The Luddite and the Blackberry Curve User

MAN A: “I’ve seen more techno’cal changes than you’ve had hot dinners! Who are you to tell me I need one of these here Blackberry Cubs? Look at ya in ya slimey suit, smelling like daisies, cus you sprayed yaself with that stuff. Why the f*** do I need a f’in Blackberry Cub for?”

MAN B: “Curve, it’s a Blackberry Curve”

MAN A: “Cuv then, Blackberry Cuv. Why, for the love of sweet J’sus do I need a Blackberry Cuv?... Go on, you sharp suited spiv, you tell me! Cat got ya tongue? You ignoring me now?

MAN B: “Yes”

MAN A: “Well you just tell me, why I need a f’in Blackberry Cuv and I’ll finish my drink and move on to speak to them folk on the next table… I’ll be wanting to know why the hell I need a goddam Apple Laptop from them bunch of cocktail drinking pervs”

MAN B: “You need a Blackberry Curve for a number of reasons - too numerous to mention all. In many ways a Blackberry Curve can replace a Apple Laptop and is definitely much lighter and convenient to carry. You can use it to communicate, surf the web, send and receive images but most importantly to chat and call your friends.”

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