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TeacherEase Raised My Daughters Grades

TeacherEase is a program that allows parents to see their children's grades online. Teachers input the grades and the system calculates the letter grade. My daughter's school used this on a limited basis last year. The one teacher that used it was slow to update and we weren't that impressed. This year all of my daughters teachers are using the system and it's had a huge impact.

TeacherEase is free for parents to use. After you log in you will get a page like this:




Student Progress Update




Send Email to Teachers

Email Logs


Behavior Logs

Make a Donation

Update Email/Password

At this point I usually click student progress update. This brings me immediately to a list of all of my daughter's classes, her overall grade in each class and a table of all missing work. It looks something like this, in table form:


  • Q1: Reading: Ms. Blank: 75.50%=C
  • Q1: General Music: Jones: 93.02%=A
  • Q1: Academic Acceleration: Smith: 97.14%=A
  • Q1: Science 7: White: 86.78%=B
  • Q1: Social Studies: Black: 87.43%=B
  • Q1: English 7: McDonald: 80.61%=B
  • Q1: Math Seminar: Collins: 80%=B
  • Q1: MSM II: Carter: 93.24=A

Missing Work

  • 9/9/2009 Q1 Period 7 Reading Final Flight
  • 9/10/2009 Q1 Period 7 Reading Generalizing and Inferring
  • 9/16/2009 Q1 Period 7 Reading Phone a Friend
  • 9/8/2009 Q1 English 7 The Odyssey
  • 9/25/2009 Q1 English 7 Speech Opinion BCR
  • 9/10/2009 Q1 MSM II Page 73, 20-30 even Turned in too late for credit

I've changed some of the information for privacy and formatting's sake. All of the class links and assignments are clickable on the actual site. If you click on a class you will get all of the assignments and grades for that class. This page has been amazingly helpful for me. When my daughter comes home from school I can immediately speak to her about missing work. There is also an assignments section which includes assignments for the short and long term. I no longer have to trust the standard, 'I don't have homework' answer. I can now say, you have a book report due next week, start on that, please.

The behavior logs are seldom used, but the students do fear that they will be used and I think it does help keep them in line. Teachers also seem to be in far more contact than ever before, they send out routine emails through the TeacherEase system. When the teacher recently gave students an opportunity to retake a test to get a better score, she noted on the TeacherEase that my daughter had declined to better her score. That's good to know.

One other great thing that has come from TeacherEase is that my daughter has taken over her own education. She routinely uses math to calculate how she has to do on missing or future assignments in order to get an A in the course. She checks TeacherEase constantly and is quick to show it off when she has gotten a grade she is particularly proud of. I have even heard her scream in excitement when she logs in and sees a good grade on an assignment she was nervous about.

If your school doesn't have TeacherEase make sure to ask for it. It's made a world of difference for us.

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breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

Very interesting and innovative. I am going to pass this along to my children who are just starting to have kids in school. Thank you so much!

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