Start Microsoft Outlook With Your Calendar Open

Great Time-Management Idea

There is such an addiction to email these days. Most of us check it several times per day just out of habit. Once you open your email you are consumed, sometimes for hours, and everything else is forgotten about.

Imagine if you could develop similar habit of planning and executing your life plans with the same passion. For a long time I have been trying to use an online calendar to keep track of important dates and my To Do list but I could never force myself to use it consistently. I thought, I open Outlook several times a day. If there was some way I could have it start with the Calendar already open, my dates, reminders and To Do lists would be brought to my attention several times per day.

After a little searching I found a simple solution.

If you use Outlook regularly you may consider trying this.

If you use a different email program and have found a similar solution, please share it with me and I will let everyone know.

1) Right-click the Outlook shortcut on your Desktop or Quick Launch bar and select Properties;
2) On the Shortcut tab you will see a Target field with the path for Outlook.exe.
3) Click in the Target field to the right of OUTLOOK.EXE" and press the SPACEBAR once to place a space after the path, and then type /select outlook:calendar
4) Click the OK button

Now, whenever you open Outlook, you will be reminded of your important events.

No more forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day. This my just be a life saver.

Excerpt from Spreadsheet Tips From An Excel Addict.

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Automatically Open Microsoft Outlook Calendar on Startup

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