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Some of the revolutionary ways to generate electricity

A new trend has emerged in numerous households and the trend is generating free Electricity of your own. This is not because on prerogative basis but due to Constantly rising of utility bills and environmental problems which have become a major concern for the people.

Therefore, a number of options have been offered to the consumers to generate electricity at Home, Farm or Business. But the most cost-effective and simple-to-install method of generating your own home electricity is a combination of solar foil cells and wind power; or, through magnetic force to induce perpetual motion generating electricity.

1) Solar foil cells (Solar energy) which generates electricity by transforming the light energy from the Sun to electrical energy. In order to achieve this we need to use something that's specially designed for it: Solar panels. These solar panels are being built all over the world, and you can purchase them for around $2000. Luckily there are other options to get solar panels. Also, the government in most of the countries are providing subsidies to the households who are generating electricity using solar panels.

2) Wind power generates electricity by converting wind energy into electrical energy. In order to convert the wind energy you need a device called as Windmill. The wind will be gushed through the wings which makes the wings to rotate and which in turn will generate electricity. It is necessary to place the windmill where wind is abundantly available because once the wind stops so does generating the electricity. You can purchase a Windmill from readymade stores but if you want to save money there are other ways to build yourself a windmill.

3) Magnetism (Magnetic energy) uses magnetic force to induce perpetual motion by propelling itself generating electricity. It's a device that you can build yourself, and get free energy off the grid. It's called a zero point magnetic generator, and with it you can get free energy. Using magnets with magnetic force it will produce perpetual motion, which in turn will create free energy for you to use. And it will be producing electric energy Non Stop. Also, you needn't have to install the machine far away from your home because it requires a very litte space and can be placed anywhere inside your Home. And also, it almost makes no sound. You can purchase a magnetic generator from ready-made stores but if you want to save money you can yourself build a magnetic generator for a little over than $100.

Recently, some of the very popular products popped up on the market based on these concepts to generate free electricity. These guides took the Internet by storm, claiming significantly lower energy bills for a cheap price.

And some DID definitely lived up to their claims and some were NOT at all. To find out more about the cheapest way to generate electricity Please visit the link below....

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indsloan profile image

indsloan 6 years ago

Gravity is very strong and works all the time and now has been harnessed built 2 types to prove it can be done. Gravity effect on water is very strong.

treesapc 5 years ago

wtf i don't understand any of this

asd 4 years ago

Perpetual motion? Zero point energy? Are you effing serious? Even if these things were real, you absolutely failed to include any links on working models or even hypotheticals!

Abdulsattar 4 years ago

The third method is ideal?

jabelufiroz profile image

jabelufiroz 3 years ago from India

Electromagnetic induction can be used in a lot places effectively...

Nice hub....vited up and useful....

Walt Schmidt 3 years ago

You need to have an English or American proof read your work. Your sentences are understandable but not structurally the way an English speaker would phase them, so many of your sentences were not easily understood. I had to reread them and try to figure out what you were trying to say. I have masters degrees in both English and Biology . if I can help my email is wschmidt @

Mad man max 3 years ago

I am not very happy with this unrelaible sauce of information, get it in ye head!;)

Cecilia ban 2 years ago

Omg this really helps me. ( : (=

sashi shanu 2 years ago

this information is really helpful to me and so interesting facts are given

nabila 2 years ago

Yep these ideas are great but electricity produced by solar energy is best and is applicable everywhere

johnDoe 2 years ago

are these the non-fundamental ways to generate electricity?????

james 19 months ago

this is a good source for information



Jonathan 17 months ago

I think it helpful expecialy me I am a learner

??? 7 months ago

Need the information to be more precise and have more ideas

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