Steps to prevent PST file corruption

How to save your PST from being corrupted

MS Outlook 2010 is endowed with plethora of appealing features. Now the application has become easier to use with enhanced graphical user interface, PST size and security. Although, there are still some considerations, PST files size remains under the path of easy corruption. The Personal Storage Table, PST, can be damaged anytime because of reasons like power sabotage, header’s corruption, file size, etc. Anytime the PST files get damaged due to the storage limit, users are then required to repair Outlook PST file.

Major reason which leads to PST corruption is the increased file size. However, there is large space provided in Outlook 2010 to store items but it may not be enough to protect PST from damage. When the size of Outlook.pst file reaches around 4 GB, MS Outlook starts behaving abruptly. Gradually when the size increases to a considerable amount MS Outlook find difficult to even send or receive mails and ultimately hangs up. User may then restart the application abruptly thereby, resulting in PST file damage.

Below are some steps listed which can help in saving PST file damage:

  • The size of PST should be as small as possible.

  • Do not keep PST files with heavy attachments.

  • While receiving mails with large attachment you can save them to your PC and then delete the specific mail with attachment.

  • Compact the PST file once you have deleted items from mailbox.

  • Never close MS Outlook abruptly.

The above steps are quite helpful in controlling PST file size to a great extent. But for the cases where PST files are already damaged you need to perform other steps to recover the lost data. For such repair Outlook PST tool are a solution which can retrieve the entire lost data.

Repair Outlook file tool are devised smartly, they recover your lost data quickly and repair the corruption errors. Whether the file has damaged due to crossing size limit, abrupt system shut down, virus attack, or due to any other reason, the software is efficient enough to repair them. The repair Outlook PST tool can be used for Outlook versions, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP (2002), 2000, and 97.


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