Straight Talk Prepaid Service Disabled


I have been a straight talk customer for some time now, and i have yet to encounter the prepaid service disabled problem that everyone seems to be having. I have had other issues with customer service, but not this particular problem. I have however done some research into the problem, and this is what i have come up with. DO NOT waste your time looking for a cure online. Nobody seems to know why this happens or how to fix it. From my understanding this is a relatively easy problem for a customer service rep. to help you fix. I understand that it will be harder for certain people to call straight talk because their primary phone is the one with the issue, you must however find a way to call them. The number can easily be found on the straight talk website.

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naoakes 6 years ago Author

Hope this is helpful.

Kasey 6 years ago

I called 1-800-876-5753(tracfone-customer service and tech. support) and i was put on hold for a minute or two, but after that it went straight to a representative for tracfone. Just tell them you are with straight talk and it says your phone says "prepaid service disabled." They will give you two codes and after each code it will restart your phone. it takes a maximum of 5 minutes for the conversation. It was very easy. I hope it works, good luck.

Quonetta 6 years ago

the code to get it off is 8350-2165-0602-1235-811-160

you have to go into your pre paid menu option number three in the code entry mode box put those numbers and it should take the lock off

faheem chaytor 6 years ago

my phone says preppaid service disabled what is the code

Quonetta 6 years ago

I just tried this code today it wont work i don't know why this is the code they gave me to unlock it last time so i don't know

debby 6 years ago

That code will only work for you cause its in your calling area. You will have to call Straight Talk to get a code tailored for your calling zone.

crisitna ruz 6 years ago

I just call this number 1-800-8765753 and an operator answer me like in 20 seconds and they gave me a code and they help me so just try it and they will help you

kjhdf 6 years ago

what if it says invalid code 2

Hundroog 6 years ago

Just call the customer service. I was on hold for like a minute and they gave me a code and fixed it within a minute. What happens is when you go into code entry mode and cancel, it cancels the code programmed into the phone therefore you have to call customer service and get it. They were really nice to me by the way.

catlin bates 6 years ago

and what if they don't answer the phone? and none of the codes supplied here work?

shana 6 years ago

omg i have been on the phone for the last hour straight talk nor tracfone will answer i just want my phone to work

briana 6 years ago

everyone keeps saying, "just call customer service" well what if you only have the one phone people? how am i supposed to call customer service????

koko 6 years ago

how do i fix prepaid service disabled

Anna 6 years ago

this is lame, =l does it go away over time? lol

scrib 6 years ago

*#0 den press ok then type this 179551344838230887134727 guranteed to work:)

Enalahs 6 years ago

Scrib that does not work. I think you are leaving something out because when I type *#0 it just brings up the perimeters. Non-changeable.

sweetbaby 6 years ago

if you cant call them but you have facebook...straight talk is on there and they have reps that help u online...might take longer....but it still works

amberly 6 years ago

how can i find them on facebook?

roqydais 5 years ago

try this code 958773212632092597465844

Peter 5 years ago

Kayso..Its 1am and i'm laying in bed messing with my phone..I do like 10 code entry numbers then it says PREPAID SERVICE DISABLED..I start freaking out. I'm looking for something online to help me because now its 2am. I'm gonna call them in the morning..Hopefully they can fix this evil curse. MERRY CHRISTMAS(:



Lala 5 years ago

ok clearly i shouldn't have messed with the code entry thingy and they need to tell ppl about it cause this is ridiculous.

lala 5 years ago

I went to Straight talk on facebook and they were very efficient with helping me and it didn't take longer than 10 min.

DoWeknow 5 years ago

@lala I also used the Facebook page for Straight Talk and found them quick and effective. Straight Talk has always been my number one choice in prepaid options.

sarah 5 years ago

Just call 1800 8677183.

