The Most Popular MP3 Players

There are so many MP3 Players in the market that one can choose from; before you proceed further to purchase any MP3 Players here is a guide on the most popular MP3 Players that you can choose from. Do not just by any MP3 Players. Here is a list of what most people are buying when comes to MP3 Players

These are the most sorts after MP3 Players to choose

Appleipodtouch 32GB, Known as the 2nd Generation

AppleIpodtouch 8GB, known as the 2nd Generation

AppleIpodnano 8GB blue in color, Known as the 5th Generation

AppleipodTouch 8GB Black known as the 3rd Generation MP3 Player

Appleipodnano 16 GB, Black and known as the 5th Generation MP3 Player

Apple iPod 80GB, the 5th Generation

How to Choose MP3 Players

Now you have known the most popular MP3 Player available in the market that you can go for but just before buying your MP3 Players here is a list of what to look for in a particular MP3 Player. As a customer you should know that each and every MP3 Player has got both advantages and disadvantages.  There are three types of MP3 Player in the market namely MP3 flash Players, Hard Drive players and Multimedia Players

After identifying the three categories of MP3 Players, it is now time to either go for the most expensive MP3 Players or the Cheapest MP3 Players. It totally depend on you and the cheapest MP3 Player you can go for that are available in the market includes SanDisk Sansa Clip 2GB, AppleiPodShuffle GB and CreativeZen Stone Plus 2GB. Cheap MP3 Players either have integrated memory while others comes with separate memory card and USB MP3 Players. They are limited to the number of track you can sort mostly ranging from 60 – 600. The drawback of these cheapest MP3 Players is that they have memory of about 256 -2GB. They can be used in places like gym when cooking or when just having good time

The second category of MP3 Players is affordable and more expensive than the first previous MP3 Player. These include the Samsung YPSE, the AppleiPodnano, Creative Zen V Plus. These second category of MP3 Players are much more superior to the first category. The MP3 has got hard drives that store a lot of information and their capacity ranges from 2GB to 160GB, even their storage capacity is larger than most of our computers, the hard drive can managed to store up to 15, 000 tracks depending on the capacity of the particular MP3 Player you are using. The MP3 Players are portable and one can use them even in their work places and not necessary means you have to leave it at home

Most Used MP3 Players

These are the most popular MP3 Players in the market and are more users friendly and easy to work with Creative Zen X-FI, AppleiPodTouch, and the AppleiPod Classic. One many features with these MP3 Players is that they are bigger and heavier than the other two categories. With the new advance technology many comes with integrated video inputs and support real time encoding

What to look for when selecting MP3 Players

MP3 Player Size and Weight – You have to decide which MP3 Player to go for, sizes ranges from 20 – 300 grams, more advanced players have got bigger size. The more features it has the bigger the weight

MP3 Player Audio Compatibility – Find out whether your Player is compatible with the Audio Platform

PC Interface – What type of interface does it have, is it user friendly and one has to read so many manuals to master how to operate your MP3 Player

Battery Life – The longer the battery life the better, some MP3 Player batteries has got a short life span which makes them costly in term of battery replacement

Remote Control – Does the player come with a remote control? Advanced MP3 Players normally comes with remote controls. With this in mind you can shop for your MP3 Player online and some are available at Amazon, eBay and many other online stores

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