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There are some times when I want to give my conscience a good swift kick in the butt, and this morning was definitely one of those times. My regular readers are well aware of how I am driven by my conscience as it serves as the primary motivating force in exposing scams, ripoffs and riffraff wherever I encounter it/them. They are also aware of the five separate death threats invoked on me by hypertestosteroned cretin technopunks in a lapperfatwa on (The hub outlining it is Writing Hubs For Fun, Profit And Death Threats).

There are many details that I cannot share in the following story on the advice of my lawyer, but I have cleared this with him and thus can publish it:

This morning I had a long conversation with a "person" who outlined what the next steps would be in the enforcement of the laws concerning multiple death threats which is taken extremely seriously in Canada, the location of and yours truly. This "person" was extremely courteous and took the time to explain in depth what the ramifications would be for should the process I had initiated continue. All I can say is that they would not be pretty and that it would have likely resulted in significant wailing and gnashing of teeth over on the corner of Spadina Avenue and Adelaide Street (which is about two blocks away from where I once lived).

At that point I had to make a decision (the specific, exact details of which I am advised by my lawyer to not share online). It was one of those things that you only have a second to reply to, and which really should require several weeks of careful reflection in order to make sure that you have made the proper decision. It was definitely a "trust your feelings, Luke" sort of moment.

There was no way that I could weigh all the pros and cons of the decision in a logical, linear fashion. All I remember about that second was the feeling that I have never in my life willingly hurt anyone. I've only gotten into two physical fights in my life and they were both just minor playground shoving matches in junior high school. My weapon of choice is words: If you get into a situation with me where I know through solid research that I am factually right and you're wrong, I'll verbally cut you a new rectum. I have no patience for the proliferating peddlers of pedantic prevarications. I never have and I never will. If I'm proven wrong on any even minor point, I will promptly and gracefully apologize. If not, I'm going to keep coming after you like a ravenous Doberman chasing a T-bone steak stuck on the rear bumper of a bus.

The "situation" with would likely have swiftly escalated well past just words on a computer monitor. It could have proceeded in such a way that real people I have never met would have gotten severely damaged. And the people who would have been targeted were not directly guilty of uttering the death threats themselves, but were responsible for the negligence of not either proactively squashing, or at least quickly putting a stop to it. As I said, Canadian legislation seems to be much tougher on these sorts of offenses than the United States. As the law was clarified to me, I was astonished at how Draconian it really is. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of an enforcement action like that... and in that single second when all these thoughts were flying through my head, I realized that I couldn't let the decision I was about to make allow that to happen to another person, even if I had never met them and likely never would.

So, dear overclock.netters, there will be no constables knocking on your door. Well, they might come over for overdue parking tickets or for the next time you take such ghastly risks through the blatantly negligent manner that you operate your wide open free-for-all as the "Overclockworkorange home for wanker goon thug hoodlums"... but your downfall won't be on my conscience.

Go in peace. But don't try to pull this stunt again or I'll beat my conscience to a pulp and in the famous words of Maximus: "Unleash Hell."

Oh... and by the way... did I mention that there's a bumper sticker on the back of the T-bone steak bus that reads: "Lappers Are MORONS"? :)

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Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 7 years ago from Toronto Author

That's it. I have better things to do with my time than delete offensive and abusive messages from you sick weirdoes at Comments are CLOSED.

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 7 years ago from Toronto Author

Matt Ward: Nothing I can do, huh? You are obviously quite ignorant of the Canadian law which is in force on that site due to the location of its server. Go educate yourself as to the laws of the country and its regulations on anonymous postings: got off lucky because I decided to show them far more consideration than they showed me, and to not disembowel them. I had and still have every legal avenue open to me to do just that. Therefore, it might not be a bad idea for that website to let sleeping dogs lie or they'll be torn to shreds by the hounds they have unleashed. :)

fiftyMIPsparc: It's obvious that Matt Ward's lack of coherence has influenced you as well. Right at the top of this Hub is the link to the Death Threats Hub which has all the comments listed, and which were earlier acknowledged by the site's moderators and deleted (but not before I copied all the pages in question and kept them). Enough evidence for you? Now run along and go play with your Sparc, Sparky. :)

fiftyMIPsparc 7 years ago

I am familiar with neither the writer, nor his conflict on; since no details are provided "at the advice of [his] lawyer," I am providing my unbiased comment. I will say that his point of writing the article seems more to display his skill with words and show his determination to prove his points than to detail or inform others of death threats he received from someone (or a group of people) on I'm not denying he received death threats, but that's a pretty big accusation to make of a community such as this without providing at least a modicum of evidence.

