Straight Talk Cell Phone Service Review

Lg 220c

Lg 220c Overview

The 220c is a $40 Lg flip phone offered by Straight Talk Wireless, a recent division of Tracfone Wireless Inc.

The Good:

The 220c rides on the Verizon wireless network, This phone comes in everywhere. Even in very remote areas the phone has enough coverage to make a stable call.

The phone is sleek, very portable, and convenient.

It is equipped with dual lcd screens both of which look very nice.

The phone feels relatively solid.

It is a 3g phone, and comes with a reasonable offering of tools and functions.

Battery life seems to be very good. Charge time is quick.

The bad:

This is NOT a camera phone, and does not support picture messaging.

It does not use a mini usb charging port.

It is a smudge magnet.

It doesn't have any games or anything to keep me entertained.


You get exactly what you pay for. Its an inexpensive flip phone. If your not worried about playing games, music, videos, and what not on your phone, than the phone is just fine. It is excellent for talking ,and texting. I have not written about the mobile browser because it does not work yet. I will explain in my review of Straight talk service.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk Wireless Review

This article is a quick overview of my personal experience with straight talk wireless so far. As you may know Straight Talk is a partnership between Wal-mart, Verizon, and Tracfone. The phones are purchased through Wal-mart, run on the Verizon network, and are managed by Tracfone. Right away i should have realized that with three huge corporations involved that this would be too good to be true. Its not too good to be true, its all true every word. Inexpensive cell phones, $45 a month for unlimited talk, text, and web. The only thing that they never mentioned was good customer service, and so far this company has probably the worst customer service i have ever experienced.

I decided a week ago i would try out straight talk and see how well it worked. I went into Wal-mart to buy the $80 slider phone. I had checked the night before to make sure they were in stock, but when i arrived i was told that there were not any of the phones in the store. I asked the manager if he would sell me the $99 qwerty keyboard phone for the price of the $80 slider because it was advertised that the phone was in stock. I was told it wasn't his problem and there was nothing he could do to help.

I decided to buy the $40 lg 220c flip phone. I couldn't wait to try it out so i decided to activate the phone in my car while waiting for a friend. I called the toll free number from a friends cell phone and started the activation process. I told the representative that i wanted to port my old Tracfone number, and after about 25 minutes he said anytime in the next 48 hours your phone will be all ready to use. 48 hours went by and still the phone was not active. I called the toll free number again and dialed the extension for technical support. The woman barely spoke English but managed to help me activate the phone. She had me do a test call and i called me house. When i looked at the caller id. I realized that the ported number was wrong by 1 digit. I explained to the woman that there was a mistake and that it needed to be fixed. She told me there was nothing she could do about it unless i bought another $45 card and started over. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me the same thing. I then asked to speak to their floor manager, after almost 30 minutes with that office nobody was able to help me fix a mistake they made. I decided to call the corporate office located in Florida. The representative there said he would be able to fix the problem, and that he just had a few questions. He asked if i had requested the port online, or by phone. I told him that i did it over the phone. His response was that his information said it was completed online and that it was my fault. I asked to talk to his manager. His manager told me the same thing. He called me a liar, and told me he had authorization to fix the problem if he only believed me. I spent at least another 30 minutes on the phone with him demanding he fix the mistake but he would not. Finally i asked him why the internet wasn't working. He " created a case number " and said it would be fixed with in 4 hours. Here i am 24 hours later and i still can't use the internet. Overall my experience with the company has been very stressful and a big waste of my time. Its sick that the company would rather have their reps spend over an hour on the phone with me calling me a liar than to just push a button and generate a new card number.

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Simon 6 years ago

That sucks, man! I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I also got a Straight Talk phone recently from Walmart and my experience was fortunately the exact opposite. I had my phone activated in a few hours and continue to enjoy the use of it.

There is just no other deal out there to rival this one, so I hope you get it sorted. Good luck!

IlluminousUthra 6 years ago


John Q Citizen 6 years ago

I also found the customer service to be very bad. It took a while to get through, and getting a supervisor took me ten minutes on hold a few times

Cheryl 6 years ago

They gave my number to someone else while mine was still active!

zack 6 years ago

The customer service is very bad the net on my phone does not work and called them about this english sucks and thought it was funny and told me wait 48 hours it will be fixed here I am 2 months later then sent me an empty box with a paper that sad send the phone and we will fix it and send it WHAT HOW LONG IS THAT GOING TO TAKE after telling me there going to send me a new phone with a empty box for the old one I called them back and told them what they said and called me a liar and hung up on me I CALLED RIGHT BACK AND MESSAGE SAID CLOSED CALL BACK LATER!The phone is not worth the time I rather pay 100 doller and get service that works and customer care that is english.

screamdreamz 6 years ago

Also purchased the LG220 flip,you get what u pay for,nothing fancy..did not port my old #,activation was done in 5mins, no prob, and your right, customer service is lacking,but the phone works great..ur on Verizon, what more can u ask for

Jim S. 6 years ago

My mother bought a Straight Talk phone at Wal Mart in Ardmore, OK last night. Not using her phone for anything other than emergencies, she figured it would be the best deal for her. She lives in Sulphur, OK, which is about 30 miles away. She brought the phone to me so I could do the activation. I called the number, and was connected with some damn foreigner who could barely speak English well enough to carry on the converstation. I repeatedly had to ask her to repeat what she had told me. After about 15 min. on the phone with her, she asked for the phones serial number. AFter I gave it to her, she says "we wont be able to activate your phone at this time, it is not compatible with your zip code". Needless to say, I went off on her, since the service IS advertized as "nationwide", and there were no coverage area maps posted ANYWHERE at the retailer to say otherwise. I asked to speak to her supervisor, and was told that she was on another call and I could speak to her when she was finished. 30 minutes later, she was still "on a call". I finally just hung up, boxed up the phone and took it back to Wally World. This "Straight Talk" service is a joke, and there's no way I'd recommend it to anyone.

Man 6 years ago



Purchased a Straight Talk phone from Walmart. Bought airtime for phone from Walmart. Opened up the phone, put battery in, turned on. The box that the phone came in indicated that the phone had to be \"activated\" by going online to Went there to activate the phone. Website asked for the activation code on the airtime card. I entered the activation code. Website told me that I put in wrong code. Did that again online, same thing. SO I took the phone and airtime card back to Walmart and returned it for another Straight Talk phone. This time I paid for airtime online at the straight talk website. After going through series of questions regarding the identification of the phone, the website told me to dial certain numbers on the phone keypad and the phone would be activated. After doing this, the display on the phone said that the phone could not be activated at this time, and to try after 2 hours. 2 hours past, and I did the same thing again. Same thing happened. SO I called customer service at straight talk. I was actually told to \"take the battery out and put it back in again, then turn on the phone\" (standard customer service programmed response to any problem) That did not work. I was then told to repeat the instructions to \"dial certain numbers on the phone keypad and the phone would be activated\" which did not work. The customer service \"person\" kept telling me to do that over and over until finally I had to put an end to it. In other words, each time that that process would fail, she would tell me to do those steps again. Finally I had to step in, and refuse to do that any more as it was obviously useless. She told me to \"wait up to 24 hours\" and then \"try it again\". I said no. I told her to just refund the money I spent on the airtime, and I would take the phone back to Walmart where they will refund the money for the actual useless phone. She told me that there is no refund for the airtime. I told her that yes there is, and that you can\'t just scam people out of their money legally and then have no liability for it. She wasn\'t hearing all that. She kept saying that there\'s no refund for the airtime. I told her that I was going to call the police if they did not return the money they stole under false and deceptive pretences. She said \"there\'s no refund for airtime\".

Damage Resulting

I\'ve had to contact my bank, and report the sale as being an internet fraud scheme, and dispute the charges on those bases. The bank has given me back the money, and filed a charge back to Straight Talk. I just want everyone to know about this scam.

fuckingidiots 6 years ago

here is my problem

i got the phone and it worked for the first month, then today when i refilled it it refilled properly but ever since this morning i cant send txt messages and i cant call people and the enternet on the phone doesn't work nothing wokrs at fucking all! and now everytime i try to do something or even exit out of any of the menus the phone says prepaid service disabled, and i went to and it says i have what i paid for the minutes and txting and enternet but yet i cant fucking do anything, i fucking spent 100+ dollors on the phone and card and the shit only works for 1 month, what a fucking piece of shit.

fuckingidiots 6 years ago

did anybody else notice the address to mail straight talk on the website is located in flroida but yet when u talk to some moron they can barely speak language? were in a recession and these people have the nerve to pull off this shit...

Rose 6 years ago

I just activated my LG 220c phone today. The front screen (the small square that's on the outside of the phone when it's closed) does not stay illuminated, even though I have the backlight set to "always on." It goes completely dark after a few minutes, so I can't see the time/date display & I can't see if I have a text message waiting. Is this just the way the phone works, or is mine defective?

avoid 6 years ago

avoid straight talk

chris b. 6 years ago

i got my fone recently and when i tried to read a text my friend sent me it said "prepaid service disabled" what is up with that????

