How To Convert Itunes To MP3 Free


Its frustrating to find that music purchased and imported in Apples iTunes the appliation won't work in mp3 players(except obviously ipods) as they are stored in Apples AAC format.

Programs like dBpowerAMP can convert the files but of course this can be expensive and time consuming.

iTUNES can convert them itself.

FOR music imported to CD

On the edit menu choose preferences,in the window that appears click on the advanced tab then the importing tab underneath it.

change the import using the drop down menu to mp3 on ok and highlight the songs you want to converton the advanced menu choose convert selection to MP3,and your songs will be converted into the library.


If you have downloaded music from the iTunes store though this method will not work-but there is a way around it.

first create a playlist of the songs to be converted to mp3,then go to edit,followed by preferences and click on the advanced tab.

Now click on the burning tab and ensure that audio CD is selected,return to the itunes main screen,select the playlist you want to convert and click burn disc in the bottom right hand corner. then after it has burned follow the steps above.

I hope this helps.....jimmy

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burn-fat 9 years ago

Great tips

Brooks Shaw 9 years ago

I use NoteBurner to convert all my iTunes music collection to plain MP3. You may have a try.

EOK 8 years ago

Helped a lot - thank you!!!!

Lizzy 7 years ago

how can i download mp3 songs for free

Howling Wolf 7 years ago

Thanks, Jimmythejock. It worked like a charm.

StevenCavendish profile image

StevenCavendish 7 years ago

Awesome hub. Thanks very much for sharing this information.

Aero loggor 7 years ago

how does it work exactly

frankdog5  7 years ago

couldn't find the importing tab. plz help!!!!!

Muah 7 years ago

I couldn't find either importing tab must have been removed.

hi 7 years ago

for free wow

Liz 6 years ago

Thank you so much! I am so glad that I did not have to download anything or pay for anything extra! Thanks for the help!

Em 6 years ago

Hey thanks sooo much I need those MP3 files for a program which specifically needs them and it worked no problem for me! i did transfer them to a new computer, but i did also buy them on itunes, so idk but it worked again THANKS!!

LALA 5 years ago

Is there any way to move songs from my ipod to my mp3 player. ipod is about to die on my completely and the charger port in it is broken and don't want to loose all my music. HELP!

Lamelle 5 years ago

i Need itunes on my phone

Carol Mackie 5 years ago

Frustratingly difficult to install!!!

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