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Bloggers Need to Build Links!

If you're a blogging dude then you need to start building some quality backlinks to your site. Now, what I don't endorse and actually disgusts me is, is the act of spam article marketing. Lousy content is produced by spun articles. I mean, use common many different versions of an article can you get out of a single 300 post and have it still sound natural. My feeling is that when people actually read those they feel cheated. It's icky, actually.

Legitimate Link Juice Using Legit Methods

Article marketing is fine but make sure that you write every article and that each one is written fresh...don't spin.

Simple Process:

Have a main blog, some people call this their "money blog". It's the place they want everyone to go to buy, read, or use whatever it is they're pushing.

Have a couple of relevant web 2.0 blogs with Blogger, and Tumblr...or whatever free platforms are out there. I use those three. Once build and lived in create anchored text that links back to your "money blog" using the keywords.

Then...use those use those web 2.0 blogs to link to to article submission sites resource boxes and social bookmarking site.

What you get is a pyramid with the social bookmarking links at the bottom ( a lot..but spam) and at the point is you're "money site". Turn a pyramid upside down and what do you get? A funnel that pours traffic and link juice in that direction...the bottom...your main site.

This is legit. Using SocialMonkee just makes it easier! Please watch this video that I just made for YouTube.

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