Sprint HTC Evo 4G Screen Protectors

The HTC Evo 4G on Sprint is something of a first. The first 4G phone announced on any major carrier worldwide and released in 2010 it has proven to be extremely popular, probably due to the speeds attainable.

However, aside from it being 4G there are a number of other features on the HTC Evo which are impressive including a massive 4.3 inch touch screen. As it has such a large screen, which is used for using the phone, it is prudent to ensure that the screen is protected. There are a number of ways in which the HTC Evo screen can be protected but possibly the easiest and arguably the best way of ensuring protection is through the use of a screen protector.

A screen protector is a thin film of plastic which is placed over the screen of the cell phone, in this case the HTC Evo.  Doing this protects the screen from becoming scratched.  These can work in two ways - either you choose a screen protector which is incredibly tough and resists scratching or alternatively you can buy a cheaper one which is designed to get scratched (instead of the screen underneath) and once it does become scratched the screen protector gets peeled off.  Obviously there is a difference in price between the two, but choosing which one is right is a matter of personal choice.

At the moment the HTC Evo 4G on Sprint hasn't been released on sale and so major online retailers like Amazon aren't selling a large range of screen protectors for it yet.  However, once Amazon start selling screen protectors for the HTC Evo in large numbers they will appear below.

At the moment there are just screen protectors by Zagg on Amazon.com.  They are shown to the above right.  Zagg create possibly the best screen protectors and so these should do a great job in protecting your screen of your HTC Evo 4G.  A more in depth review will appear for these Zagg HTC Evo screen protectors when there are others to compare them to (but the Zagg ones are likely to be the best anyway - they are for all other phones!).  

Also, look at the following links to get an idea of the range of screen protectors which are available for other cell phones:

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katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

WOW what cool gadgets we have available to us. Thanks for pointing this one out! I now the HTC Evo 4G Screen Protectors will be a helpful addition to phones this summer. Peace :)

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 6 years ago from Bristol Author

Hi Kkatiem2 I think screen protectors will be a must for all those people who have HTC Evo 4G cell phones which are likely to be one of the must have gadgets of the summer.

stevehp profile image

stevehp 6 years ago from Texas

Now I just need the phone itself:)

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 6 years ago from Bristol Author

stevehp I suppose you do need the HTC Evo to use the screen protectors!

l.. 6 years ago

The evo 4g screen is scratch proof

brethodge profile image

brethodge 6 years ago from USA

I am using the stick on screen protectors right now but as it is hard to get EVERY bubble out, I am looking for something better.. Thanks for the info!

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 6 years ago from Bristol Author

brethodge I think there is definitely a knack to getting screen protectors to stick on and some apply more easily than others. If you can't manage to get them to stick on without bubbles I recommend that you try a case or pouch!

HTC EVO 4G screen protector 5 years ago

I think those bubbles would just disappear after a day or two. There is no need to worry.

BristolBoy profile image

BristolBoy 5 years ago from Bristol Author

HTC Evo 4G screen protetctor I am sure that is useful information for them!

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