The Impossible Test Answers - Space Pack

Impossible Test Space Pack

As you may have read in my other hub, The Impossible Test Answers, the Impossible Test is one of the most addicting games available for the iPhone. The best part, of course, is that it's free. However, addicting games are often the most fun and this is certainly the case with this app. Luckily, PixelCube offers an upgrade to the app for only 99 cents that will give you 30 more levels to play. This add-on is called the Space Pack and you solve space-themed puzzles in an outer space setting.

If you've already gotten through the first part of The Impossible Test, you may have an easier time with the Space Pack, but the stages aren't all easy. We've put together a list of answers to all the Space Pack puzzles so you can move on if you get stuck. Enjoy!

Answers to The Impossible Test Space Pack

1. Tap anywhere on the screen.
2. Turn your phone upside down to turn gravity off. Keep it upside down until you see another puzzle about gravity.
3. With the phone upside down, touch the white star under the word "star." Then touch the blue stars in the following order: bottom right, bottom left, top left, top right.
4. With the phone still upside down, drag the meteor on the left into the round part of the blue shape on the right.
5. With the phone still upside down, drag the blue and green thing under the word "aliens," then tap the SHOOT button.
6. With the phone still upside down, tap the planets from right to left.
7. Turn your phone right side up to turn gravity back on.
8. Drag the items into the square in this order: light blue oval, blue curvy lines, white rings.
9. Tilt your phone to slide the monkey toward the white bar on the right.
10. Drag the astronaut into the blue square on the left. Then, tap the word "teleport" at the top.
11. Drag the screws off of the telescope, then drag the pieces of the telescope away.
12. Tap the rocket's larger window until it breaks, then push the button that reveals itself.
13. Tap the word "shooting," then the star will shoot across the screen from right to left, tap it quickly (and remember how many times you saw the star cross the screen, you'll need to know this number later).
14. Drag the word "flaming" to the middle of the meteor.
15. Turn your phone upside down, then touch the red ship, then the earth.
16. The answer is 25.
17. The answer is the number of shooting stars you saw in stage 13.
18. Tap the BEAM button when the sheep is directly below the space ship.
19. The answer is 10.
20. Tap the word "How" at the top.
21. Drag the astronaut on top of the space shuttle, then turn your phone upside down. Once it launches, you can turn your phone back around.
22. Tap the star on the right.
23. Drag the satellite on the left into the square on the right and the satellite on the right into the square on the left.
24. Shake your phone once with the Sun on the bottom, then the health will count down.
25. Drag the three objects into the black hole, then drag the words at the top into the black hole.
26. Drag the battery off the robot, then tilt the phone so the battery is vertical, then drag the battery back to where it was. Then tap the yellow button.
27. Tap all 4 black rings.
28. Drag and move the space station, then tap the gas can. Then tap the word "fuel" at the top.
29. Drag the word "Colour" on top of the word "moon."
30. Push the button that says 11.

Now you have completed the Space Pack for The Impossible Test. Try to get through it faster to get a better score. If you have any hints or secrets, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Have fun!

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Comments 64 comments

JoeT 6 years ago

Haha, i just read your other hub for the answers for the first stage of the game and was looking for this stage and found you again. Thanks for the tips.

Betty 6 years ago

I, like JoeT above, read both of your cheat sheets, lol. Thanks again...

Ryan 6 years ago

The first secret is under the meteor that you have to make flaming, the other one i found is under the fuel gauge in question 28

Edward 6 years ago

1st secret is behind the meteor u must flame. the second is behind the star in the question that asks u how many shooting stars went by. The last one is behind the fuel gauge in the space station gas question. There's only 3 secrets and that's all of them!

Mee 6 years ago

The second one is under the fuelmeter

yo 6 years ago

haha who need to pay for an answer sheet when we have nice guys like you who will give us answers for free

jonny d 6 years ago

im stuck on question 25

nothing happens fter i put the astronaut on top of the shuttle

pls help me

Georgina 6 years ago

Wat do the secrets get u apart from 200 more time?

Cheers big ears

Karan T 6 years ago

Hey jonny after you put him in turn ur iPod/iPhone upside down

Angela 6 years ago

I don't get number 26 like I do the thing with the battery but then nothing turns yellow. Please help me.

6 years ago


I shake the phone/iPod and then the battery turns green.

Move it back onto the robot and press the yellow button!

Hope this helps...

Angela 6 years ago

OMG, B thankyou so much I worked fine.

mobile themes 6 years ago

Very informative material is this...

Thankyou 6 years ago

Thanks. Just a shame the game doesn't support multitasking. Have to start overevery time I need an answer. But thanks.

Bob 6 years ago

Secret one is behind the flaming meteor and secret three behind the fuel Gage.

Alvin 6 years ago

Im asking a question from the normal impossible test. How do we get the egg?

impossibletestsecret_teller 6 years ago

Secret 2, move the star on question 17!

impossibletest_teller 6 years ago

Drag two planets,and one planet you made on question 8

Then drag the words"Drag everything to the Black hole".


