The Best Online Image Hosts

There are many free and paid sites for image hosting on the web.  There is a countless amount of hosts for every idea, purpose, and person.  Anyone looking for a good image host will have many to choose from (a simple Google search will prove it).  But with all these online picture sites, there's got to be some better than than others... right?  While yes, some are better than others, there are so many for so many different purposes, what may be better for one person may be worse for another.  What's "good" when it comes to these websites is completely based on the person using them.

There are lots of reasons why someone may be looking for an image upload site.  Sometimes someone will need the site for sharing a quick picture with their friends.  Other times, someone may need to quickly upload a picture to share with a business partner.  For whatever reason why you may need to host some images online, there is a site out their to assist you.

Differences Between Image Hosts

Internet picture hosting sites come in every flavor of the rainbow.  Just like Skittles.  Each site has its own special twist and can be great for different types of people.  When finding an image hosting site, one major thing that differentiates the sites is their cost.  Some image/file hosts cost money to use and others are absolutely free.  There are also some online image hosts who say they're free but actually aren't.  For example, some of the big "brand name" image hosts require information from you to use their site.  That information could be your name, email, and other private information.  While they are "free" when it comes to money, they actually cost you something when it comes to private information.

Another thing when it comes to online image hosts is some have bandwidth limits.  What this means to you is if your picture is viewed a certain amount of times, it could cause your image to disappear temporarily to save bandwidth.  While you don't have this problem with every site, some image sites do this.  The reason why some image hosts limit the bandwidth available to your image is due to hosting costs.  Websites that upload images aren't "cheap" and can cost thousands of dollars a month in hosting costs.

Recommended Image Upload Service

The website that I use for my image hosting is called Image Upload Now.  They're absolutely free and they are a one-step hosting site.  What I like about them the most is they don't require a user name, password, email, or any other private information to use their site.  So follow the link and try out my favorite free image upload site.


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