TVersity Outside Your Home Network

TVersity Outside Your Home Network

In this tutorial I will showing you how to enable TVersity to accept request from outside sources. This will let you access all of your files on the tversiry library from outside your home network. So no matter where you are, you can still access everything on your Tversity.(as long as you have internet access).

If you would like to know more about Tversity please visit their official website.

You will need to know what your internal and external IP address prior to continuing with this tutorial.
If you already know how to get these addresses please continue reading below, else click here to find out how to get them.

Step 1: Start the TVersity Program

NOTE: Make sure the TVersity server is running. You can see if it’s running by clicking on the Status Tab.

Step 2: Click on —> Settings

Step 3: Click on —> Find Where it says “Home Network”. In the “IP Address” field enter your “Local” IP Address. (i.e most likely it will be something like

NOTE: For the “Port” you can leave the default 41952, but I recommend to at least alter it a little, like changing the last two numbers. Something like this : 41975.

Step 4: Check the Box that says: “TVersity should accept request originating from outside the home network”

Step 5: Enter the desired user name and password you want to use to access your TVersity program from outside your home network.

Step 6: Click on —> Save. Your are almost done. Now you need to allow your router to allow access to your Tversity server from the internet.

Step 7: Follow this tutorial to Set Up Firewall Rules on your Router.

Step 8: Enter your external (outside) IP address on your favorite web browser. You will also need to enter the port number you specified on your settings.


When prompted for a user name and password, enter the ones you specified from STEP 5.

If you get a page load error, this means that the firewall on your router is now letting the connections pass through. Make sure you have set up the firewall rule correctly. Also double check the settings from STEP 3 to make sure you entered the correct IP address of your computer.

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Anonymous 7 years ago

I just wanted to let you know that none of the links to seem to work. Also, you probably mean "the firewall on your router is NOT letting the connections pass through" instead of NOW, as it says at the moment.

owen 6 years ago

step 7 link doesn't work anymore

james 5 years ago

i do not get step 8 can you explain a little better?

also can this be done with a static ip? or dynamic dns?

Steven Spencer 4 years ago


Everyone encountering problems trying to get your Tversity streaming live and connectable from other networks, or running into Configuration is Locked or some sort. This fix is simple,

Launch Tversity

Click the Settings tab up at top

Goto User accounts in the left column

Itll say This feature is only available in the premium version of tversity, ignore this and click ok

You will see the option to tie your Tversity to hulu,youtube,picasa and ect.

** Make sure that all the settings for all accounts like above are clear and nothing in them.

Create the username you desire and select password and save

Next go into your router settings port forwarding and triggering forward the ports to your LAN Ip address, This will allow people to use your media stream. They will have to use you ISP IP and the port that you have opened


***If this helps you please like Your Online Solutions on Facebook and check out our account on youtube youronlinesolutions1

Have a great day!

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