The Best Solar Powered Battery Rechargers

Whether you are on the go and don't have time to recharge your ipod at your computer or on mains, or you are heading off into the wilderness, a solar recharger will give you options where before they were very limited. For the environmentally minded person they are a must.

These days a recharger is rarely made for just one type of equipment, and none of the solar chargers featured here are either. They can be used for cell phone, blackberries, Amazon Kindles etc. as well. It just depends on what tips are provided, and in some cases, what can be purchased separately. Also, they are flexible in one other area: none rely solely on the sun as the means of charging the power source. Depending on the unit, they can be charged via mains or usb or both.

Where you need it most, be it for an emergency kit, for your long car trips or because you enjoy hiking in the mountains, a solar power charger is a great investment...and more than just for your iPod.

Scosche Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger for iPod

The Scosche Solar Powered Backup Battery is a great, cheap way to recharge your iPod and for that matter many other personal devices, including blackberries, iPhones (normal and 3G) among others. It works via a USB connection, which can be used the recharge the device if inside, or alternatively, and more exciting, via a solar panel located on the front of the recharger.

The recharger is easy to use, which is excellent news because the instructions are not that easy to read. It's basically a plug and play piece of equipment. The first charge does take a while, especially if you decide to do so via the solar panel. In fact I would recommend using the USB connection to make the first charge. From then you won't really have a problem if you decide to use the solar panel. And with a full charge, and the sun directly shining on the panel, you are looking at around two hours to a fully recharged iPod.

What more can I say? The Scosche Solar Powered Backup Battery is easy to use, and it works! Not bad for a recharger that is small enough to fit in a pocket or a handbag.

Back-Up Rechargeable POWER Boost for iPod, iPhone 3G / 3GS, ALL BlackBerry's, Kindle 2 & Kindle DX - Refuel 3 Ways AC, USB and SOLAR

The Accessory Power Boost allows you to power up your iPod three different ways: via mains power, or USB and, of course, via the sun. The solar cell attached to the flat surface on the front is a high yield one, and will give you ample energy once you've fully charged the unit for the first time. You can use it on your iPod, naturally, but it also comes with adaptors for your blackberry, Amazon Kindle, and iPhone, among others. That makes this a very useful device, indeed.

Even with the powerful cell, to get the Accessory Power Boost fully charged you are looking up to 7 hours. So if you need a quick charge to get started pugging the unit into the mains is most probably your best option. This may not be an option if you decide to go hiking, or are without power entirely, but at least you still have the flexibility to keep a charge and have your music, or keep in contact with civilisation. This item is great for an emergency kit, or if you are out and about often where you cannot get near mains power to recharge.

Solio H1000 Universal Hybrid Charger

This cool device is thin, small and looks good. None of these, of course, are a good reason to buy theSolio H1000 Universal Hybrid Charger. It will charge your iPod very effectively, but it does need to be charged properly the first time before use or you will have problems. As with most of these devices the iPod is just the tip of the iceberg as to what you can charge using it. You do get tips for many of the major devices with the solar recharger, and you can purchase more depending on what you own, making this a very good investment.

You will need to wait to use it, though. If you don't charge the Solio properly the first time it will take forever to recharge. It's great for camps, and basically anywhere you needĀ  to charge your iPod away from mains power. The good news is that it is reliable as well, asĀ  long as you give it the first charge properly.

The Solio H1000 Universal Hybrid Charger is easy to use, looks great, and will give you all the power you need for your iPod and many other devices when you need it.

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