off. I guess network is too congested. I decided to close my contract and apply to Globe and PLDT. Globe has no service on my area yet so I asked PLDT. Apparently, they would notify me after a month. I couldn't wait anymore so I just applied a DSL in my area called Datelcom. So far, it's good coz not too many people use it LOL

khan 3 years ago

sir gawa ka po ng article kung paano mag tweak sa canopy. Please!

newbie 3 years ago

hello. i have a limited internet because of not paying on time. well very busy days. so i payed the bill 5days later. and still i have this limited internet connection for about 3days now.? will the smart automatically remove the limited access after paying the bill or i have to call for support? or how can i troubleshoot this to solve the problem?

mike 3 years ago

grabe na smart bro binago nila ang sumira sila sa contract ang usapan ay 2yrs bigla baguhin ang policy...nag karoon ng limit usage every month... haist need to change

zerofreeze888 3 years ago

anung klaseng tutorial ito? ang shortcut po nito ay tanggalin mo sa saksakan yung power ng antena at i-plug ulit! haynaku...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 3 years ago Author

This tutorial is about rebooting and configuring the canopy - as the title says.

asfsdd 2 years ago

twentyfive.. matanung ko lng san ko ilalagay yung ip address at subnet mask sa Internet Protocol version 4 ba? kase di ba may version 6 pa.

wis 2 years ago

hello po! ask ko lang kung paano itaas ang configuration ng antenna kasi un 2mbps ko smartbro canopy, kapag hapon hanggang gabi wala internet minsan meron, tinatry ko baguhin ung uplink at downlink from 3500 to higher setting pero bumabalik sa 3500 pero pag mababa sa 3500 pwede, paano po kaya yun...salamat po!

wis 2 years ago

may dapat pa po ba baguhin bukod sa uplink at downlink setting para tumaas ang configuration ng antenna, para naman macompensate un bayad namin monthly, email me sa pldt dedma, tawag ako sa csr sabi resolve pero di p naman, tawag ulit ako 30mins saka sumagot tapos tawag daw ulit after 24 hours nakupo!

Jackobs 2 years ago


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