The Coolest Things To Come Out Of MWC 2013

Little Toys

Taken with a Euro for some scale
Taken with a Euro for some scale


So whilst going around Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona quite a few people were handing out 'Freebies' , proper bloggers and press got stuff like headsets, phones etc but there were lots of little novelties around that were being simply handed out or that could simply be taken from a bowl or desk.

These are two I was given/acquired whilst attending events I technically didn't qualify for, but which I managed to get into with the help of some friends, namely @Nirave and @joaoluisc from Twitter.

Closeup giveaways


Splitting the USB Lead

They are a little screen wipe that sticks to the back of your handset with low tack glue, so you can peel it off whenever you like to clean up the screen on your phone and I am so impressed that I left it on ever since I was given to me at the MLove after event party in Barcelona. And the little white thing came from a Windows Phone Developer event I wandered into, it's great as an always with you connectivity device and also for getting people guessing, as it isn't immediately obvious what it does, as a few people I showed it to at a dinner with Nokia can attest to LOL. The little usb cable comes apart by pressing the button then being pulled apart and even has an LED light that lets you know it is connected properly.

Screen wipe on back of Lumia 920

Nokia 808 connected to laptop

Great for charging or data transfer like any USB cable
Great for charging or data transfer like any USB cable
LED illuminated on USB cable
LED illuminated on USB cable

Obviously these too items are no biggie, literally, but they are small, cool , well designed, very useful, portable and they really make me smile because I love cool little gadgets :-D

Thanks for reading.

Stephen Quin


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