Brittany 6 years ago

My phone fucking says prepaid service disabled and this is my second month having it. Why is this shit doing this. i cant get ahold of straight tlak or nothing. uhhh i juss paid my bill I sware to god this shit better work or im gettin my fucking money back or i want a new fucking phone with this months unlimited shit. god this shit is pissing me off. DOes anyone know why its doing this?

Tkeyha 6 years ago

my phone says prepaid service disabled and i only had this phone not even a dog on week yes im pissed off cause i cant do nothing with it so they need to get my phone right and in ah hurry

chelsey 6 years ago

my phones sayin prepaid service disabled what the hell!!!

Soccermom23 6 years ago

I have had such a different experience then some of these comments. With a family of four I was spending upwards of 450 dollars a month on cell phone service and that was just outrageous. My friend suggested we switch to StraighT Talk and I CANT even begin to tell you how happy I am with it. Not only are the phones fabulous- but there is NO CONTRACT- plus unlimited texts, minutes, and data for fourty five dollars a month!!! That's just unheard of nowadays!! Plus the service is amazing. Straight talk is on the Verizon network and we all know how great that is. I highly suggest checking out this service because its time to start saving some money and we must stop getting abused from other cell phone companies!!

Todd 6 years ago

Got mine tonight and it works fine so far. I will let you know if I have any trouble but right now it works good

J053R0M@N 6 years ago

my phone works fine BUT I CANT THIS HOME SHIT OFF MY FUCKING PHONE GOT DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosie 6 years ago

I've had nothing but good service from Straight Talk and my Samsung Finesse I got from them is a dream. Maybe you guys who had bad service just hit teething's still the best value for money in the US!

Courtney 6 years ago

HOW TO FIX PREPAID SERVICE DISABLED. I did this yesterday and it worked!! Use ur home phone or someone else's phone to call the straight talk # (on the website under contact us)then get to the point where u talk to a live person. Tell them your phone says "prepaid service disabled" the guy/girl will then tell u it is because you messed with your code entry mode. DONT DO THAT EVER AGAIN LOL! anyway have ur phone ready so u can give them ur serial #, name, and etc. Make sure he/she repeats everything perfectly. Then eventually he/she will give u a huge long number to enter in code entry mode. Make sure u get it right and push "ok". The guy/girl will call ur phone to test it and other stuff, no big deal. ur phone should then work!!

Kimberly 6 years ago

I'm really surprised to read so many negative comments regarding Straight Talk - I've had a better prepaid experience than I ever expected. After buying the phone and minutes from Walmart, the whole activation process took about 30 minutes and went very smoothly. In fact, I just loaded minutes onto the phone a week ago without any problems. I really don't know what people are expecting in terms of service - I had really bad experiences with my previous carrier than left a terrible taste in month regarding cell phones in general. Straight Talk has been simple and straight-forward since I purchased it and its what will keep me with the company.

Perry 6 years ago

Really I don't have any problems. Had it for 3 months. It works the internet works and the text message works. I let it expire once and called customer service talked to what sounded like an American. He turned the phone back on after a few questions and my cc #. It only last 30 days unless you do the auto pay. Which I'm thinking about doing later.

But it is simple to go to Wally World purchase a new card

a few days before your phone expires save it until your last day then go to the web and refill. Don't refill until the last day or they will cancel the days you had left.

Kevin and Jessica 6 years ago

Customer service sucks!!! They like to argue and waste HOURS or your time, calling you a liar!! The never know what to do when I ask simple questions.

For the past 24 hours, my phone hasn't worked even though I refilled my phone 2 days ago. I dial *611 to contact customer service and its Verizon somehow, and it says I don't have a verizon account please dial *611 .. Then I went to their home page, dialed the 1-877 number, and it says DUE TO HIGH CALL VOLUMES, WE CAN NOT TAKE YOUR CALL, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER, all day it gave me that recording.

Every time I call, I get people who don't speak English that well and its VERY loud in the back ground and can barely hear them.

I just want my money back, Straight Talk was a big disappointment for me. Please avoid it...

Annoyed 6 years ago

I had the phone for a night, it worked, then stopped working the following morning. I talked with a Jorge, Jose, and I think he said his name was Kirby O_o Well anyway, He told me to turn my phone off several times put codes in, and asked me questions I had already answered... If it doesn't work by tomorrow afternoon, I'm taking it back to Wal-Mart.

Jonness 6 years ago

I bought a straight talk phone last night from Walmart. I went on the Internet to activate it and followed the steps. Once that is done, you have to call any phone number and select your language choice before you can receive calls. However, you can't make a call, because it takes time for straight talk to set up your phone for general use after you activate it. However, you can call your voice mail to complete the task. You won't be able to make calls while you wait for your set up to complete, but you can send and receive text messages.

It was late, so I went to bed, and when I got up in the morning, I found straight talk had finished setting up my phone, and I was able to make calls, receive calls, and use the Internet.

Overall, I'm very satisfied. However, the instructions for activation leave a lot to be desired. I could fix the straight talk website in about 5 minutes and save a lot of customer frustration and improve their reputation. But that's not the way things work in this world these days. So exercise some logic to figure out how to activate your phone, and you will be rewarded month after month with cheap and reliable cell phone service.

marcus 6 years ago

After reading all of the comments about straight talk Customer Service ,maybe the Federal Communications Commission or other Regulatory Agency needs to investigate

this common problem...The Service reps. should speak English properly,too!...ALL COMPANIES AREDOING THIS CRAP..DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCT UNTIL THEY RESLOVE THESE ISSUES

smil3z199323 6 years ago

my phone says prepaid service diabled and i have no idea wat to do i can get txt messages and when i go to read them it says prepaid service disabled and i can also get calls but i cannot answer them its kinda pissing me off so later on tonight i am going to go to walmart and say wtf is wrong with my phone why is it doing this

tiffany 6 years ago

This phone is shit. Do not get it. I have had nothing but problems with it. Coverage everywhere my ass! This is a scam! When my mom actually got to speak with a "worker" they acted like she was stupid and talked down to her.I hate my phone and it has turned out to be a huge waiste of hard earned money!

Glitter Bug 6 years ago

I have had my phone since Christmas and it has been a great phone. Only one problem, I refilled my month on the phone today and when I talk on it for a few minutes it says "CALL LOST". Then it taked forever to be able to call them back. This happened to my husbands straight talk phone about 2 months ago and we called Customer Service with my phone which had the minutes at the time and the Guy we talked to kept saying "CAN YOU HOLD FOR 3 MORE MINUTES?". Eventually we told him that we have wasted about 30 minutes when all I had left was about 1 hour. Then he says that there are 2 towers that runs to the straight talk phones and one of them are down. If one of the towers were down then why in the hell did he waste my minutes for us to talk to someone about fixing our phone if they were already trying to fix the tower? Over all the service plan is great because if you can really afford it until a couple of days after its due then you don't have late fees or 2 months to pay for at one time. But I do wish they would have atleast put a camera on it because it seems like when you need a camera for any reason you don't have one but you have your phone. We switched to these phone after having a camera phone and im just not used to it. But all of you are RIGHT, they need Americans. I sale Avon and even ALL of those Customer Service people are arabian or SOMETHING. Whos knows. But you can't understand ANYBODY who works for customer service. I think the Main reason they hire those people are because they wont complain about the cheap ass PAYCHECKS. Unlike Ameicans who knows what minimum wage is and who cares. If anyone has problems with there phone email me and ill tell you if i've had that problem and what they did to fix it. That way you wont be wasting your time on the phone with them while there telling you to push all these numbers to try to figure out what's wrong with it. That is ONE

Glitter Bug 6 years ago

That is ONE good thing about the Customer Service. Our phones have always gotten fixed within a short amount of time.

SCOTT REDDING  6 years ago


kka 6 years ago

I've been with straight talk for about 6 months now. overal, the service is okay (i would give it an 8/10). I get awesome reception living out in the country. My txts are fine. However, my internet kind of sucks. I can access yahoo and myspace but face book or other websites doesn't work much. A couple of months ago, my charge stopped working. And no I didn't drop it or damage it in any way. When I called the first time, the rep said it could be replaced, and gave me at ticket number and told me that it should be mailed with in 7 business days. Then I called back a week later to check up on it and that rep gave me another ticket number (that's what they say anytime I call concerning any problem or question they can't answer)and call them back in 48 hours. So I did. After calling back several times eventually, someone told me that it was stopped in the warehouse, and then later someone else told me that they wouldn't replace it. Oh, and to let you know the first guy told me that my charger was under warranty. So yes, I agree with the others, the customer services sucked, but the reception is great and you can't beat unlimited talk, txt and web for 45 dollarr and with no contract that's still great.

Terrance Root 6 years ago

I had T-mobile. My cell is my only phone and I'm a contractor, that's how my customers reach me. T-mobile kept over-charging me for months and months. I was too busy then to really check it out, I just paid what they said and went on. So I got Straigttalk. Went home got on internet turned phone on went through all of the steps. The phone re-booted just like they said it would. I waited a few minutes and called my house.. ring ring, hung up and bam all done. Everything working fine so far. Cool

naoakes 6 years ago Author

Wow, lots of interesting stories about straight talk. Anyway an update on my experience. Since i wrote this page i have continued using straight talk with this same phone. It has worked flawlessly. I get great reception courtesy of verizon, cheap service thanks to wal-mart, and overall after using their service for a few months i'm very happy.