Matt Ward 7 years ago

There are many details that I cannot share in the following story on the advice of my lawyer, but I have cleared this with him and thus can publish it:

Go in peace. But don't try to pull this stunt again or I'll beat my conscience to a pulp and in the famous words of Maximus: "Unleash Hell."

You did nothing because there was nothing for you to do. This is ridiculous and you need to find something better to do than try to get attention online, you are just like the kid that eats worms infront of his classmates. Stop being insecure.

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 7 years ago from Toronto Author

I enjoy my life greatly. I live in a mountain paradise surrounded by bald eagles and swift flowing streams, I work whenever I want from the comfort of my home, I prepare and enjoy gourmet meals for my many close friends at nearly Michelin-star levels, and I have the profound pleasure of airing my views and opinions to hundreds of thousands of Hub readers, most importantly my profound conviction that LAPPERS ARE MORONS. Aaaaaah... what a wonderful life! :)

P.S. If you'd like more info on just why lappers are morons, please enjoy:

Sin 7 years ago

Hal LicinoLicino, Please wake up to the real world and enjoy your life.

Stop being so angry at the world, go out? makes some friends? get a girlfriend?

By the way, how does lapping automatically make you a moron, it creates more contact fromheatsinkatsink to your CPU.

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto Author

Knowledge: Damn good thing I'm in Canada then which seems to have a law enforcement system that takes this kind of thing EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. The USA seems to be lax on death threats, but if watch out if you're an 8 year old with the same name as some goon on a NoFly list. :P

Christoph Reilly: Thanks! It seems as if our friend Kubrick was a visionary. The culture of ultraviolence has actually come to pass.

mcgirt: You callin' me a liar, boy? Do you want me to UNLEASH HELL on yo' butt? Haven't your wussy little wannabe punk friends at learned their lessons yet? I keep tellin' you stoneheads that I can change my mind at any time! Be afraid, junior ankle biter, be VERY afraid! :P

Oh, and I don't know if I've said it lately, so I thought I'd clear the air: LAPPERS ARE MORONS! :)

mcgirt 8 years ago

I doubt you will post this but I think it is funny that you rip on lappers, just because you don't understand something doesn't mean its wrong. I also find it more then funny that you would expect anyone to believe a govenment offical would take time out of his busy day to listen to a geek tell them that someone wants to build him a water slide full of razer blades and fill the pool with lemon juice. I would love to see the look on the face of the cops when you told them that!!!!!! None of the things said on were death threats. No laws were broken, only your pride. You can take comments out of context all day long but it doesn't mean they are what was really said. I wish I had saved the thread so everyone can see how full of it you are.

I wonder how many people posted in this thread that you wont show. Thats pretty chicken shy.

Why would companys lap things before they sell them? Because lapping makes things flat and smooth. Just thought you might want to know how big of a donkey you look like for ripping on something like pro mods. If your not a pro then you don't know.

Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

Uh...could I say something? Nice use of "overclockorange". Great reference.

Knowledge 8 years ago

If you think you have even the slightest chance of successful prosecution regarding this case against any American citizen on American soil, you are sadly mistaken. A family member, who happens to be a cybercrimes detective for my county's police force (sherriff's department actually), sent me a link to this hilarious escapade. Evidently he received it from a colleague and the general reception of your strange crusade against the "moron lappers" has been that of amusement... at least that is what I deduced from the several FW:'s already attached to the email. I guess it must be a slow week for them. I know that a lot of cops like to play video games, so perhaps some of the cybercrimes division must be "moron lappers" as well. Wouldn't that be quite a strange tasting pickle?

