Stop Buying Call-Me Leads - They Will Never Work

Top Reasons why Call Me Leads Do Not Work

Call-Me Leads are those leads where the prospect who shows an interest in a business opportunity requests a call-back by filling a form in the internet. Many companies sell the prospects a package of call-me leads. From my experience - I will say that buying call-me leads is nothing but a BIG WASTE OF MONEY!!

The different reasons why Call-Me Leads are a Waste of Money are as follows:

  • Most of the calls land into voicemails.
  • There are several calls where you end up getting disconnected numbers.
  • Even if you succeed in getting the prospect - the prospect on hearing your opportunity will request you to call back at another convenient time.
  • When you give a call-back it will mostly end up either in a voicemail or a rejection.
  • Several call-me leads are wrong numbers.
  • It becomes very difficult to get hold of a lead.
  • It requires a great attitude to step out of one's comfort zone in talking to unknown strangers by pitching on sales - where the first attitude tends to be a rejection.
  • Out of every 100 call-me leads - experience has taught that the success rate is less than 1%.
Call Me Leads are indeed a big waste of money. They don't produce expected results. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance. These are old school marketing techniques which have never helped produce good results. 
If you are looking for success in the Internet Marketing - it is very important to learn the modern principles of attraction marketing. The concept of attraction marketing plays a very big role in achieve great success in the Network Marketing Industry.


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