You'll Be connected w/ an operater, And they willl give you acode.

tina 5 years ago

dammit , i dunno wat i did i ruined it :( i was suppose 2 have aboy over 2 :(

im me!!!! 5 years ago

alright every body on this website is wrong half of u guys are asking what to do and then the other half of u guys have the wrong answers i know i should of bought a version phone instead that net10

nativeco 5 years ago

I screwed up and tried putting codes in 'code entry mode' (didn't read phone instructions yet. After several unsuccesful tries, I got a "prepaid service disabled" message. Yes, I called Straight Talk (under construction-try again later and going on their website (closed for upgrades-come back later). I read above suggestions and went to FACEBOOK STRAIGHT TALK site. I entered my problem and put in a 'service ticket.' I had an answer back with code to reactivate my $45 card and it was all fixed in LESS than 10 minutes. Best way to get customer service it looks likes. I bought my phone AT walmart because it is easier to return if I have problems (than mailing it away to online). The ONE knowledgable employee at Walmart put everything in and activated my phone on the spot. So far I am loving my phone ($79 at Walmart-Samsung r355c. The c at the end means it runs on Verizon carrier which is why I purchased that phone. So far, I am LOVING it all.

lizzie 5 years ago

i disabled my phone how do i fix it

Torre 5 years ago

I recently encountered the same problem with my straight talk phone after i was playing around with the entry code mode. After trying to contact customer service @ 1 in the morning they were closed and had to wait, so I figured I would copy what they had me enter.

1) Go to Entry Code Mode and Enter:

5790718848658 after it says code accepted shut of ur phone and turn it back on.

2) Once your phone turns back on enter:

*22890 and your phone will start doing the origanol activation process again once finished your phone will restart by itself...presto it will work once again...

jammie 5 years ago

torre i have tryd what you said and it said invld 1 my son was playin with my phone and now its disabld. I am going crazy i have a child with health problems and this is the only phone i have i cant call straight talk it wont let me i need to fix this problem fast.

Kyle Craft 5 years ago

i tried all the codes still doesn't work

sexylove 5 years ago

im hungry

chillepalmer 5 years ago

Invalid code 7

tiger_eyed_lady 5 years ago

I just had this problem today. I couldn't find a code online that would help me so I had to call customer service (1-877-430-2355). I am using a Samsung R451C, and this is the code that I was given today, however from what I gather not all codes work for all phones or all service areas, but your welcome to try this code if you'd like.

Go to your Prepaid Menu..

Go to Code Entry Mode..

Enter this code:5654502141398

Then hit OK..

Go back to your main screen..

Place a call to anyone..

Press 1

And if your phone is anything like mine this should definatley work because it totally worked on my phone..

I didn't have a long wait calling customer service, I actually called a few minutes just before 8am and I was immediately connected to a representitive. I had no wait at all. The woman was very polite and very helpful and she even stayed on the line to make sure that all of my features worked properly before disconnecting with me.

I was very happy and satisfied with my results.

I guess if others are having this problem that it may have been a result in just plainly being curious about what that code entry mode was for in the first place and just started to add some random numbers.

I guess it doesn't pay to be curious, curiosity killed the cat lol.

Good luck to all who use this code!

bubs 5 years ago

Customer service rocks, just call it with another phone and you'll be ready to go in 5 minutes

Harry 5 years ago

how to disable a straighttalk cell phone

bug 5 years ago

help me

sandj15 4 years ago

You can't use any of these codes, you have to either call ST yourself, or if you only have your one phone, go to straight talk's facebook page and click "support" on the left side, and click "submit a support ticket", type in your problem and your serial number and they will email you your personal code. I promise it works.

Ashli8888 4 years ago

On hold for 45 minutes..... Not okay

AB 4 years ago

do any one no the disabled service code for a LG220C

margie quotskuyva 4 years ago

my straight talk nphone goes to prepaid service disabled ..everytime i call out and cant answer my phone...what's going on

nadifa 4 years ago

i need to know why that i can't call

thealmightypopo 4 years ago

To the people who are posting codes on this page: YOU ARE NOT HELPING!!!! The codes that support gives you are tailor made for your service area. These codes will not work on most phones. STOP POSTING CODES!!! And facebook straight talk sucks! Within 10 minutes, my ass!

tish 4 years ago

, I will give you a series of codes to enter into your phone. During

this process your phone may power off and back on.

* Please press the red POWER/END key to exit and return to the Main


* Now press the key in the center of the navigation keys.

* Using your navigation keys, go to "Code Entry Mode," and then press

the key in the center of the navigation keys.

* Your screen should now display "Code." Please enter the following

numbers: 2168-3666-0166-4.

