Student Registration System


                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

Interface 1

· Main Form

· File

· Edit

· View

· Administration

· Help

· Sign In

· Student Registration 2

· Important student data

· Interface

· Validations

· Submitt to data base

· Fee Registration System 3

· Check student registraiton

· Calculations

· Interface

· Validation

· Submitt to database

· Course Registration 4

· Check student registration

· Possiblity of Course registration

· Submitt to data base

· Marks Entry 5

· Check Course Registration

· Extract course from course registration module

· Enter Marks

· Validation

· Interface

· Submitting to database

· Reporting 6

· Reporting for each module

· An overall report of student data

· An exam report of each student

· Updating and Editing 7

· Updating of student data

· Updating of Fee Registration Data

· Updating Course Registration

· Updating Marks

· Administrative and Access options 8

. SCOPE 11

· Performance 12

· Hardware 13

· Platform 14

· Deliverable Form 15

· Conclusion 15
















Forms are the interface via which user interact with system so it is more important to design a user friendly interface. To achieve this target we tried to use suitable controls for getting input data from user. Also form will get all the important details from users.

Main Form

In main form there are links to access all the modules of systems like registration updating and deletion. This form will be the MDi container, entire application will be close on closing this form and all the form will open over this form. The main form is divided in to five major menus.

· File

· Edit

· View

· Administration

· Help

· File

The file menu contains the basic registration options of the students including registration in student registration, fee registration and course registration.

· Edit

The edit menu contains the updating and editing option of student. In case user enter the wrong value for example a user enter wrong name such as enter Ail instead of Ali, it can be changed and updated by system.

· View

This menu is concern with outputs and view the data in different prospective. Such as if a user wants to see the student registration data, overall report, mark sheet etc then it can be viewed. All reports can be printed

· Administration

For the security reasons, administration field will only access by administrator of head on institute. Administration menu contains the data about resetting passwords of users, deleting or creating account of a particular user etc.

· Help

In case a user wants to know how to operate or deal with a specific control, a complete help will be provided by system.

Main form of system


To access the main form it is important to enter the username and password. This is important so only valid user can enter the system. If user forget the password, the link is given on form by which user can rest its password. For resetting password user has to enter the security phase which will be provided by administrator.

Student Registration

One of the key module. For each student it is important to register in this module only then it is possible for user to access other modules. This module will have following steps

· Important student data

The basic info of student will be provided by user to register student. This module will extract student name, father name, date of birth, education background etc. This data will be use in reporting and other module will use this data for different verifications such as class in which student is enrolled etc.

· Interface

Interface is important because the user interact with application via interface. An interface must be easy to understand and use. A control will use according to type of input for example a calendar will use for date of birth and textbox for entering name etc.

· Validations

It will make ensure that user must enter write type of data for particular entity. Both form level and control level validation will be applied. Validation will also be ensured by using advance controls.

· Submit to data base

At the time of submitting application will perform exception handling, and will access database to submit data and form will automatically close.

Fee Registration System

The next module is about fee management of all students. All records will be store in such a fashion so that it will easy to perform joints, Abstraction and cohesions.

· Check student registraiton

The application will check the registration in student registration first and will only allow user to perform fee registration if and only if student is register in student registration system. It is important to manage the proper hierarchy for each student.

· Calculations

It will make ensure to keep application apart from human errors as much as it is possible. Most of calculation like dues will automatically calculated. There will no mechanism for installments but if any one can’t pay entire fee, he can pay some it will manage by application by itself.

· Interface

An interface must be easy to understand and use. A control will use according to type of input for example a time and date of submitting of fee will automatically be entered in textbox same as system time and textbox for entering fee paid or dues etc.

· Validation

In case of fee dues will be automatically be calculated and user will unable to alter them. Also user can enter numeric data in fee paid, total fee text boxes. It will make ensure that user must enter write type of data for particular entity. Both form level and control level validation will be applied. Validation will also be ensured by using advance controls.

· Submit to database

Data will be submitted in database using registration number as primary key so it will easy to extract data.

Course Registration

As the course registration is an important part of student registration system. Also for each class in school there are distinct courses or subjects which remain same often but there is possibility in changing the criteria, in that case there should be some way to add and remove course. So it will be the part of course registration module. The following steps will be fallow for course registration

· Check student registration

First the student registration will be checked so make ensure that student is valid on domain of school. If student is register in student registration only then this module is available for student

· Possibility of Course registration

A user can alter the course of entire classes and can add and remove the courses. After managing the courses for each class, for the user the course plan will automatically generated by application according to class of a particular student.

· Submit to data base

Data will add to database and will be use for marks entering. Primary key will be class which will unique with in school.

Marks Entry

User will enter the marks for each student and application will be able to manage record in way to use data efficiently when needed.

· Check Course Registration

Application will check the student registration in registration module and if student is register only then he will enable to use marks entry module

· Extract course from course registration module

The application will extract data from course module automatically according to class given in registration module. On enter the registration courses will automatically be provided by application.

· Enter Marks

In front of each course a textbox will be available to enter the obtain marks because total marks will be there in course module.

· Validation

Only valid data will be allowed by application in control.

· Interface

User will have to enter the registration number of the student and application will provide the course detail and total marks. This data will extract from course registration

· Submitting to database

Data will store in data base, exception will be handled.


Reporting is the way to show output of particular search or show relevant data with respect to different needs and teams. Crystal reporting is a powerful technique to achieve this. Reporting will be done as fallow

· Reporting for each module

For each module report is classified in two classes

· The report of particular student

· The report containing the data of all students of a particular module.

· A overall report of student data

Overall reporting will contain the brief description of particular student from all modules. It will sort of introduction from student registration, fee status from fee module and overall position and percentage from marks module.

· A Exam report of each student

It will have all description as there in report cards.

Updating and Editing

Updating and editing are requiring correcting the input in case of human error. It is also important for flexibility of program. For updating user need to enter the registration number all data will be shown to user and user can edit the data. Our application allow updating as fallow

· Updating of student data

· Updating of Fee Registration Data

· Updating Course Registration

· Updating Marks

Administrative and Access options

Only administrator can access the task like resting user password, creating new account etc. And each type of user there are proper rights

Administrative Rights include following tasks

· Creating New Users

· Resetting Passwords

· Deleting account

· Creating New Users

Only administrator will able to create new users so the menu should be in placed in administration so it can only b access by administrator.

· Resetting Password

In cases user forget passward it can be reset by administrator,

· Deleting account

Administrator can delete the account if user leaves the institute of any other case for example the designation of the user changes.


This application will facilitate the school in all domains which were described before. This application can be run over a standalone personal computer or can be share on LAN if it is available in respective school.


In creating this design it is kept one first priority that system must work efficiently on the hardware and software which is specified and suggested.


Our application is generic and it will be for almost every type of schools so we will try to make it compatible to as low as hardware requirements. Our target is to run this application at Pentium 2 with minimum 600MHz processor and 128MB RAM. We want to run application on this specification because it is available in all schools.


This application will run over Windows 2000/NT/vista. We choose windows as plate form for our application because it is the widely using operating system in Pakistan.

Deliverable form

We will deliver the executable form of application and the source code will not be provided to stake holder.


The design is design keeping in view the all needs of user and are done according to requirements elaborated in previous document


studnet info

the sequance diagram of Student registration system
the sequance diagram of Student registration system

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