The 10 Top Free Android Market Apps


The Android Market has hundreds of thousands of applications available to download with more being added everyday. The market is growing and according to Google's quarterly fiscal reporting back in April it looks like they've got another winner on their hands that will be a timeless money-maker. Such is the product that Google continuously seems to get involved in or develop.

The Android Market has both FREE and paid apps. While some people claim that only the paid apps are premium and that the free ones have too many glitches and misfires, there are thousands of free Android apps that are worth their weight in salt and that many people couldn't live without.

1. Facebook for Android: There really was a time when we didn't need Facebook 2h/7 but no one remembers those times. Even my mom…
2. Pandora Internet Radio: Personalized, streaming radio stations with minimal advertising and commercials.
3. Facebook Messenger: See number 1 above.
4. MP3 Music Download Pro: Search and download free music and lyrics.
5. Gmail: You get it in the palm of your hand. Critical to freelancers to find work on the go.
6. Angry Birds: Greedy Pigs in a Fortress. Prime airport and waiting room application!
7. Google Books: Finally one for the reading geeks! 3 million eBooks wherever you want them!
8. Angry Birds Seasons: Currently running? Ham'o'ween. Remember the greedy pigs?
9. Google Maps: Paper maps? We don't need to stinking paper maps! Gas stations on every route in America have mass bonfires.
10. Adobe Flash Player: A result of the games and video popularity that requires Adobe Flash to run!

Don't have an Android yet? Learn more about the Android Market, Android Apps and Android phones and tablets and jump on the bandwagon!

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