The 10 Most Popular Social Networks in 2009

The 10 Most Popular Social Networks in 2009

Social networks nowadays are allowing us not to have an excuse to lose our friends, relatives or acquaintances, not only for entertainment and socialization but also can be used to doing business, web positioning and promotion of public figures or services.

Let's see what are the social networks that have been most used and why:

Position No.10 Orkut:

Orkut is a social network developed by one of Google employees currently receiving benefits Orkut Büyükkökten to promote the network by Google since 2004.

Orkut social network is not well known in the latin countries, however, in countries like Brazil, India and the United States of America is well known, particularly in university environments. Today, anyone with a Gmail account can use this service, but only with an invitation.

Position No.9 Badoo:

Badoo comes from the hands of a group of young developers who wanted to create a social network that was well known throughout the world. Maintaining the privacy of users but at the same time sharing what people wanted to show the world about themselves.

Today is one of the major social networks and one of the most recognized, but not enough to be the most used social network.

Position No.8 Metroflog:

Metroflog consolidated as ranked by Alexa as one of 100 most visited websites worldwide. A social network based in Buenos Aires has become famous and popular with phrases like "Add me to efes". Some people even become famous using Metroflog, that was the case of a teenager from Mexico who became widely known through this medium.

The community in America is the largest radius of this service, especially in countries like Mexico, but this social network has many limitations and, therefore, has become as good as others.

Position No.7 Menéame:

Maybe not deserve this position, but it is worth mentioning one of the most famous current networks out there. Menéame is a service where anyone can submit stories that other users will have access to the label and comments on this news.

Perhaps the success of Menéame is that many webmasters want to advertise their websites and through this social network can make it fairly easy. Of course, in practice, the opposite is true because most of them are rated negatively in a few seconds and is sent to cover the news clearly in Spanish.

Position No.6 MySpace:

A social networking more successful for the ability to share music, photos, videos and fully customize our profile, and also has a huge development team and is now owned by News Corporation, which has over 300 employees and a daily rate growth significant.

Position No.5 Hi5:

Ranked as one of 40 most visited websites around the world, Hi5 also has the support of a large company, perhaps the greatest success of their applications are being socially, but other services have come to overshadow the enormous social network. Later we shall see.

Position No.4 Yahoo Answers:

Whenever we do a query on any search engine of the first results from Wikipedia is another service that came from nothing and a big bet hundreds of millions of dollars that Yahoo made in this project and successfully established as one of the websites with greater financial return.

Yahoo Answers is a service that lets you do all sorts of questions, according to the position and any other person can respond to this issue and others may qualify and choose the best answer.
It is certainly a more informal alternative to the Wikipedia that is now in the market for Internet services or social networks.

Position No.3 Twitter:

The microblogging social networking, which in a few years grew to be an invisible service to be used by almost mandatory by all. Twitter is a service that lets you express only 140 words in your state, perhaps this is more like what your users are able to instantly see what you're doing.

Even people in real time, write to their Twitter, as the case of the second updates on Twitter.

Position No.2 Facebook:

Today who does not have a profile on Facebook? Undoubtedly, Facebook is a social network that attracts more users, such as celebrities, businesses and people often use this service and even more to promote other sites.
The editor / founder of Facebook is also among the richest in the world and the truth is not something that may surprise you because this is one of the most visited websites in the world.

Position No.1 YouTube:

Perhaps the title is a bit exaggerated, but you can actually say that anyone can be famous by uploading your video to YouTube, the most powerful social network that exist, and say it's for their powerful servers, certainly requires a high quality in order to provide such good service.

YouTube was bought by Google a few years ago, is the largest bet made by companies to promote their services, famous people like Obama U.S. president, used YouTube to promote its services by obtaining a high rate of success for his presidential campaign.

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