Mary Ann 6 years ago

FILED AN FCC COMPLAINT THIS AFTERNOON. -- I too have had multiple problems and received no help. Tried two different phones, multiple reactivations nothing ever solved the problems. Last week I discovered that some calls never come in on my phone and I received no messages that I had messages. Wednesday called a business and the phone said I did not have access to make the call. Serv

Rep as usual could not be understood, but was told my service was good with no restrictions. That was the last straw, I switched to Verizon on Friday, even thought I cannot really afford them. During the switch over, I received a message from Straight Talk that they appreciated my becoming a NEW Straight Talk customer. Had to go through the new customer setup to retreive my last message.

ed 6 years ago

ive had this service for a couple of months the first time it took about 15 hours to get service. sense then i havnt had any real problem with it. i use it in the little rock and memphis area and have good service between the two. my problem is with customer service the last time i added time i had 3 drops and had to talk to about 5 different people before i could understand anyone. but just so everone knows i believe that stright talk is a part of verizon at times they will answer the service no.

chelsea 6 years ago

I've had straight talk for about a week now. The activation messed up on me, by giving me the incorrect number at first, but after that all is well. The web isant so good. everytime i try to sign into myspace, it doesn't work. the first time i tried, it worked. ever since then, it wont sign me in. I also messed with my code thing and now its saying disabled prepaide phone to EVERYTHING i do. what angers me, is that customer service ends at ten. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE NEED HELP AFTER TEN!!!! they should probably put something on their website for this problem. now i have to wait til the morning to be able to use my phone.

loca 6 years ago

Customer service sucks!!! I had their service for a few days & I talked my Mom & Aunt into switching their phone service over and it was a huge mistake. My service was disabled (a problem with my phone) and it took them 3 weeks to get the right phone to me (they forgot to send a phone the first week, the second wee they sent the wrong phone - a Tracfone and not a Straight Talk phone) and after getting the right phone I had to explain to them that I should not have to pay for the 3 weeks of service bc they had my phone! I left after 2 months, my Mom left shortly after. My Aunt is seriously thinking about switching over to BOOST mobile. I'm with Boost now and I love them.

Straight Talks customer service is horrible!!!!!!!!!!

Moody 6 years ago

I just got a straight talk phone, well me and my sister. And we can't even get it activated right now. We tried doing it online, and it just wouldn't work, then we tried calling the customer service and no on ever answered. We waited on the phone for four freaking hours! I am hoping we can get it to work tomorrow or we are planning to take the phones back. Sad thing is its a good deal and I was really hoping to save some money on buying these phones, but I am disappointed with the service right now.

Nel 6 years ago

I CANNOT EXPLAIN THE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE W/THIS COMPANY. I have spent at least 15 hours of my life on hold. I can't even get this piece of crap phone ACTIVATED. I have yet to receive a phone number. I'VE BEEN TRYING FOR 4 DAYS. And I can't call the service number from my straight talk phone. BECAUSE I'VE NEVER RECEIVED SERVICE. This company sucks and sooner or later it will go out of business taking your money with it. WHAT A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. WHAT HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE ?NONE WHAT A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY.

beserk 6 years ago

have loved my straight talk until today. refilled the unlimited minutes yesterday said I was good for another month. then this morning it wont work and says not enough funds to place the call. called customer service waited 2 hours on hold until my wifes phone was almost dead. been getting a busy signal all day now at the 877 number. It is a good deal but there are many phones out there with unlimited minutes in the general price range. this horrible customer service will cost wal-mart in the long run. they built wal-mart on customer service coupled with great prices. so...... I'm going to pay 8.00 a month more for unlimited with cellular one and get the good customer service.

Chris 6 years ago

I Can't remember my User ID and Have been sitting on hold for 45 mins. Does it give you a user ID? I don't think I made one.

fuck stright talk 6 years ago

i cant make call or text and its getting me mad and i just got it

don melton 6 years ago

worst service i have ever had. waiting time is approx one hour, then you get hung up on. DO NOT use straigttalk for business phone or you will look like an idiot. today is 5-5-10. i have been on hold now for almost two hours. they have only dumped my call once. i am working on computer and leaving phone on while i wait to see if someone picks up. straighttalk is just a joke. a bad one.

Straight Talk Overall Service 6 years ago

Overall for the price paid, straight talk is a good service. The fact is service this cheap has got to have some issues, and it does. The customer service is terrible but overall the phone is good. Good service, small drop call rate, good connection. Overall 4 out of 5 stars in quality and 2 out of 5 for customer serivce.

Nanabell 6 years ago

This phone "service" sux....I had a tracfone years ago and it was great! I am boxing this POS up today and sending it back.

I have spent a total of 5 hours on "hold" trying to activate my phone and no one ever answered- I get a kick out of their message while your on hold " your call is important to us" lmfao- what BS

Sean 6 years ago

I set up my phone as pre-paid only and at the end of the month only using 2 and a half hours out of 16 for $30 they sent me a message in triplicate stating that i needed to add $30 by the end of the service date. After calling they're "Customer Care Representatives" for 3 days with all of them busy and there computer saying to go to the web site which was down for customer assistance, i finally bought another $30 card. When I set it up and did the test call it worked fine. Then an hour later a friend called. I called him back and he told me to call him after work. 2 hours later I had no service/minutes/etc. The customer service was down again and when i did talk to someone after 45minutes on hold they sounded like they were talking through a fan.I couldn't understand any thing. I say someone starts a case in they supreme court. This is robbery. They owe me $100 - The Phone$40 - $30 minute Card i used 1/8 of & a 2nd $30 minute card. All 3 companies should be brought up on charges.BSTRDS

kyle 6 years ago

i just had the prepaid service disabled come up on my phone and called india and they gave me this code number 314562966857567883121686 don't know if this can help anyone out but hope it does

Jim 6 years ago

I was searching extensively on the internet for instructions on their activation (that you can't just find by browsing their site).

Here's what I got after transferring my number to another phone (hopefully it will help someone in my situation)

Steps To Complete Your Activation

To complete your Activation:

Allow 5 minutes, then call *22890 from your phone, and listen to the voice prompts.

At the end of the call you will receive confirmation that your activation was successful. If you do not receive this confirmation, call *22890 again and repeat the steps above. (This call needs to be successful for your phone to work).

As soon as you see the confirmation message, please press the OK key to reset your phone.

Once your call to *22890 completes successfully, you need to make a call from your Straight Talk phone to be able to receive calls. Before you are connected, you will be asked to select your language. Once you've completed the call you will be able to receive calls.

Your phone is now active.

If after 1 hour you are not able to make and receive calls, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-877-430-CELL (1-877-430-2355) and we will be glad to assist you.

amy 6 years ago

i have had my phone with straight talk for msybe six months. i have two lines with them for me and my husband. the lg220 is the first phone that we had to buy then we had to buy another one because the screens went black on both of them, now my new phone the lg slider just keeps turning on and off.

amy 6 years ago

i have had my phone with straight talk for msybe six months. i have two lines with them for me and my husband. the lg220 is the first phone that we had to buy then we had to buy another one because the screens went black on both of them, now my new phone the lg slider just keeps turning on and off.

Linda 6 years ago

Have had my LG for about a month. So far it works fine but i have not had to deal with customer service yet. The only complaint I have is a dim static sound (maybe interferance from wireless stuff in my house)I have not noticed it away from home.

Avri 6 years ago

I bought one of these thinking I was getting a great deal. I couldn't even get to the main menu by phone or talk to a rep. It kept giving me the 411 option. I tried to activate it by web, but the site was down. Then I read the comments on this page just to see if anyone else was having the same issues. After reading the first three, I was like okay, this bullshit is going back. I literally wanted to toss that phone at the wall!!!!


kayla 6 years ago

Hi i was just wondering, does it cost double to turn back on your service after the 30 days has expired? I forgot to pay it and it just now de activated like 20mins ago. Any feed back would be greatly appriciated.

amandamariie 6 years ago

ok i just got straight talk like about 3 weeks ago and my internet is horrible its the worst internet service ever it makes me not even want to get on the internet. Other then that its fine service is great!!

roropo 6 years ago

I started using Straight Talk in February...purchased two uses the $30.00 plan, one uses the $45.00 plan. I pay by credit card - auto payment. I have not had one minute's problem with either phone - the Samsung slider or the LG flip. Live in Memphis and service has been great no matter where I have gone. Activation was a breeze on line - but I had to follow ST's directions to the letter and I've chatted with Customer Service once since then with a question about the auto payment plan. The Lady very helpful and spoke English...

The only negative I have with the service is the Internet connection on the Samsung phone - I had not had that feature before, thought it would be a cool feature to have and expected more. I find it's something I rarely laptop is more convenient.

My calls have good clarity and reception on both phones - text messages are great.

I recommend the service completely, love the cost each month compared to my previous service plan. I did transfer two existing cell phone numbers from Verizone service to ST with no problems from either carrier.

