The History of Alternative Energy

Alternative fuel and alternative fuel resources date back to the early 1900s with the introduction of the electric car. Electric powered cars were easier to produce than gasoline powered cars and so became the power of choice. Over time, the gasoline engine was refined and the discovery of mass deposits of oil throughout the world make it the obvious choice as THE energy source.

The beginning of alternative fuel started with the gas shortage of the 1970s. The shock that our economy and way of life were so vulnerable make scientists rush to find an alternative fuel that reduces our dependence on oil and gasoline. The result was the application of ethanol as a combustible fuel source.

Ethanol is a commonly known alcohol. It is the alcohol in our beer, wine, liquor and moonshine. It could power an engine as well as a gasoline engine with less emissions. Ethanol was cheap, good for the environment and the materials to make it were plentiful as farmers harvested and stored corn.

In other alternative fuel studies other types of gases were found to be possible alternative fuel sources. Methane, propane and hydrogen were found to have the most promise. The problem with these gases is there compatibility issues when running with the traditional engines. Modifications were needed to use these alternative fuel sources.

Many believe that alternative fuels have not been nurtured because of political pressure and lobbying by the oil industry. But economic and political pressures are turning the tide on these monopolies. Global warming concerns by environmental concerns have made alternative energy and alternative fuels even more attractive to develop.

The history of alternative fuel is still in it's infancy but is quickly gaining momentum.

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