I must inform you that making a death threat in an obviously joking manner does not necessarily prove intent. If you want to further pursue your bizarre crusade against the "moron lappers" by harassing an innocent Canadian business owner/entrepenuer, and abusing a poorly written Canadian internet law... fine, but don't presume to make empty threats against the rest of the bunch. It further proves that while you obviously think yourself an expert on everything, you are NOT an expert on everything. Don't try deep sea fishing unless you have the proper rigging.

I can tell you what would happen in my county, down here in sunny Southern California, if you attempted to pursue this matter legally. The judge would fine you with full court costs and tell you to get out of his courtroom and never come back, unless you wanted jailtime. I guess those silly Canadians just do things differently. Down here we're typically more worried about little girls getting abducted by child molesters than by some disgruntled 12 year old jokingly threatening to stick a hand grenade up someones butt for insulting their computer.

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto Author

Try taking your palm from your face and you might learn to read. I didn't use anything as I don't lap. Why? Because, as you are demonstrating in a far superior way than I ever could, LAPPERS ARE MORONS. Thank you for making it easy for me. :)


Um, you used warm soapy water. Can you say facepalm.jpg? Use isoproply alcohol. Next time.

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto Author

I don't see eye to eye with you on "a handful of comments made in bad taste". They just happened to violate Canadian Criminal Law where the penalties are extremely onerous for ALL involved. As a site mod, feel free to consult a Canadian lawyer who will inform you of just how far your site had plunged into severely criminal negligence. So you might consider thanking me for having the conscience to let you guys off the hook. And believe me, you guys were HOOKED. As for the rest, you are definitely entitled to your opinion and thus I've published it.

t4ct1c47 8 years ago

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you didn't post my previous comment...

Not all of the members on OCN lap their CPU's. I for one have never seen the need for such actions on my own system as I don't overclock to such high speeds. This is because my main system is used day-to-day for browseing, games and for writing my university assignments. Obviously I would never take such risks with a system that has data that is so important to me.

I appreciate that you are entitled to air your views as you wish, and you did make some good points about the risks of lapping in your original article. However, your complete lack of respect for online communities is appalling. is well established and moderated carefully by the volunteer staff. Your Hub posts started off with an article about lapping, and ended up as an attack against an entire community based purely on a handful of comments made in bad taste that were later removed when our moderator team was aware of them. has hundreds of registered members online at any one time, and many more guests. Obviously with this amount of traffic it is impossible for anyone to instantly see troublesome threads, or posts. However, anything that does crop up always ends up being dealt with promptly and in an appropriate manner when our staff becomes aware.

It's a shame that someone with your vocabulary and skills is unable to respond to constructive debate without resorting to name calling. I've been a member of since December 2005. The reason I have continued to use the site, and contribute my time to help moderate it, is because of the helpful nature and intelligent debate that comes from the vast majority of our members.

I'm not trying to defend the handful of immature people who made inappropriate comments about you, nor am I trying to justify lapping as something that should be considered seriously. I am hoping that these words will help you to understand that attempting to slander an entire community based on a few comments is hardly fair.

Chef Jeff profile image

Chef Jeff 8 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

Gees! I'm glad I just tackle Politics!

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto Author

From my :

"When you google HubPages my Mac Plus Vs. AMD DualCore Hub comes up second, which leads me to believe that at over a quarter million page views it was the number one traffic drawing Hub of all time. However, my total AdSense earnings, not from just that Hub but all of my 253 Hubs to date have not yet reached a total of $500."

Yay! Traffic! I've averaged less than $2/Hub! What will I spend my AdSense windfall on... a new lakeside mansion... a Lear Jet... maybe my own tropical island! :)

SirDent 8 years ago

At least you're getting traffic to your hubs. ;)

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto Author

Rational thought? From lappers? Zzzzzzz... zzzzzzzzzzz... zzzzzzzzzz... :)

[OCN]joemaniaci 8 years ago

Actually if you search the OCN website for threads started by a member, and insert either joemaniaci, retrospect or t4ct1c47, you will see that we are different people genius. How about you post this one since you didn't post my other one since it probably contained too much rational thought.

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto Author

Zzzzzzz... zzzzzzzzzzz... zzzzzzzzzz... er... was that something? Nah. It was just a lapper. Zzzzzzz... zzzzzzzzzzz... zzzzzzzzzz... :)

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