Just my two cents worth...

tashab 6 years ago

I had this for 5 months now. No regrets!

Barbara 6 years ago

I have had my phone for five months and it was doing pretty good for about three, then whenever i slid the screen up it would shut off. so i thought maybe i was sliding it up to hard but nope it turned off today and won't turn back on.

Tracy Murphy 6 years ago

HOW TO FIX PREPAID SERVICE DISABLED. I did this yesterday and it worked!! Use ur home phone or someone else's phone to call the straight talk # (on the website under contact us)then get to the point where u talk to a live person. Tell them your phone says "prepaid service disabled" the guy/girl will then tell u it is because you messed with your code entry mode. DONT DO THAT EVER AGAIN LOL! anyway have ur phone ready so u can give them ur serial #, name, and etc. Make sure he/she repeats everything perfectly. Then eventually he/she will give u a huge long number to enter in code entry mode. Make sure u get it right and push "ok". The guy/girl will call ur phone to test it and other stuff, no big deal. ur phone should then work!!

Monica 6 years ago

Wow these are some crazy stories about Stright Talk phones and service. I currently have Verizon and everyone keeps telling me to switch to Stright Talk, I was thinking about doing it when my Verizon contract was up but after reading all these complaints about it I think now I will pass on that. Thanks everyone and I hope it works out for you all.

Thomas 6 years ago

Well I thought I had activation problems until I actually re-read the web activation. I was dialing 22890 instead of *22890 - my duh. Think this is a common problem from what I am reading. Working now but I lost several hours trying to activate - my fault for not paying attention. Make sure you hit the OK button and let the phone do it's resetting/reloading thing and dial(first call) (1 send or *86 - to set up english for language and your voicemail etc.) as soon as you get the message that your phone is activated. My message was on the bottom of the screen unlike a text message. So far working well but the internet is slooooow. My daughter loves it and has already started texting and sending goofy pics of her cats to her friends. Wish the alarm clock was a bit louder on the model Samsung R451C, but speaker and speakerphone seemed sufficient. Texting is a breeze with the keyboard and flipping back and forth between keyboard and not regular phone, causing the screen to re-orient by flipping 90 degress is instantaneous and seemless even in the middle of a text.

lg220c 6 years ago

i cant download ringtones

meme 6 years ago

my phone stop working. i don't even know why.

t3isme 6 years ago

Straight Talk / TrackFone / Net 10

They are all the same company....TracFone. Wally World has the Straight Brand name for them, while 7-11 types have Net 10. All others use TracFone brand name. Marketing, you just gotta love it!.

Perhaps the customer service issue could be resolved by removing NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). It is this Clinton era policy that is causing all American manufacturing to go south. That and the import fees the US charge are very small, while the export fees the US pays ar very, very large. Free trade my ass. Then maybe the call centers would be brought back to the US where we speak English.

Jessica 6 years ago

Well I don't know what the hell i did but now it says prepaid service disabled and i didn't do anything my thing don't end till the 22nd of this month but i cant use it seriously wtf??

Tracy Murphy 6 years ago

HOW TO FIX PREPAID SERVICE DISABLED. I did this yesterday and it worked!! Use ur home phone or someone else's phone to call the straight talk # (on the website under contact us)then get to the point where u talk to a live person. Tell them your phone says "prepaid service disabled" the guy/girl will then tell u it is because you messed with your code entry mode. DON'T DO THAT EVER AGAIN LOL! anyway have ur phone ready so u can give them ur serial #, name, and etc. Make sure he/she repeats everything perfectly. Then eventually he/she will give u a huge long number to enter in code entry mode. Make sure u get it right and push "ok". The guy/girl will call ur phone to test it and other stuff, no big deal. ur phone should then work!!

Barbara D. 6 years ago

I have had my phone for two months now. We were on a trip when we broke down and i needed a phone and went into Wal Mart and got straight talk after talking to a customer who had one and loved it. I had great service but when i got home I wanted to get a number for my area instead of Wy. Had talked to someone at cust. service who told me to take it to Wal Mart locally and they could do this when I got my next card. Wal Mart people did not want to do this and a man there told me what he did and I try that and It took me about an hour because of not being able to understand the person on the other end. Told them I had a funeral to go to and I needed to get this done and he kept telling me we were about done. i was late for the funeral service buT I finally got it done. Will see how this next month goes and if I have any troube I will take it back for my money back and contact the attonery general about the problems. That is the way to do it and let them check it out and inform the public of any problems Hoping for the best but will deal with what ever.

Don't Bother 6 years ago

This company is rediculous. My husband and I bought this phone for a trip..we are going out of state and need a phone t hat I don't have to roam with. So good deal we thought 89 bucks total for airtime and a phone. till we got home. He started the activation proscess over the phone. and they were outsourcing all calls to india. Their customer service SUCKS. after 2 hours of dealing with them and the last CSR said it could take up to 72 hours to activate the phone. We took the phone and card back to Walmart. After 15 mins of explaining to walmart why we wanted to return the phone they gave us all our money back and we went right back to electronics and bought a go phone from AT & T. within 30 mins I had this phone active and it was working fine :) you have to love when something works out. the customer service manager at walmart said that this was not the first time they have had problems with this phone. it was like the 8th return that she was aware of for the same problem. I think they need to get their act together or just get out of the business.

lauryn 6 years ago

ok wtf is this people um this straight talk is such a asshole im tring to text my boy friend and send him a pic message.. and it wouldn't go through

dj 6 years ago

Costumers service? What fucking costumer service, Can't even get ahold of them. Straight talk needs to get the shit Straigt

scott 6 years ago

i have verizon and decided to try straight talk i kept my verizon phone on just in case so far straight talk only picks about 2/3 of the area my verizon phone does i am comparing signal with phones side by side i do love the features of the samsung sgh-t401g though

Sandra 6 years ago

I have been buying Straight Talk cards for $45.00, which should cover 30 days of service. Each time, the cards expire in approximately three weeks. I thought I was just writing the wrong expiration dates in my records, though today I looked closely and noticed that the cards are only lasting around 20 days. I pulled out my records of transaction IDs, etc. and called customer service. I explained that when I tried to call out today, a recording stated that I was out of minutes and that I needed to refill. I went ahead and refilled it, though the expiration date was supposed to be July 17, 2010. Not today, July 9, 2010. Their only response to me was this: "Sorry that happened to you, is there anything else we can help you with today?" Wow, I was just shocked to hear that they did not even care that this is happening to their customer every month. I then told them this was false advertisement and it seemed like a scam, though I thought how could this company be a scam if Walmart was promoting them? They still said there was nothing they could do and told me to have a nice day. I now have no choice but to return this phone to Walmart and switch to another service this weekend, because Straight Talk is conducting unfair and untrustworthy business. I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau as well, in order to protect others. The customer service rep placed me on hold and came back to say that her supervisor refused to give any credit back for all the weeks the company cut from the $45.00 thirty 30 day unlimited card, which only turned out to be a three week card. This company has no integrity whatsoever. How can they be allowed to stay in business with such a reputable company as Walmart?

JUNK 6 years ago


karen 6 years ago

Has anyone contacted WalMart, other than the retail stores, regarding all of these issues?

I am sure that Sam Walton would want to know.

Carine 6 years ago

Sam Walton is dead dumbass.

Shane 6 years ago

On the web site somewhere i read that in some areas of some states you may be prompted to enter a 4 digit pin before the number you are trying to call in order to make the call. How does one find out what that pin # is? I would like to have it now and not wait until I am traveling and not able to call anyone. Anyone familiar with this?

The Raisin Girl 6 years ago

I have had my Straight Talk phone for a couple of weeks now. I bought it at Walmart, bought an airtime card, went home and activated it online and started using it. So far it's been great. Although it's kind of annoying listening to that woman tell you how many minutes you have for the phone call every time. Next time I'm going to go unlimited. Anyway, it's been good. I'm a little disappointed at the lack of features, and I'm annoyed that I can't download any free ringtones from sites like MyTinyPhone or Myxer, but still it's not a bad phone, and a frigging steal at $45 a month for ulimited talk and text.

I realize that some people are going to have different experiences than mine, but I have to say I would find all the complaints a lot more credible if over half of them weren't what sounds like a bunch of racist hicks complaining about "them foreigners who can't even speak English." Especially since half the people making these complaints seem to have only an elementary-level command of English grammar and spelling themselves. If that.

RP 6 years ago

Had my phone for several months. Other than not being able to port my previous phone # in I have had no other problems until recently. I went to another city about 85 miles out of my zip code. My phone would not work. It said service unavailable. A friends ST phone said the same thing. What is up with this? I thought it was on the verizon network with no roaming or anything. My boyfriends verizon/alltel phone worked just fine!

Running Away 6 years ago

Thanks to all of you for the info. I almost took the plunge into straight talk hell, but you all have saved me. Guess you gotta pay a little more the small frills like A WORKING PHONE... Hope you all get it worked out but this ain't for me.

