The Connect-Share Movie feature of Samsung TV

See the smoothest pictures on your screen as you watch your Samsung 46C6300. This is a 46-inches television that comes in very powerful as it offers you the best picture quality with vivid colors and stunning clarity of Full HD1080p resolution. This Samsung HDTV has 120 Hz technology that enables you to see fast action with smoothness. With the Wide Color Enhancer Pro you then see rich and detailed images on your television screens. You can then enjoy the fun of being entertained right in the comfort of your homes.

The Connect-Share Movie feature of this Samsung TV allows you to access videos, music play-list and pictures via the remote. You can connect a thumb drive or digital camera quickly and easily with this Connect-Share Movie feature of this television. With the All-Share feature of this television also you can sync up your entire household with the use of a wired or wireless DLNA connection. This then lets you steam your PC audio and video files to you HDTV with the use of your remote.

The Game Mode of Samsung HDTV 46C6300 is very excellent also as it enhances dark areas, speeds up the image processing response and sharpens the pictures also. The sounds of your games are very much enhanced. You then get the best gaming mode on this television. You will not just be entertained but will also have fun as this television offers you this kind of gaming mode.

Samsung flat screen TVs 46C6300 have lots of connections also that make Samsung ahead of competition. The following are the connections that you can have as you purchase this Samsung TV series:

1. 4 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface):
3 back, 1 side
HDMI makes it easy to connect your home theater with one cable per component.

2. Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): Allows peripheral AV devices such as a DVD player to be controlled by a Samsung TV remote control.

3. USB: 2 side

4. PC input: 1 back

DNSE feature of this televisions means you get high-quality sound with more natural effects. You just do not get the best pictures but also the best sound. It is like experiencing movies right in front of you.

The touch of Charcoal Grey color gives elegance to your Television screens. It does not just look beautiful and classy but its color can also complement any room. With the slim design of this Samsung flat panel TV you can also maximize your space.

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angela 5 years ago

tanto recursos numa tv, mas um manual tão pobre infomação ,naõ consigo fazer nada em minha tv porque o manual não ensina

Jaqui 4 years ago

Fantastic tv only fault I see is with me having children tv screen gets awfully mucky and it's not so easy to clean as no chemicals or detergents can be used on screen

Casey 4 years ago

Use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen, its a dollar a piece. One piece will last all year.

Thomas Skau 4 years ago

I don't know how you got onto my pc but, GET OFF IT!!!!

Craig 3 years ago

Can't get rid of the banner for connectshare, mMagic Angle and a few other items!!!!!!!

juniper 3 years ago

Please tell m how to get rid of the advertising banner at bottom of screen Series 4 Connect Share efficient up to 30%

Conor 2 years ago

Does ConnectShare have a limit to the size of the thumb drive it can handle directly?

It currently handles my 500GB external drive without a hitch and plays media directly off it.

Will it be able to do the same if I increase to 2TB? 3TB? 4TB?

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