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New Age of Entertainment

The Web has everything to do with our lives from personal computers to mobile apps and laptops. We can stream any television show or movie, all of it at our finger tips. Growing up in this new age of entertainment, safety for our children is needed now more than ever. Social networking sites are the key areas of concern for children. Now, you can watch videos, listen to music, and chat at the click of a finger. With that, the more that children partake in social media, the more they are able to view inappropriate content and are at danger of being contacted by predators.


Security Websites

parents need to educate their children about Internet safety while focusing a great deal of time on social media. The task shouldn’t be challenging because there are key points to follow. There are websites that offer simple solutions with easy to understand tips.

A couple of websites I recommended are Webroots and GetNetWise because they are tried and true and have been around for some time. Families can read in detail safety information at each site and see if it helps. With that, here are eight simple, yet important, tips to keep children safe online.

Eight Safety Tips

1. Communicate the Web with your children, which means make the time to talk to them about proper online and social media behavior.

2. Explain to your children they need to trust their instincts—and inform you if they sense nervousness or feel uncomfortable about anything online or with social media.

3. Sit down with your children and discuss using instant messaging, chat rooms or online video games that involve a login name. Together help them create a name that doesn't reveal anything about who they are or personal information.

4. Discuss with your children how being safe online and in social media consist of keeping their "real world" information private. They never give out their phone number, address, or personal details like where they go to school and hang out.

5. Speak to your children about never meeting “friends” in person because some people online and in social media are not who they say they are.

6. Educate them on capturing illegal copies of other people's work like movies, music, games, and so forth. It is like stealing it from a store.

7. Let them know that what they read on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s true. Urge your children to ask you if they're not sure.

Let Them Know You are Concerned

Webroots made an excellent suggestion of not just talking with your children about Internet usage but managing their activities with a security component available at websites like Webroots or GetNetWise. The Internet offers a great deal of information and plenty of freedom to pick and choose where to get that information. The key is to choice wisely. Finally, talk over the eight points more than once or twice with your children. Let them know you are concerned about their social media habits and online activities because you want them to be safe.

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hubber8893 profile image

hubber8893 10 months ago

Nice tips for child safety in the mode of internet. Avast has also brought an application for parents to monitor their child's web activities and I think it helps a lot.

Kenna McHugh profile image

Kenna McHugh 10 months ago from Northern California Author

Interesting...Avast is based in the Ukraine and is free. Do you use it?

hubber8893 profile image

hubber8893 10 months ago

Yes I did in the past and it was amazing in regards of working.

Kenna McHugh profile image

Kenna McHugh 10 months ago from Northern California Author

Interesting. I use Nortons and McAfee.

Linda Robinson60 profile image

Linda Robinson60 10 months ago from Cicero, New York

Kenna this is a very informative interesting and a must read hub for any parent or guardian, super job. Linda

Kenna McHugh profile image

Kenna McHugh 10 months ago from Northern California Author

Thank you, Linda. I hope it helps parents because it is an important issue.

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