God Help You... 6 years ago

...if you ever deal with Customer Service. Note to "The Raisin Girl": There is nothing racist in regard to the frustration one feels when attempting to solve a problem over the phone with someone who is simply hard to understand. I had my turn this weekend. It was flat-out difficult, and I had to ask for things to be repeated many times. In the end, after talking to 4 different people and repeating ad nauseum the same ineffective trouble-shooting techniques, my problem is unresolved. I was not impressed with CS.

Alli 6 years ago

I have had straight talk for a few months now. It was working just fine earlier then it started showing prepaid service disabled. My phone doesn't run out until the 15 why the heck is it doing this? Does anyone know? Im about to go insane because of it.

Kyle 6 years ago

I love my straight talk phone. I only hate the customer service

nc 6 years ago

I have had my straight talk for 6 months or so now and its great never have had a problem. Do the auto pay and there's NO PROBLEMS. CANT BEAT THE PRICE..

Kimberly 6 years ago


razor's baby 6 years ago

well i've had mine for two months i got the lg flip phone from straight talk it works fine! except at home because of the service there but other than that it's fine. it drops calls every now and then but i have the unlimited service so it is not a problem i am still wondering if my mom is actually able to spy on my text messages sent and recienved on my phone

carina coburn 6 years ago

dang i got straight and i lost my battery at school

RObin 6 years ago

I live in Tennessee and I have had my straight talk for almost a year now and I love it. Never have had any problems. I had net10 before and the service would not pick up at work and I have no problems with this service.

DOC 6 years ago

Have had no real problems with phone connection...porting my old number to Straight Talk was pretty much a painless procedure. The only problem is connecting to the internet. I have had the phone for about 4 months, and have yet been able to connect AOL Mail (or Yahoo Mail) for my emails. Error message upon trying to connect to the aforementioned is "network error". Called CS and they put me through the same drills as everyone else (*22890 to reprogram, make a call, etc). Phone still cannot connect to AOL or Yahoo mail after 24 hours and removing the battery, waiting 1 minute, and powering back on. CS gave me a ticket number and stated that I will need to call back after another 24 hours if I am still having problems (they stated that they will check with external internet service provider to see what the problem may be). If you are looking for basic phone service, Straight Talk is a cost effective alternative to long term contracts. However, if you use your phone for internet service, you may want to look elsewhere.

jim 6 years ago

I have the lg220cm and have problems with the call waiting. Parking the first call and answering the call waiting is fine but if I need to park the second call and go back to the first call I get "call was lost" and both calls are dropped. Customer service is telling me to dial send then 1 to get bsck to first call. This makes no sense. can anybody help me???

katey 6 years ago

okay so my fiancé and i both got this phone and on two different ocassions one of us got a text went to open our phone and the screen cracked so i called customer service to get a new one since i didn't even have it a month and my screen cracked while opening my phone to read a text so anyway it took me two hours on the phone with this one guy to get a new phone this was on 9/10/10 i just got my box today to send my phone back any the guy told me it would be three to five days that i wouldn't have my phone but they couldn't extend my plan because of there phone breaking on me so now i am phonelesss till they send me a new phone and they better or i sware

tifff 6 years ago

I've had this phone for a while, and i have my unlimited card and it isn' due until the beginning of next month n it says "prepaid service disabled" . It was just working, until my frined send me a text n now its doing this... FUCK N AYE THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!

Willis 6 years ago

Straight talk is a wonderful service. My phone always works well and i never have any problems with it. Straight talk is really a wonderful brand.

mike 6 years ago

had no problem with the service exept that the customer service reps don't speak English or american that's a problem

Corey 6 years ago

ok for those of you who keep disableing your service the code has to be received from the company it is phone specific and generated on their end on a per instance basis, for those of us who don't speak Mexican or Honduran, call this number 1-800-876-5753 this will get you a very good English speaking person. for the people switching service, it can take up to 7 days to port over a cell number,or up to 30 for a land line, however during this time the line with the other company will remain active until it switches over, also the code to program your phones is *22890 which when the port completes will program successfully if it don't do it successfully then you are going to have to wait a little while and try again. Also use a little common since when approaching things, most things can be figured out with a little common since. also to those of you with the slider phones, there is a problem that occurs with them it has been present in all previous versions of this phone with every other carrier that is out there, which is why most have dropped the slide up phone, its because the slide ends up catching the cable connectors and bending them where people push up to hard on the phone, most of the time if it is in the years standard equipment warranty they will replace this phone at no charge, however generally speaking if you take it easy or avoid getting this particular phone to start with you shouldn't have any problems. a lot of people think that there is a total wireless solution, not going to happen don't care if its the big or the small boy of companies the value of what you get based on what you pay is generally customer specific, some people are going to think, "i'm getting a computer rather than a phone, not going to happen don't care if you spend 5 dollars or 500 on a phone" you are buying a phone, and as with all electronics they have limits to their abilities. If you want a good phone with good service in a generally speaking large area, then straight talk is a good value, with some good phones, how ever don't expect that you are going to get something extraordinary for nothing yes the service isn't as fully feature rich as some others but you are also not paying the extra 50-100 dollars they charge a month either. if you must have every little messenger and gimmick then you need to look elsewhere, just like the i phone does not cover half the area's that the straight talk covers, also some people have mentioned sprint, hate to tell you sprint which covers even less. all companys also have location factors, and the company Straight talk is also not a part of Verizon as some think, they buy bulk time from the company to use their towers the same as with AT&T which is why they have both GSM and CDMA phones and you need to know which market that you are in to know which one of the phones is going to be best for you. so please take a little time to do a little more personal research and evaluate the factors that you are going to be using before you up or down any service.

Just to mention No I do not work for the company, how ever i have sold phones for Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Tracfone,Boost, T mobile, and several others,for many years and have often had to break down feature lists and service comparisons based on area, phone, price, and plan. Just trying to give everyone some worth while information so that they can make an informative decision, based off of years of knowledge and service to a wide host of dedicated companies

JAYC 6 years ago


Margaret 6 years ago

I am on my 4th shit phone from Walmart. Every 2 months my phone quits working. I can sometimes hear it ring but cannot answer it. No texting, NOTHING. Still have 11 days left on my service card. The LG symbol just floats around. Customer service sucks too.. They said to hold for 3 minutes to talk to a supervisor then when they came back I said I wanted to speak to the sup and they said there weren't any there. NO SPEAKA ENGLISH either which is very frustrating. Heard they are in India

new to trac phone 6 years ago

Jayc you are a moron I just wanted to let you know this

TR 6 years ago

I bought a Straight Talk Samsung T401G three days ago with a $30 card from Walmart. I activated online and ported my old cell number to it. I started to read the Samsung user's manual. By the time I was about ten pages into it, the phone became active and I could call my landline.

Under the Prepaid icon, are 2. My Phone Number, and 3. Airtime Info. These did not contain any information until the next morning ( about 10 ten hours later ).

Calls and texting worked fine, but Internet did not. I have "HTTP Error: 502 Bad Gateway". I can also not send text to an email address.

Customer service gave me two codes to try in the Code Entry Mode, pull the battery and reinstall, turn off and on the phone, finally they said they will send a prepaid envelope for me to mail the phone and they will send a replacement phone. I did not have that much trouble understanding the customer server reps. The first was in Guyana, the second in the Philippines. I used my landline to talk to them. The only bad thing was that the landline connection was scratchy so I did have to ask them to repeat a few things. Not sure if it was my landline ( which has had this problem before ) or theirs.

I have mixed feelings about sending the phone in since I am not that interested in the Internet on a phone anyway.

The reason I switched to Straight Talk is that I got burned worse by a "big" carrier where the damage is limited with a pay as you go phone. I had an experience earlier this year that caused me to go over my allotted airtime. I was then charged at $0.45/minute. That increased by bill to more than the cost of the Straight Talk phone ($99) and an air time card ($30).

J.Nolan 6 years ago

I sure am glad I read these post,I was about to move over from Boost but after all the problems with activation, customer service or lack of,bad phones,and paying for extra air time when you have air time. Thank you to those who have suffered and good luck with CS in India.

Julia 6 years ago

I'm surprised by some of the negative comments here - I've had nothing but smooth sailing with my Straight Talk phone and service. Phone's pretty basic but does its job just fine, activation was a breeze and I'm loving the extra cash in my pocket!

Fran 6 years ago

They are a great company as long as you never have to speak with them. The first couple times we added time to the phones by buying cards at walmart & adding the time through an automated phone system. But they encourage customers to use other options to add time to the phone. Such as calling in & purchasing the time by phone with a representative or thru their website, both by credit card. Well apparently, setting it up by website is next to impossible if it is not done that way from the very beginning. And never mind trying to talk to someone & the unbelievable hold times. My husband & I each have phones thru Straight Talk but the only way we will stay with Straight Talk & not switch to another company is if we go back to buying the cards at Walmart which is not always a convenient option.

ian 6 years ago

My phone works fine, but as everyone has noted cust. ser. is beyone belief, bad. whenever I have had a problem, such as transfering photos to my computer, I have ultimately solved the problem by googling it and finding answers from third parties. I wouldn't have bought this service if I knew cust. ser. was this bad. But now that I have it, it's going OK. Reading the rants of others has helped heal my own rage at the company.