* Please press the key below the word OK. The phrase "Code Accepted"

should appear on your screen.

* Now, press the key in the center of the navigation keys to return to

"Code." If the phone powered OFF, please let me know when the phone

turns back ON.

Frustrated 4 years ago

I think the worse thing about this is that my phone will ring, but it will display that message "Prepaid service disabled" when I hit the answer key, ugggggg die phone die! Customer Service is closed and I tried every code on here. It is becoming more and more obvious that none of these codes will work because they do not have the same phone that I have in the same area that I have with the same serial number that I have. Straight Talk is killing me right now. My 20 month old daughter got ahold of the phone and entered a bunch of codes on the Code Entry payne. How terribly annoying. Code Entry should have better safeguards. These phones are cheap and terribly designed. I have broken 4 of them.

TODD 4 years ago

Please press the key in the center of the navigation keys.

Using your navigation keys, go to "Code Entry Mode," and then press the key in the center of the navigation keys. Your screen should now display "Code." Please enter the following numbers 6142049364468 and press OK. Once the code has been accepted, let me know. Thanks.This is for lg290CM,This does work I just used it!!

hey 4 years ago


ahhh 4 years ago

R355C that is the kind of phone i have!! my stupid phone keeps saying prepaid service disabled! does anyone have a code that will work with my phone???

antionque cooper 4 years ago

my phone say disabled

herp 4 years ago

Just call Customer's probably a random code for each phone. They go by your phone number and look to see what's wrong with your phone. I just got off the phone with them.

mrs smith 88 4 years ago

phones was just working a couple of hours ago now its saying service disabled didn't know i was going to have to go through this! wasn't in the manuel!!!

Tim 4 years ago

I have a samsung r451 tracfone that my mom found and gave me . I have vetrozon as my carrier i put my service on the tracfone it was working fine with my verizon service until i put a code in prepaid code entry mode and now it says prepaid disabled

ST 4 years ago

Im working in ST cust. service if you get the mss prepaid service disabled please call to our Cust. service and we are going to give you a code and after that the phone is going to be working

ray 4 years ago

each phone has a different code the best way is going through face book i had mine fixed inten minutes

BM 4 years ago

ST I would but every time I call it says no reps available and hungs up on me.. BASTARDS!

April 4 years ago

I have had massive problems with my straight talk phone.mine is a LG220cm .they replaced my phone only 4mths ago,reason i wasn't able

to go to internet for almost i was purchasing the 45unlimited every i sent it back and they sent me a new phone but same old model.I was under the impression they were goin to send me an up grated one for my now the phone turns off on me wen i go to make a call so i cant call them an im just learnin about how to use my so mad.i don't know what to not battery

ashley 4 years ago

these codes don't work

bob 4 years ago

my phone is powered on but will not do anythang what do i do?

zona 4 years ago

i need to get my service disabled off

tricia 4 years ago

been on phone for an hour still no one answered me getting annoyed and is going to write about this in our news paper bad phone!! Im just going to get a new phone!!

obey_tay 3 years ago

i need the code for the lg505c

h'Eo 3 years ago

i have a problem with my phone the straight talk phone, i call the service, no one answer, anyone can help me please. the phone say PREPAID SERVICE DISABLED.

ally 3 years ago

this is bs why dose my phone NOT work! maybe straight talk should take care of it. i need to talk to my family and this crap is not working

Derp 3 years ago

Soooo funny! I have the same prob. But no-one listened to that one guy up at the top who told everyone that the codes are all custom for area. Exept for me, I guess. Just get cust. service. It's the only way. sorry fols. Either way, it's a tracphone TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLLOLOLOL.

matthan 3 years ago

that's stupid

ME 3 years ago


HornyBrit 2 years ago

LOL @ Derp


Though, admittedly, I dread calling ST cust. serv. b/c they are slow, dumb, and usually ineffective.

kay 2 years ago

Code was given to take off the message Service Disabled. I called Straight Talk at this number 1-877-430-CELL (2355) which is in the Philippines to get the Service Disabled off my husbands cell phone. He has time, data and text on it so we don't know why it said Service Disabled. I was on the phone for 30 minutes waiting for support to get the account information up in front of them.

Johnd692 14 months ago

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