The Cannon EOS 6D DLSR Camera Review

The Cannon EOS 6D DLSR Camera is a technological hand and has built-in GPS and Wi-Fi. The camera has 11-point entry-level-sounding system and a cut back of 97 percent optical viewfinder field of view. Four days after when the EOS 6D was introduced in the market its rival the Nikon released the D600. But the cannon scored in because of its weigh, smaller size, built-in technology like the GPS and Wi-Fi.

The small size of the camera is the primary reason why it sells itself. It is the lightest and the smallest full framed DLSR camera in the market. A camera like that with a large sensor is hardly to think going tiny. The layout of the 6D’s is also a success the rear joystick omission which is thumb control featured on the 5D Mark III made the focus point of adjusting on the 6D easy.

Other Cannon DLSR has dual use buttons to include the white balance and the exposure compensation while the 6D DLSR only has a single access button to drive, ISO, AF and the metering. Rather than the usual left-lying position of the delete and playback keys the keys are moved to the right side of the rear of the unit. However the button for depth-of-field-preview from the camera does feel a little strange, but was positioned for the purpose of comfortable use of all lenses.

The EOS 6D is the first for a cannon full framed DLSR with built in GPS and Wi-Fi system. Having both features of the camera without the impact on the physical size of the camera is a great bonus. But both features have impact on the battery life of the camera.

The Wi-Fi has multiple uses, it can be used to connect to smart phones via LAN or direct pairing, to transfer images from the camera to another camera, and using the Cannon Image Gateway you can upload pictures via Web service. Smart phones can also be used to control the camera in taking shots. Other cool features of the camera is the EOS Utility software not just a computer can control the camera but almost programs of the camera are adjustable and offers a wireless shooting experience.

The main reason in buying a full frame DLSR is the image quality. It’s not just about the amount of the pixel but it’s about the depth of field of control of the camera results into a detailed picture.

The EOS 6D is loaded with 20-megapixel sensors. Despite the big difference in pixel resolution between the other full framed Cannon DLSR cameras the 6D has image results similar to the bigger Cannon camera.

Video capture is another feature of 6D DLSR it delivers files within the region of 600 MB per minute of footage. The live adjustments of the full manual controls are available during the footage. The Cannon EOS 6D delivers a full frame image quality which is undeniable. The 6D is more affordable than the other cannon full frame cameras but the result of the image quality has no difference. The EOS 6D is the result of the mixed ideas of the developers of the Cannon Full Frame DLSR Camera that undergone disappointments and leads to the success of its perfection.

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