Stylish Sleeves and Cases for Kindle Fire are Now Available!

Protect Your Kindle Fire and Still Look Stylish

You finally have your new Kindle Fire and it works perfectly for you, but like any new acquisition you want to make sure that it's newsness lasts and is protected. Here are some great-looking sleeves to choose from that will express your personality. Choose from an envelope-style, a zip-around, or with magnetic flaps. Your case can be elegant or rugged. The main thing that you want the case to do is to protect your Kindle Fire from scratches and to absorb and knocks that it may be subjected to.

Timbuk2 Kindle Fire Sleeve

I like this envelope-style sleeve from Timbuk 2 because it's easy to slide your Kindle in and out of this case. It has a snug fit and a velcro closure and the cloth is very durable. It's also lined with faux fur. In addition, the sleeve incorporates a high density foam to absorb any impact to protect your Kindle Fire. The style shown here is in the color Algae; the three other colors are black, gunmetal, and black with pink piping.

NeoSkin Kindle Sleeve

This carrying case are for those of you who like zippers to protect your Kindle. In this case it has two zip-around zippers. It has a cute owl design and is made from neoprene material that they call NeoSkin and it keeps your Kindle snug. In addition the thick padding of the material means that your Kindle won't be scratched from any impact.

Protection with a Snap

This portfolio style case is one of the most inexpensive around and it comes in vibrant red. It looks elegant and inside there are pockets for business cards and credit cards. The sleeve is made from synthetic leather and comes with an auto-securing magnetic flap.

Kindle Fire Stand Case

If you like your case to to be multifunctional, then this sleeve is for you. The case is made from high-quality synthetic leather and the cover can be flipped all the way to the back or bent to create a stand for your kindle fire if you choose to watch a movie or are just tire of holding it. It comes in black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, and silver.

Verso Prologue Case Cover

If you want the look of a hardcover leather bound book for your Kindle Fire, then this will fool you and anybody else. It's lightweight, sturdy with no unnecessary bulk. It's lined with microfiber to prevent your Kindle from scratching.

Vangoddy Case

If you prefer the functional look, this case has a zip-around zipper and a handle to make it easy to carry. It's made of high-quality woven tapestry and has extra padding for built-in protection. It's available in blue, red, and silver.

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