The Best 3D Active Glasses for Your 3D HDTV

Active Shutter 3D Glasses
Active Shutter 3D Glasses

Choosing the Best 3D Glasses for your 3D HDTV

In order to view active 3D on your HDTV you need a special pair of 3D glasses.  These active 3D glasses communicate with your 3D HDTV using radio, IR or other means to synchronize with the imagery on your TV.  The glasses alternately block the left and then the right lens. This occurs faster than the blink of an eye, so your eye will not notice it.

But when images are shown to each eye separately the effect achieves far more lifelike 3D.

There are many choices in active 3D glasses.  Below I will help you choose the best pair for you.

Sony 3DBNDL/ALICE 3D Deluxe Starter Kit, Black
Sony 3DBNDL/ALICE 3D Deluxe Starter Kit, Black

You can get started right away with a 3D starter kit.



Sony is a leader in electronic technology and they have again proven themselves with these top-rated 3D glasses.

  • Adjustable glasses will fit just about everyone in your family--even over prescription eyewear
  • Requires 3D-compatible Sony BRAVIA HDTV

Sony TDG-BR100 Adult Size 3D Active Glasses, Black
Sony TDG-BR100 Adult Size 3D Active Glasses, Black

* Stylish, ergonomic 3D glasses in black adjustable for high comfort--sized for adults * Seamless synchronization for a clear precise image; excellent color accuracy and high contrast * Wide viewing angle for flexible sitting; fits even while wearing glasses * Energy efficient design, including an auto-standby feature--up to 100 hours of battery life * Requires compatible 3D Sony BRAVIA HDTV, 3D Sync Transmitter, and 3D source content


Samsung 3D Glasses

Samsung is another maker of high quality electronics and has made many of the top HDTVs on the market today.

  • Compatibility- LCD HDTV: C750, LED HDTV: C7000 / C8000 / C9000, Plasma HDTV: C7000 / C8000, Blu-ray Disc players/HDTBs: BD-C6900 / HT-C6930W

Samsung SSG-P2100S/ZA Shrek 3D Starter Kit, Black Samsung SSG-P2100S/ZA Shrek 3D Starter Kit, Black

  • 2 pairs of 3D Active Glasses
  • The first three Shrek movies in 3D
  • A mail-in voucher for the fourth and final chapter, Shrek Forever After

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