The "Other " Gadgets

What do I mean by the "other" Gadgets

"Other" gadgets here are gadgets which had their share of popularity in the past, but eventually was left behind because of the fast changing technology. Most of them we can still use, but with the tempting new versions at reasonable prices, leaving those gadgets behind is really unavoidable.

Why Gadgets became outdated?

TheTechnology is simply amazing. Gadgets improved so fast that regardless of its uses, it became outdated because the newer version answered the imperfection of the latter. People are just so Gadget Crazy, for they really look forward to what's latest, and those who can afford really spend for it, to be the first to have it, or simply out of curiosity, or they are simply "Techy".

For a change I decided to talk about the not so outdated gadgets, most of them I owned while the rest were either old office equipment or gadgets owned by "techy"cousins.

Fuji FinePix A202 Digital Camera

My Fuji A202 is a 2 megapixel camera that can also produce good pictures.  It uses an XD memory card with only 750mb capacity. This is the first version of Digicam, in which the monitor screen is small. A techy person will definitely drop this down with the latest digicams that flooded the market nowadays. Most of them with higher megapixels, can handle up to 8 Gb, and biggest monitor screen, prices are reasonable because it started to drop each time a new model was released in the market


This is the cheaper version, may not passed the standard and may not be your money's worth because if you are not careful, this may not last for months. A friend told me it was called an MP4 or MP5 because of its multiple functions. Camera and Video functions, though not the best, I can say it can't be the worst also. Good when use outdoors and in broad daylight. It can store music too, capable of storing games, can be used as e-book and most of all it can function like a flash drive where you can store your files and pictures.

though I don't use this to take my photos and videos, and not use this to listen to my music, this became very useful to me in storing my files. bought this in 2008 and still working until now..


7 or 8 years ago, using this in a seminar or meeting to take down notes can really make all eyes looked at you. I tried using it once,  when I didn't have a personal computer or laptop at home yet. I wrote my article in it, then connect it to my PC in the office, the following day, and transfer my article., a program must be installed to the computer so that IPAC can transfer the document to the PC then automatically converted it into MS word. This is very handy, but with the present released of  Notebook computers, the function of   this IPAC became impractical.  Using a laptop computer is more convenient because you are directly working in MS office, no conversion needed.

This IPAC has other functions too but most of those functions are also  being covered by ordinary cellular phone

IPOD the classic style

Apple Ipod, the first Version

Bigger and Thicker version, and with large screen. The color is black or gray. It can store up to thousands of songs, and with  music videos. This was immediately replaced by thinner and smaller version in different attactive colors.

My Apple Ipod is the smallest version, the one without video and has 1 gb capacity, that was the 2007 model, the latest version is smaller but with 2gb capacity.

First Version PSP


 The first version of PSP was very impressive enough to make boys or even adult males to get crazy with it. It can be connected to a television to enjoy bigger view.  Latest PSP player can make you do a lot more aside from playing games. Thru the latest PSP you can also browse the net

An Invitation

 If you have  gadgets that you consider outdated and yet still very useful, or simply outdated gadgets, please feel free to share it in this hub, just contact me or send me photos and function of the gadgets with your names or hubnames on it so I can acknowledge where it came from.

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dablufox profile image

dablufox 5 years ago from Australia

Some very interesting gadgets. It's amazing though how quickly our electronic toys seem to age. There's something new coming out almost on a weekly basis. I have pretty much given up trying to keep up with technology. If it doesn't help me make money then I don't even think about buying it.

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines Author

hi Dablufox thanks for your comments and just like you, I don't think much of keeping up with technology especially if I don't find it necessary to what I am doing.....I just find it always exciting to know about new technology and wish to write more about them.

profile image

Website Examiner 5 years ago

Once again, an interesting technology perspective. All gadgets of quality are great for their time, and some nostalgia may be attached to them when innovation and product cycles render them obsolete. Apart from that, some "low tech" products actually have advantages over the newer innovations; take analog tape for example. Thanks, W.E.

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi W.E. Nice to see you here again.... you are absolutely right.....

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 5 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

If you try to keep up to date you never will, and you will be broke :)

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines Author

You are also right Ethel.....besides it's really hard to let go of what you already have coz you always think it's the best

profile image

TwistedFate2057 5 years ago

Interesting. I'm a tech geek and I remember having a number of these gadgets, or at least ones like them. I also remember blowing every cent I had when the newest version hit, taught me a little about self control. It still fascinates me at how fast our society is moving with phones, computers, and now tablets.

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines Author

TwistedFate I would like to call myself a geek too but I don't have the luxury to buy all those tempting gadgets unless relatives give me one... but can you easily let go of them ones the new ones arrived? some gadgets are not really outdated, the new ones just arrived so fast it floods the market.. thanks for visiting

profile image

TwistedFate2057 5 years ago

MariaCecillia: Sometimes it's easy to let go, say if it's a phone. But there are devices that can hold a certain level of nostalgia, say a camera or gaming system. I know that come the PS4, I'll definitely be buying it, but I'll always keep my "outdated" PS3 because of all the memories I've had playing it (as well as all the time I've put into it).

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines Author

TwistedFate Thanks again, indeed gadgets are fascinating, in my case I don't think I can let go some cellphones because of i have in video and photos and music too.... I am fascinated about tablets too..but I don't have one yet...

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