Sparkii 6 years ago

Secret: remove the meteor to reveal secret no:1

usman 6 years ago

alvin-the way you get an egg is you go back at 2 o clock

be bob bily 6 years ago

if you move some things there's secrets under them

be bob bily 6 years ago

try moving stuff and it gives you like +200 (read this with the one above)

6 years ago

the normal impossible test answers are on the right if you scroll up

6 years ago

i mean the 1st impossible test

Britnee 6 years ago

You Have To Shake The Phone After You Tilt It Verticly And Take The Batirie Out Of The Robot For #26

Anhimam 5 years ago

How do you put in ten for 19

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

nice article on iphone s.

speedbird profile image

speedbird 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

I don't have an iPhone, can I get version of this game that is windows compatible?

Happy 5 years ago

For the question where u have to do all that stuff to the battery for the robot to charge-

It's not really that difficult. You take the battery out, shake the phone

Until the battery has the three green boxes in it, put it back and touch the yellow button. Easy.

Also, could someone tell me the 2nd secret? I know the 1st and 3rd buut not 2nd.

Thanks u guys!!! :)

AnHiham 5 years ago

For number 19 how do you answer

Dee dee 5 years ago

Does anyone know why you press how when the question asks you how many circles are in the planet?

Kelly 5 years ago

Happy: When they ask "How many shooting stars went past?" there is a picture of the shooting star? yeah, move that shooting star away

AnHiham: type 10

Sonic 5 years ago

I went through thr achievements and it says that we can finish the quiz with the score more than 5000? It says that the keyboard might do something. Hmm...

Secret 5 years ago

Secret #1 - Drag the meteor in Qn 14.

Secret #2 - Drag the shooting star in Qn 17.

Secret #3 - Drag the fuel gauge in Qn 28.

Hope this helped.

Sophie 5 years ago

How do you get more than 5000 points??

jg 5 years ago

for number 26, you must drag the battery away from the robot, SHAKE THE PHONE, then drag it back to the robot and hit the yellow button

Lucas 5 years ago

How do you get over 5000?

Demitria 5 years ago

Yea i would like to know the keyboard secret about how to get past 5,000 points too

Noname 5 years ago


Noname 5 years ago

And why do people think u have to play this on an iPhone or iPod. I have it on my iPad and it works just fine.

Ipodhero7 5 years ago


me 5 years ago

I cant gt

Shark11900 5 years ago

How do you get over 5,000 points????? Please help!!!!!! :'(

Jess 5 years ago

When i move the word 'colour' onto the moon in question 29 nothing happens

Jess 5 years ago

Nvm bout that ^^ I read it wrong

Iberkenbosch profile image

Iberkenbosch 5 years ago from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wow thanks a lot. I was stuck for soooo long, until I found this HUB!!!. How they are going to make this for the Iphone5 aswell haha.

Shexej 5 years ago

On 25 u have 2 put the astronaut in the ship then turn it upsidedown

Chels 5 years ago

This cheatsheet is really helpful. My friends ask me how I did it because it was "impossible" and I said I'm awesome. Thanks for the help whoever made this.

Hello232 5 years ago

To remember all the answers I just wrote them all down in my notebook ?

ME 5 years ago

hey guys by the way the guy who posted this is actually wrong for number 26 what you rreally have to do is drag the battery off the robot then tilt it keep the ipod iphone tilted and put the battery back onm the shake your device until the battery goes green like its charged then click the battery and then the little circle button goes yelllow click it

Glub 5 years ago

Dee dee- you press how because when you press the"o" in how it is like pressing 0 because there are 0 circles

asxjcvhfhfvjvj 5 years ago

so confused with this all

madzey mooly man 5 years ago















did u no 5 years ago

pppppppppp.ssssssssssss my last comment is backy wards

:) 4 years ago

HHow do you get over 5000 points :)

4 years ago

for 15, you just have to keep tapping the red ship you dont tap the earth

panteleeza 4 years ago

тоже делал заказ в . всё пришло вовремя. спасибо менеджерам.

MA15+ 4 years ago

If anyone is looking for the serects this is the comment:

1st: In question 14 drag the meteor.

2nd:In question 17 drag the picture of the star.

3rd: In question 28 drag the petrol/gas circle.

optlwhspiz 4 years ago

не стоит оговаривать магазин - все здесь хорошо и асортимент нормальный. а главное это цены)) почти же даром))) ну по крайней мере цены очень доступные всем)

farengayts 4 years ago

поддерживаю обеими руками! магазин и персонал- один слаженный и четкий механизм!

Big tit Sammy wammy 3 years ago

:) thank s ;) rlly helped

Susie 2 years ago

Cheers pal. I do apecpriate the writing.

Melvina 2 years ago

You write so honletsy about this. Thanks for sharing!

Deliverance 2 years ago

A prioacotvve insight! Just what we need!

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