Nancy 6 years ago

Got five straightalk phones for the family three months ago. Three identical handsets, two others. ALl have had fantastic service. BUT - mine started having issues 6 days ago. I have called "customer service" three times, spending up to two hours each time. They have me g o through all this troublshooting b.s. each time. They tell me the cell tower is having issues. Why then, do none of the other phones have problems. Just mine. No signal, no service. Ask to send me a replacement, they are not authorized to do so. Ask WHO is authorized to do so. Tell me a supervisor can do that. Ask to speak to supervisor. Sit for 30 minutes waiting. Sorry, all supervisors are in a meeting. Tells me to go buy a new phone. WTF!!

Mel 6 years ago

I cannot get my phone to get off of vibrate/silent mode, and i know what I'm doing. It will turn on to a ring tone once in a blue moon, and then return back to silent/vibrate the next day, it is the samsung slide phone. any ideas?????

dee 6 years ago

I bought the $100 samsung slider with the keyboard in aug/. I called an had it activatied in the parking lot, everything was working wonderful, an for umlimited talk,text, an web, you can't beat $45 a month. But on Nov 10th my cell screen went white, so I couldn't see any of my contacts, text messages, ect. About 1hr later, the cell would not even come on. I called customer service, ( which is the worst I've ever had in all my 29 yrs) So, they say for me to send it off an it would be fixed or replaced, I did, BUT, I got my cell back 2 weeks later, not reparied, an not replaced, so I call cs agine, then they say that they hafe to send me insturctions on how an where to send my cell off AGINE. 4 days later I got the insturstions, an I sent it off on nov,30th, they recived it on dec 1st. I just got my replacement cell today 12/6/2010. So I call cs agine to have the new cell activited, I needed to keep my same #, and the cs person says it will take up to a few mins, or up to but no longer than 2 days. Why in the world should that take more than a min, much lesss 2 days, just for him to push a button an get my cell ready, An that's not counting the 27 days of time I had already paid for on my cell..... I mean what the HE__,,,,,,are they doing where ever they are. Also, NONE OF ANY OF ABOUT THE 10 SO CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE CAN SPEAK ENGLISH........ IS THIS NOT AMERICA, WHERE ENGLISH IS SPOKEN????????? SO NOW IVE GOTTA WAIT MORE TIME FOR MY CELL TO BE BACK ON, AN GOD ONLY KNOWS WHEN THAT WILL BE.... i WAS VERY HAPPY WITH STRIGHT TALK, UNTIL NOW....... IT'S A DANG SHAME THAT THEY CANT, OR WONT DO THERE JOB, ITS DANG SURE NOT HARD TO PUSH A BUTTON, IS IT?

David 6 years ago

I am an over the road trucker and after being with verizon many years and high cell bills decided to give straight talk a try. I have taken it with me all over the country and have had no service problems. Works as well as a verizon phone. Have had no problems activating but i did get a new new number

HAPPY HAPPY 6 years ago

I purchased a Straight talk phone and the $45 card. Activated the phone for ONE month to make sure I liked the service before actually commiting and transferring my other number from Verizon... Straigh Talk has never cut off service after the 30 day cut off date. FREE service for last 6 months.

cheap way out 5 years ago

if you go cheap expect cheap... them foreign assholes cant understand a damm thang you say,, they say the same thang over an over, i think the computer b.s is better then them no english talkn s.o.b's

Slysbaby 5 years ago

I've had straight talk for almost a year now. I have the samsung R451C. I've never had any trouble with my phone or the service. For the price I pay for unlimited talk, text, and web I just have to be responsible and make sure a day or two before my service ends that I get a service card. I wait til around 11 pm the day before my service ends and then refill my account. In my experience if you keep your account refilled on time you shouldn't have any issues. The same goes with any other phone bill. I love straight talk. My phone does everything I need it to and for the price its wonderful!

WOW! 5 years ago

dude if your phone says Prepaid service disabled then u or ur pocket screwed with the code entry option and you have to call them to get some codes to unlock it...str8 talk is amazing and ive never had a problem with em...

No words..... 5 years ago

My friend rec'd a ST phone as a gift 12/11 w/ min. Let me just say - what I have seen her go thru with this company is beyond description. After MANY weeks, exchanges, and wasted hours (being subtracted from HER service card) of frustrating conversations with customer service representatives (that obviously have no business calling themselves that) she finally decided to give up and return the phone for the FINAL time for a refund. I swear - I have all of her numbers that had to be continually repeated over....and over....and over again to th c/s rep (which NEVER DID get it right by the way) etched into my brain for eternity. I have realized something while watching my friend and reading these posts of so many people that have experienced the same horror - it appears that none of us are giving this company the credit they deserve!

Think about it........who else could take the average, calm, rational, happy, intelligent person and within the course of 3 wks turn them into a completely frustrated and angry human being, bordering towards having a stroke from the whole ordeal. I think there should be a re-make of the old Michael Douglas movie, "Falling Down" with this company used as prime example of what is wrong.

I agree that everyone should make an informed decision when making a purchase, but I also believe that if a company cannot adequately provide the BASIC services you are paying for (referring to their so called "customer service" - not the service itself, price or merchandise) then they should cease to exist. During this tough economy everyone is trying to cut costs - trying to avoid the lengthy contracts and some reasonable lapse of "luxuries" is expected.........but the conduct of this company is nothing short of criminal. Not receiving a refund on purchased minutes - when the only minutes used were trying to either get the phone to work or speaking to c/s...........that's just theft.

The morale of this story is........this was not my phone nor my problem, but if I can prevent 1 person from purchasing anything from this company by posting what I have seen my friend go thru - then I feel I am obligated to do so. I know one thing..........I wouldn't use this service if it were presented to me FREE with a $1M gift certificate attached!

Charles 5 years ago

LG never was a mobile phone maker and they have all hardware and software engineering problems. They are loosing the market progressively, as they experiment customer's money for making a better mobile and not their own engineering...!!

I had two bad experiences and I couldn't do anything about it. I never heard that this could happen with Nokia or Samsung products... I'm frustrated and I truly think that they have to stop making mobile phone... They have to leave job to the companies who are able to handle it. Who leaves the job of a mason to a plumber? Of course LG... Don't buy their phones anymore...!!

Excellent!!!! 5 years ago

I'll try to keep this short. I've been with every major cell phone company available over the years and I'm a business power user of mostly high end phones (win mob and Blackberry most of the time) I've had problems with every one of them....some more....some less. For me and my area, (central rural Oklahoma), Sprint has the best rates but rural coverage is terrible. Verizon has best coverage but highest rates. ATT has decent coverage but constant dropped and garbled calls are just really frustrating. TMobile has good rates but non-existent rural coverage. This leaves only MVNO providers if you want something other than those choices in my area. I've tried Cricket, Page Plus and now Straight Talk. Cricket fell off the map when I traveled and especially in rural areas. Page Plus was great except I would run past my data allowance and have to purchase more all the time which added up to what I was paying with Verizon so it made sense to just stay with them. I tried Straight Talk when they first came out and wasn't real satisfied with the phone offerings. I started with a Samsung r355c. It just wasn't powerful enough to do what I needed it to do and it was the only thing they offered at the time that was close to a smartphone that I needed. I stayed with Verizon.....until.....they came out with the Nokia E71. Its a true smartphone, runs on the ATT 3G network and I have been using it all over the state with no more issues than I have had with anybody else. My co-worker that travels with me has an iphone and my GPS is faster, my maps are faster, my data is faster and I have less dropped and garbled calls than he does....go figure....and I pay $45/month where he pays over $100. He loves everything about my phone and plan but doesn't want to give up the iphone. It all comes down to what you need, where you live and what you want in a phone. Sure I loved my Blackberries....sure I loved my Win Mob phones.....sure I would kinda like an Android phone....BUT....I'd rather pocket AT LEAST and extra $50/month and have the exact same service that I was paying a higher price for before. Oh, my voice navigated maps on the E71 is friends pay for their voice navigation. I can also tether my laptop to use my 3G connection for free.....with a free program offered in the Nokia app store...... Can't do that with a iphone or BB either can you?!!!! Overall I'm super happy with it and my porting back and forth with different providers has been pretty uneventful.

billy 5 years ago

straight talk cell phones are great. 45 dollars for every thing unlimited! what more do you want? I had no problems so far with my cell phone..I don't care what ST custmer service is like if i get every thing unlimited for only 45 dollars a month..

Blove 5 years ago

If you buy a phone on the "mainland" (continental U.S.) it will not work with a Hawaii phone number (808 area code). Hawaii has their own special sim cards, they start with 890141. Call customer service and they will send you one for free. Don't waste an hour of your time letting them try to figure it out, tell them up front that you know it will be a problem.

