The Electronic Fork and Losing Weight

Some think this is a cool item to own, others consider it one of the more stupid things consumers spend money on.

The HAPifork claims to help you lose weight by reducing food to mouth revolutions. The built-in motion sensor tracks how frequently you raise the fork from plate to mouth and beeps if you're eating too much or too fast. It does so by vibrating when you are eating too fast or too slow. The manufacturer claims by reducing the speed of food intake, you digest better and will eat less. It will also track how many "fork servings" are taken per minute and per meal.

All this is very nice and all but the fork has no idea what kind of food the fork is picking up and shoveling into your mouth. Since food is key for calories, amounts , fat, it seems just reminding you to eat slower is hype that it can help you lose weight.

Hopefully, most consumers will refrain from shelling out $100 for it. For that kind of money, one can REALLY get into a weight losing program that does work. It is another wonderful product from Hong Kong.

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