The Importance Of OC768 Bandwidth For Business

OC768 Speed Internet

In order for anyone to be able to access the internet today, there truly are a tremendous amount of providers that offer up much of the same speeds and strengths. This is often because consumers and businesses rely on the internet for just about every facet of daily business operations and daily consumption which allows for the amazing ability of connectivity to the outside world. For business, the power of the OC768 network system is quite robust and should be seriously considered for several reasons.

This type of internet networking system is called the Optical Carrier Level 768 in numeric level. This numeric system of coding within the optical carrier network provides a coding system of the number of fiber optic networks combined to create the incredible speeds and connection rates of this amazing system. The strength of this system is also dependent upon a SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) system that has a wide reaching base of speeds and bandwidth strengths overall.

When this type of system is used, there is a surprisingly very low amount of maintenance and upkeep required. Although incredibly fast and dependable, there is actually a very to the overall composition of this system that provides its back bone. As such, as companies expand, one can easily expand their network as well.

Within the OC768, the SONET system of measurement is basically a series of rings that are fiber optic and offer up the bandwidth strength. This series of rings providing the speed and dependability that this system is long known to provide. There are bi directional ring systems in concert within the fiber optic network system as well.

This form of optical carrier network transmission rate system is most ideal for larger and grander scale businesses. When in use, businesses are able to expand their local and broad area networks without compromising bandwidth and speeds. With such capabilities, more and more businesses are making the switch.

Today, one is able to see the OC768 used at military bases, broadcasting companies, airports, and even telecommunication companies themselves that all rely on the incredible speeds and dependability offered. This is what keeps them connected at incredible and reliable speeds.

The OC768 provides an alarming amount of speed that is actually more than 25,000 T1 lines all combined. This is most of the reason why larger scale businesses and enterprises are using this form of connection today. As one grows, one should seriously consider the switch to this incredible data connection.

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Jeff Cavallaro profile image

Jeff Cavallaro 6 years ago from Outside the Box

Yes, but at what cost? A 40GB connection is going to be very expensive. A company must carefully balance technological needs with the cost of doing business.

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