Colorado MAD 5 years ago

On Dec.31st 2010 I ordered a phone from the straight talk web site but when i went to check out i was not given any sort of tracking or order number. This immediately perplexed me. I called my credit card and it showed that the money was immediately taken from my card. This prompted me to call the ever popular Customer Service, where I was hung up on twice and cursed at as well as laughed at. I could literally hear the foreigner laughing in the background when she did not put me on hold. Well she finally came back to tell me that she promised I would have my phone by Jan.4th 2011. That date came and went with no appearance of a phone in site. So, on the 5th I called Customer Service again, dreading what I knew was coming. It took three people and 88 minutes for them to tell me that since my credit card was a gift card and not a bank card that they could not fulfill my order. Just a lil note, the prior mentioned call on the date the order was made everyone I spoke with was told it was a gift card not a bank card. And they were sure to take that money off my card immediately. And now I'm being told I will not receive a phone but they still have 78.00 of mine.

Jayni 5 years ago

Man, I have had the same problem. Don't ever do auto refill because they won't stop taking money from your account. Two months ago I took off the auto refill off and I am still being charged by straight talk. I finally had to call my bank and get a new debit card because they compromised my card. Thank you assholes, there goes $20 out of my account to get a new card due to your poor customer service. I will not be using straight talk anymore, they charged me $150 for one month alone and took it off my debit card illegally. And by the way the ST supervisor told me that she pulled up my account and it doesn't show it under my account, yet my bank statement says otherwise. I ended up getting my money back but only because my card company had to dispute their bullshit charges. FUCK YOU STRAIGHT TALK!

April 5 years ago

@Excellent!!!! I've had a really similar experience to you, tried just about everything and came to ST for cost and coverage reasons. The last thing that I wasn't quite happy with was the lack of email and browsing power in most of their phones, then enter the E71. A month into the combination of the Unlimited deal and the E71 I feel like I've found cell phone paradise! What else could you want, unlimited everything with an un-modified, fully fledged smartphone. Awesome.

Tristan 5 years ago

My attitude towards ST and prepaid has always been the same, if I'm paying almost nothing then they must be cutting corners somewhere. Unfortunately it appears to be in the CS area mostly, although in my experience I've always been pleasantly surprised in my dealings with them. On the other hand I'm still so blown away that I get unlimited everything for $45 that they could do anything and I'd still be happy. Such a great deal, and in my experience, a good service too.

nthomas1235 5 years ago

I love Straight Talk because they offer a completely unlimited plan for a measely 45 bucks. A lot of people get angry at Straight Talk when they have customer service issues, but what exactly do you expect if they don't cut any corners in terms of signal strength and coverage area? It's gotta come from somewhere. My Straight Talk phone has yet to malfunction so all I see is an extra 48 dollars a month.

Emily 5 years ago

This has been a horrible experience. My dad and I both got the 55 dollar flip phones that come with a 40 dollar promotional card. Don't ever try to activate 2 at once. Long story short, only one phone ever activated -- my dad went back to verizon -- and I'm across the country without anyway to call anyone. I let the phone that did work run out of days so I could try to activate the other one again. I have this tracking number they gave me but I have no idea where to check up on the case online. so I've given up, I'm never calling them again. Oh and they wouldn't tell me what my dad's online username was because I don't think he ever made one. when i searched for the phone's serial number they said it wasn't in their system. oh well.

Brainiac Jr 5 years ago

I have a suggestion to those of you who have Straight Talk and need customer service: go to their Facebook fan page and "like" it. Then click on the support tab. You will be amazed by the really GREAT customer service. I'm not kidding. DO NOT call anyone. That is not good. But the Facebook dealy works!

SciTeach 5 years ago

For $45 to get unlimited everything i decided to give straight talk a try since if it didn't work out i could always switch back. I was a little concerned after reading some of the testimonials here but i have to say i've been pleasantly surprised. I had no problems with the activation and the service coverage has been great. As far as the customer service, my buddy had a question and sent an email from the website and told me he got an answer in only a few hours so if i ever run into a problem i figure ill just do that.

Oakley 5 years ago


I really agree with you here. Straight talk is a good choice for people in the market for a a good prepaid phone. Straight talk is the way to go as the company provides the best service at the best rates.

Zane 5 years ago

Straight talks t401g phone suck if you like going online don't buy it every person I have talked to has the same problem the web browser refuses to work I have spent the last 4 hours trying to find a way to fix it and nothing yet

5 years ago

I tried to activate my phone online two days ago and last night I got a call saying the account number on my other service (I'm transfering my old number) was wrong and that I needed to call my old service to get the number right. (noted that I got the account number off my old bill) So I did so and of course the number was right.

I called straight talk back only to be transfer 3 times and still they wouldn't transfer me to the extension the person calling me gave me.

Finally after I got angry with them they transferred me. I gave them the same account number before and said it could take up to 10 days to activate. WHAT!!! Seriously?

So here I am a day later and my old phone lost service 5 hrs ago and the straight talk phone has yet to activate. So here I am without a phone to call them and ask them why. I don't have another phone to use. What am I supposed to do now? I send them a email and I got a generic reply that it could take 48 hrs for a response. lovely. If I had known that their service was so bad I'd never had switched.

Ben 5 years ago

I went for the free refurbished LG620G with purchase of a minutes card. It was shipped to my home. I went online to activate it, but was told I must call instead. As soon as I gave the cs person my zip code they told me I needed a new SIM card. A week later I now have the SIM card and they have started to port my old number from Verizon. My phone says, "SIM Card Rejected," but CS assures me that there is nothing wrong. I was told that I would know the port was completed when my Verizon phone stops working. That was hours ago, and now the CS people tell me it will take 3 to 5 days to complete the port. I read this site and the complaints. I believed the comlaints but didn't believe that Straighttalk was dishonest, but I was wrong. They are liars. The CS people are nice enough and just reading what their computer tells them, but the company is dishonest. I was never told that I could be without my phone number for a week.

Psychic Mike 5 years ago

I have a suggestion! DO NOT GO WITH STRAIGHT TALK! After reading all the nightmares people have had with activation and customer service I have decided to go with Boost Mobile ( Sprint )If you have good coverage in your area I suggest you try them. They are $50/ month unlimited and after 6 months you pay $45. After 18 months it's only $35! The reason I wanted to switch is I am paying $160/mo for 3 lines with a Sprint Contract. The savings would have been over $500/yr. I'm thinking twice about it now. What is frustrating is all these new android phones and high tech shit they sell for Sprint are getting really shitty ratings. Freezing up, lagging, etc. No matter what phone I try to make a decision on they are all pieces of shit to some extent. Bottom line is we all need a fucking phone but cell phones are crap these days no matter what service you get. GOOD LUCK!

Larry 5 years ago

I hear a lot of horror stories but personally i have never had a problem. Yeah the phone you to purchase its probably a little more expensive than you expect but since i got straight talk unlimited i save about 50 dollars a month so it more than pays for itself. And with the auto refill every month, i just don't even have think about it, for it just works.

strait up happy 5 years ago

I have two phone numbers with strait talk. have had them for two years. My phone is LG flip and my wife has had samsung slider first and now nokia e71. I just use mine to talk and text have never had a problem. My wife uses the internet alot. the samsung broke, but manly cause of kids. the e71 amazed us. the internet works as fast with the 3g phone sercice as it does on wifi at home, and we have charter pipeline. the GPS works better than our tom tom and works great tethered to laptop. Her phone did quit working about 6 months ago. we called cs and talked to them about an hour. they tried every possible thing they could to fix phone while talking to them. when they could not they sent us a prepaid envelope and told us to send phone to them and as long as it had no water damage they would fix it or send a new one. we sent phone to them and 5 days later they had sent us a brand new phone still in the box with new cords every thing. called back to activate and phone was working within minutes. we could not be happier with strait talk.

randy 5 years ago

Well I’m not a big fancy rich guy so 85 bucks a month is just out of the question for my personal cell phone bill. So I’ve had a great set of experiences with Straight Talk, none of which involve their customer service team, all of which involve me being able to an unlimited plan with data on a smartphone that never drops calls.

Charlie 5 years ago

Think thats bad?

Wait till' you get the "Pre-Paid Service Disabled" everytime you try to do anything. lol

its a train ride dude. really. -.-

OohGoldieLocks 5 years ago

I totally agree with you Randy I do not call their customer services as well but instead I go to their Facebook page. It is so difficult to choose the right cell phone provider and most people have their horror stories, mine was a contract from hell which I have now cancelled, paid my penalties and licked my wounds. It really is great not being locked into a contract anymore. Being in charge of your spending each month is definitely a plus with Straight Talk. There are no surprises at the end of the month and if anything I am constantly reminded about what value for money I am receiving.

47774 5 years ago

If you have any questions please e-mail me at and I will assist you.

