Symantec – the Best Provider of Data Security Solutions

Symantec – the Best Provider of Data Security Solutions

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Symantec – the Best Provider of Data Security Solutions

Symantec – the Best Provider of Data Security Solutions
Symantec – the Best Provider of Data Security Solutions | Source

Symantec – the Best Provider of Data Security Solutions

Security concerns to data storage

According to Symantec, while cloud computing registered great strides forward in 2011, at the same time security concerns were also expressed. There was an added focus on securing information and then processing it. This information focus will continue in 2012. Companies will try to protect and control their data to the maximum extent. Data leak will result in great losses for the companies. Security technologies like eDiscovery, archiving, back-up, encryption, data loss prevention, data leakage prevention, prevention against hacking, prevention of data from falling into the hands of malicious employees and other such things will take the front seat in 2012 and the coming years. Data centres which opt for cloud computing have the advantages like agility, scalability, measurability and control of their data base.

You can’t insure your data, you can only protect it!

Virtual and physical technologies will be more inter-dependent in 2012 than at any point of time. The name virtualisation may suggest absence of physical hardware, but it is not so. Then the question of disaster recovery plans arises. More and more disasters are taking place whether natural or man-made in recent years. Uncertainty is also growing to an unmanageable extent. You can insure your hardware and even software, but you cannot insure your data which is the greatest asset.

Small business are vulnerable to data theft

Small business entrepreneurs are particularly concerned with the security problems listed above. Symantec wants to take care of their concerns and help them, thereby building its own business also. Symantec is a software developer ideally placed to chip in with its contribution in all the above areas. There are more than one crore small business units in India worth over Rs.25000 crore. The small business sector is growing at a CAGR of 25%. The sector is more and more relying on communication and information technology for its forward march. But the security level and awareness level in small business enterprises is very low. Symantec wants to increase their awareness in this regard. Shantanu Ghosh is the Managing Director of India Product Operations of Symantec. Symantec has a large number of tailor-made products suitable for small business enterprises.

$6 billion company

Symantec is a multinational company. It has reported revenue of $6 billion (Rs.30000 crore) and is the market leader in providing security solutions. Symantec also provides data backup services. The company has more than thousand security solutions for different enterprises. Of late, there is an increase in content in social networking sites like the Facebook, Google+ etc. Litigations are also on the rise regarding the data that are posted in these sites. Companies are forced to have a backup of the information that is posted by them or by their clients or even by general public in such sites. For this, a separate data backup technology is required. Symantec can provide this kind of service also.

Server virtualization

When it comes to the question of server virtualisation, Symantec feels that Indian enterprises are ahead of their global counterparts. 57% of Indian enterprises have implemented server virtualisation as against 45% globally. Server virtualization is a specialised technology that works on abstraction technique on server system resources. This includes different physical servers, operating system and various devices that are associated with it from its users. All these things appear to be a unified system in server virtualisation technology.

EDiscovery growing

But there is a long way to go before organisations can scale all available technologies and incorporate them in their functioning. This includes private storage, virtualization and hybrid cloud computing. Symantec has acquired the privately held Clearwell Systems, an eDiscovery company for $390 million. This transaction will dilute its non-GAAP earnings per share in 2012 by one and a half cents. EDiscovery includes services like managing and creating archives and providing a backup. EDiscovery is growing at around 15% per annum and will reach a size of $1.8 billion in 2014.

SOCs can protect customers from the hackers

Symantec Corporation has opened a new global security operations centre (SOC) in India. The centre has come in DLF Info City in Chennai. The SOCs in Chennai, USA, Britain and Australia will function as the first line of defence against online threats against the customers. The governments and the corporate world can minimise their risk exposure through these SOCs. Symantec’s SOCs analysed more than ten billion logs worldwide everyday to prevent threats and increase security for the data of the customers. These SOCs have the state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting edge technology as the hackers in China and other areas are developing new techniques every day to launch their attack on the data of the corporates. Symantec employs more than 3000 people in its centres in Chennai, Pune and Bangalore. It is trying to expand its operations to other cities in India.

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