How to stop your cell phone from overheating

You need to protect your cellphone on hot days
You need to protect your cellphone on hot days

When the temperatures are rising and it’s not just people who need to keep cool on hot summer days – your cellphone needs to avoid high temperatures too!

Cellphones need to avoid the heat

Like most electrical items your cellphone needs to operate at certain temperatures to function properly and on hot days you may find that certain apps or even the phone will close down to prevent overheating.

It’s vital that you look after your cellphone properly and avoid having to find a replacement or face a repair bill.

With that in mind, here are 7 top tips for protecting your phone from the heat:

  1. Avoid high temperatures – don’t leave your phone in direct sunlight or in the car
  2. Avoid water: OK enjoy the beach or lake but don’t let water (or moisture for that matter) get on your phone
  3. Avoid air con: don’t go from extreme heat outside into the cold such as an air conditioned office because you could create moisture inside the phone and damage it
  4. Separate your gadgets: don’t go around with all of your gadgets next to each other. Keep them separate and cool.
  5. Switch of apps: running apps makes your phone’s battery hotter so it’s a wise idea to switch off the ones you don’t really need (and you’ll extend the battery life on a hot day too!)
  6. Zip it: If you are heading out to enjoy the summer weather at the beach then put your phone in a zip lock bag – or similar – to protect it from sand and water

7. If your phone is overheating – and some smart phones will display a message – you will have to place it in a cool place to lower its temperature. In some cases you will also have to switch it off to help the battery cool down. (Do not put your phone in a fridge though to quicken this process – see tip number 3)

A lovely hot day - but it could cause problems for your cellphone
A lovely hot day - but it could cause problems for your cellphone

Most people don’t realize just how sensitive the workings of modern cellphones are until theirs is damaged. You can avoid the hassle of damaging your phone in hot weather by following these simple steps.

Taking these precautions will result in a phone that won’t let you down on a hot summer’s day – because a phone breaking down when the temperature’s are sizzling really will get you hot under the collar!

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