Jordan 5 years ago

Everyone says that the staight talk phones run off the verizon towers...well thats bullshit...i get service nowhere hardly. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone. its not worth the time or the money

trollz 5 years ago

They say the reason why my phone is showing prepaid service disabled is because i put in codes in the code entry mode, which i shouldn't have done. i tried to add the minutes on that option, which was a bad move. anyway to cut the story short, i went to straight talk site and clicked contact us, send them an email told them my service is effing disabled,gave them my serial number and phone number. and to my surprise the response was quick, they gave me instructions and codes to enter in the code entry mode and 3 minutes later i got the phone working, no need to talk to customer service reps.

ims 5 years ago

I agree with the first comment!!! They have the worst costumer service I have ever encountered. I lost my first phone-called and asked if I bought a new one I could have the same number. Was told "sure". I bought the new phone and asked for the number to be transferred--one + week later it finally got transferred. Since then (approx Oct 2010) I have had to spend approx an hour every other month getting the billing or some problem resolved. I spend HUGE amounts of time on hold while the rep "speaks with my manager". Then I put in long codes 3 or 4 times and pray for resolution. Want my advice??? DON'T BUY ONE.

chris 5 years ago

believe me when i say i no what you mean. Last year in jan i bought a strait talk phone, everything seemed fine at first until bout june. My phone just completely stopped working. No texts or calls in and out no internet. i had just refilled my service 3 days prior. Me and my best friend spent over 8 hours on the phone with them not understanding a word anyone was saying having them transfer us 13 times. and everyone telling us to take the battery out which we did i bet over 100 times. finally after all this time they said they were gona send a prepaid air bill and that i was to send my phone in and they would send me a new one when they received it and it would take 5 to 7 days and for my trouble they would send me a new phone card. so after a month i finally got the new one with no phone card. Once again i called to be on the phone for 6 hours till they put the phone card on, now that phone had drawn off verizon and then they came out with ones drawn off tmobile and att. well in my area att is better so i called walmart in dec, asked which ones were att they told me they had a few and there was one just like mine but it had video cuz i really like the full key board now keep in mind i told them where i live does not pick up tmobile. i get the phone bring it home and start it which once again 2 hours on the phone cant understand them just to have no service so i call back in after 3 hours they said they can send me a new sim but it wont help the service!!! so i chalk up my loss go into walmart and get an lg slider, 4 weeks ago my screen turns white so i took out the battery ect, nothing but white, my boyfriend had the same phone 6 months ago it did the same, so i call after 6 hours on the phone there gona send out the prepaid package blah blah i sent the phone right away i just got my new one 2 days ago i call to activate it and its already active under another name now i had my same number over a year i already lost all my pics and contacts so i said well cant you fix your mistake she said no we send u new sim it take 4 to 6 weeks by this time i just decided to keep the new number then it took them another hour to fix the airtime cuz it kept saying out of airtime i think its time to try boost

tiffany 5 years ago

you are all rite they don't speak good and there horable i bought a new at my local walmart and it don't work in my zip code i have no bars they suck but love the price

Rheanys 5 years ago

I was a Straighttalk customer for over a year. Even though I only had one to two bars most of the time and my calls were spotty I stayed with them because they were so cheap.

What caused me to leave Straighttalk was when I tried to refill my phone for the next month via the web with a phone card like I do every month. The website kept claiming that my phone was not a Straighttalk phone. I called customer service in the morning and they tried it as well and told me that I had a TracFone. I do not have a TracFone. They shuffled me around to a few different people before I finally got a supervisor. The supervisor filed out about twenty min worth of paperwork. Then he informed me that the paperwork would get filed in 72 hours if I called them back.

I informed him that I needed my phone and my phone was going to expire that afternoon leaving me with no phone. He told me that there was nothing that he could do and that I needed to call them back in 72 hours to file the paperwork.

Needless to say no longer was the cheap price of Straighttalk enough to keep me as their customer. I switched to U.S. Celluar that works very well in my area for $10-$20 extra a month. At least it actually works.

Lisa mattox 5 years ago

hi my name is lisa i have a ST LG620G and i really am getting frustrated with this phone it drops my calls on evey one of my calls and does not connect with the person that i am trying to connect with it does not send all my text messages nor do i receive all my messages i really think that this phone is garbage so if you are thinking of buying a LG620G save your money and buy the ST galaxy precedent

disrespected loyal ripped off customer 5 years ago

This whole phone service shit sucks these towel heads make shit too cheap my phone doesn't let me get or send or even check my messages my voice mail says there's a voice message but when i check it it says i have none i can't call these people cause i have no patiences to wait an hour for some habeboo fuck that i can't understand to be my rep I've gon through 7 phone's and that's not counting the times i had to send my phone to them and for every time i sent my phone i had to rebuy a service card im switching they are also with tracphone not att hence why that logo is the start up screen and no longed att which it use to be which is why straight talk is shitty now i think that this phone service needs shut down

Brian 5 years ago

This is company is the worse phone service provider I have ever had. The customer service representatives barely speak English, they also cannot fix the problems immediately, they actually have to submit a ticket number and you will have to wait for 24-48 hrs. for any results. The customer service reps. are scripted to say certain things and even when you try to get further information, you get the same script. It is now going on day 7 and still no service. Had the phone for 4 months now and twice my phone number was disabled or deactivated and given to someone else and I have had to wait for at the least 48 hrs. to have my phone back on. Its really hard to continue to have different phone numbers when customers constantly contact me at work.

This last issue which is still ongoing, the first time we called they said that the phone number was deactivated somehow to call back in 24 hrs and there was nothing they could do until then. The next day they blamed it on the sprint towers that they use for their service and to call back in 2 hrs. The next night they said "whoops" we were working on the wrong ticket, call back in 48 hrs. They will not give me a refund for anything, they did not offer any type of alternative for communication, they just continued to say, "the problem is a controllable problem and that it can be resolved in 48 hrs. No other phone service provider has ever done this to me or treated it like 7 days without a phone is not an issue I should be upset about. I am going to file a complaint with Walmart regarding this issue. I think they need to know what kind of services they are endorsing. SAVE yourself the money and not choose Straight Talk. They have issues and will not refund you anything. Their customer service is horrible and are not really concerned that you are without a phone.

Lynn 4 years ago

I know this may sound silly..I've never had a phone like this. What exactly is unliminted minutes? You mean I can talk for hours every single day and that's what it means? ..Thanks...

ron 4 years ago

lynn unliminted minutes means you can talk as long as you want for $45 a month and thats the charge if you buy a $45 card for the can talk as long as you want for a month for $45its a good deal if you like to talk a long time you just need to get a new card before your 30 days is up at walmart.

Danielle 4 years ago

If you have problems be sure to file BBB and FCC complaints and then also contact this manager in the Florida office..

Shelly-Ann Starkey

BBB Specialist

TracFone Wireless Inc.

9700 N.W 112th Ave. Miami, FL .33178

1-800-876-5753 ext 6192 and/or ext 6500

Newest scam this company is doing around here is the Nokia phones are no longer working here. Was told something has changed with the cell towers or something. Anyway, they know these phones do not work here, but if you go to any of the WalMarts here in this area there are sill many of the non working phones on the shelves.. They keep selling phones that DO NOT WORK HERE! Like many others have said.. Once they have your money they will NOT refund when you find out you just bought an air time card for a defective phone.

david 4 years ago

when i bought my phone from straight talk i was told it would have coverage everywhere, well that was a damn lie, my phone does not work on the verizon towers, the phone i bought was a t-mobile phone and they can not upgrade it to have service everywheres. straight talk has three phones they sell, you have to look at the codes on the back of the box to see what phone you are buying.

GSM= AT&T phone


CDMA-S = SPRINT phone.

i was told by the sorry ass customer service that i had to buy a new phone if i wanted service in all areas.!! the person at wal=marrt gave me the codes cause i know her, but she told me they were not to give them out to anyone, i think ill go back to my metro phone, less headaches !

NECI 4 years ago


al 4 years ago

id like to know if anyone got a straight talk phone from the rockhill sc area-that didn't work cause they said it was water damaged-last contact me e-mail addy is

3 years ago

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Thankful 3 years ago

Thank you all for your warnings. Truly a nightmare I won't sign up for. I'll warn friends. Walmart and Verizon should know better than to do business this way.

Avetleteavelo 3 years ago

My spouse and i accustomed to find at the top of lifetime however these days We have accumulated the level of resistance.

Jennifer Simmons 3 years ago

Straight talk is a total rip off. They have robbed my family for the last time. I dropped them a month ago. My husband is finally done with them after today. I bought an android phone with them, a few months later it suddenly didn’t work. I call them, they say it’s a manufacturer defect. After another hour on the phone, giving them all my info, they inform me that it will be a total of about 3 weeks to get the replacement phone. I had only renewed my service a few days prior. I was informed I would have to buy another phone to use the service I had already paid for until the replacement arrived. Then the bomb!!! After wasting all this time, she said they would not replace the phone because it had a small crack (which had occurred right after i got the phone and had nothing to do with the issue. OK fine, I understand they won’t replace a cracked phone, but why not ask about that before wasting all that time getting my info?!?! So, I dropped them like a hot cake. I urged my husband to switch, but he had been using them for years and didn’t. After his 2 day ordeal with them, he just dropped them as well. And he lost almost a month of paid service as well. I do NOT recommend anyone use Straight Talk Wireless!!!!!!

Steve 2 years ago

Allow two days at least to add refill time

BJ 2 years ago

I purchased a phone from Straight Talk and have had replacements again and again. I still do not have a working phone that actually does everything it is suppose to do. The internet does not work, getting messages doesn't work, receiving calls doesn't work. When I call the customer service people act like they don't understand me. I would suggest to anyone not to buy the Straight Talk phones they are awful.

janna 21 months ago

R u selling the phone? Ive been looking for this for my 92 year old dad! He only likes this particular phone.

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