The Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones and Mobile Phones

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your cell phone battery is dead and there is just no way to revive it? Let's say, for example, you are hiking and a far way from the nearest power source, or even in a blackout situation in your home, and have no way to power your personal electric devices. That's where a solar powered recharger comes in very handy.

The good news is that there are a variety of these chargers on the market. Most have been designed for multiple power sources, meaning you can recharge your device via USB, AC or Solar. There are a few which are dedicated, and these tend to be the more successful as solar chargers since the manufacturers have not divided their resources in a multifunction device. It all comes back to how you want to use your solar charger. Do you want to use it all the time, no matter what power sources are available, or do you want to take your iPod to the beach and be able to listen to it uninterrupted?

This article looks at three of the best solar rechargers for personal devices on the market. You'll find just what you need to make your mobile devices truly mobile.

Accessory Power SOLAR POWER Boost

The Accessory Power SOLAR POWER Boost charger works through three different methods, the first is AC, the next USB which are both very familiar methods to all of us. The third, and most revolutionary is via a solar panel. It's this third method which makes the charger so useful, and the reason it has been included in this article.

Thankfully, the manufacturers of this solar recharger have thought ahead and included a variety of different plugs so that you can use it for most appliances from your cell phone, to your iPod and even your Kindle reader. The solar panel does not work as fast as the other two methods offered. After all you need to have a ready supply of fairly bright light to get the panel to work, but it does do what is is designed to do. It is a regular power source, which fits easily into a handbag or glove box, meaning you won't have to worry about a bulky piece of equipment.

Overall, the Accessory Power SOLAR POWER Boost is a great device if you are after something which can recharge most of your personal items from a variety of power source.

Powermonkey eXplorer - Portable Charger with Solar Slave (Grey)

The Powermonkey eXplorer - Portable Charger with Solar Slave, again, has a variety of different ways to success when charging your batteries, you can do so via AC, USB, and of course solar. The good news is because of the large area of solar panels it does not necessarily have to be near a window to do its job effectively. And you can power a large array of devices with this one unit, from cell phones to your iPod.

It's great for use when camping or even on an international flight where you can get access to light to keep it charged. The only real problem with this charger is that its points can be a bit temperamental, and are sensitive, so you have to insert the power adaptors in just the right way to get it to work. When you do, though, it works so well that it is actually worth that little bit of patience required.

This is a great charger, considering what you are getting. The solar panel works extremely well, and the design overall is good. The Powermonkey eXplorer - Portable Charger with Solar Slave is a worthy addition to any gadget lover's collection.

Solio Solio Hybrid 1000 Charger

The Solio Hybrid 1000 Charger solar charger is great for almost any device. It does need direct sunlight to do its job and it does it extremely well. Be warned, though, if you are using it to charge your laptop it will take about five hours to do so, but this is just an extreme example.

The Solio was designed to be used in situations where there is no power available and by concentrating their energies on this they've manufactured a solar recharger which is superior to many of the other models out there which instead use a variety of sources of energy.

This well finished and dedicated device is great if you have situations where you need to take your cell phone, laptop or even iPod where there is no power available.

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