Stihl Chain Saws

Stihl Chain Saws

Stihl Chain Saws is one of the most recognized names in chain saws. Stihl Chain Saws are not only the world leader in chain saws for professional loggers, construction or fire fighters, Stihl Chain Saws are also a favorite among homeowners and weekend woodcutters. This is despite the fact that Stihl Chain Saws are among the most pricy of chain saws available on the market. Moreover Stihl Chain Saws does not encourage the sale of the Stihl Chain Saws from online stores and you will need to find a loca Stihl dealer in order to get your hands on one.

Great Variety of Stihl Chain Saw Models

Stihl has a chain saws for every use. Whether you are a occasional user, a professional chain saw user in the construction industry or a logger, there is a Stihl chain saw for you.

For the occasional home users, Stihl chain saws has a range designed for the home users. This range include MS170, MS 180 C-B, MS 180 C-BE, MS 192 C-E, MS 200, MS 210 MS 210C-BE, MS 230, MS 230 C-BE, MS 250, MS 250 C-BE

The Mid Range Chain Saws are suitable for both the home owner who needs more power and features than the previous range, as well as the farmers who needs the larger power output to take down larger trees faster. The model available are MS 270, MS 270 C-B, MS 280., MS 280 C-BQ, MS 290. MS 310, MS 390.

The Professional Chain Saws are counted by professional loggers, farmers and firewood cutters. These professional models are made to provide easy handling and reliability even when under very arduous cutting conditions. The chain saws available in this range include the MS 260, MS 260 Pro, MS 361, MS 361 CQ, MS 361 C-B, MS 441, MS 441 C-Q, MS 460, MS 460 R "Rescue", MS 50, MS 660, MS 880.

A Stihl Electric Chain Saw can also be a good option for the carpenters or custom home builders who have access to electrical power. This option provides the user with the power of Stihl Chain Saws with the convenience of a wall plug. The range include the MSE 140C-BQ for the occasional user, MSE 180 C-BQ for the mid-range user and the MSE 220 for the Professional.

MS 880 Stihl Magnum

This is by far the most popular Stihl Chain Saws among the professionals. It is one of the most expensive and offers the best power among the top models. Precision-balanced to provide excellent handling and reliability under the most strenuous cutting conditions. It's other features include a lightweight flywheel and a dry, easy-to-maintain air filter. Includes decompression valve for easier starting. Wrap-handle version also available.

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summerfranken 5 years ago

Your article is great. Though I grasped a lot of information here.

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Jared L 8 years ago from Singapore Author

no really...why do you need information about the founder of Stihl? You researching about chain stihl saws

Jared L profile image

Jared L 8 years ago from Singapore Author

no really...why do you need information about the founder of Stihl? You researching about chain stihl saws

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Do you have any information about the founder of the Stihl company?

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