Technology Making Everything Easier

Where Will It Take Us?

With technology getting better and better each day, our everyday lives can become more simplified. Now becoming lazy is easier than it ever has been before. With sites like and you don’t even need to pick up a phone to order food anymore. Connecting with long lost friends can be done from your couch, and running a business doesn’t even require pants.

These are all pretty extreme cases, but realities for some people nonetheless. As far as running a company is concerned, there are tools available today that give insights into facets of your organization that normally would have taken teams of people crunching and analyzing data months to come up with. Now there are huge databases full of information about a company’s day to day operations.

These databases, like CMMS or a Computer Maintenance Management System for example, is used for the maintenance operations of a company. For large-scale companies this can be an invaluable software program. It can tell you everything from which machines in your facility need maintenance to which storerooms have the spare parts you need. That equipment maintenance software can also calculate the cost of replacing a machine if it breaks down vs. the cost of preventive maintenance and upkeep. It also tracks work orders, has built in asset management software, can track your inventory and even order your entire work force lunch from Chipotle. But the intern has to go pick it up. The software is so extensive that if there was a Terminator movie type situation, where machines would rise up, this software would be running fortune 500 companies instead of trying to exterminate humans.

Technology like that is great for businesses but as technology progresses sometimes unnecessary technologies become available, just because that is the nature of technological evolution. For example, there is a dog collar that has a motion sensor in it. This motion sensor can discern the different activities your dog is doing at any given time. Sounds pretty cool right? If that’s were it stopped it would be, but the collar links to your wireless network and sends tweets under your dogs name. Yes, that’s right, your dog is now capable of having his or her own Twitter account. The collar has hundreds of pre written tweets that correspond the actions that your dog is doing at that time and sends those tweets out. And in all actuality your dog will probably have more twitter followers than you do. Isn’t that amazingly accurate of today’s society?

The technology of tomorrow can go in a number of different directions. It can either help or hinder the advancement of modern society. Making thinks easier through technology generally makes people lazier, it can also make them more productive, but the majority of people just want to read their dogs twitter feed, order a meat lover’s pizza online, and watch recorded episodes of Jersey Shore and The Kardashians on their DVR. OMG WTF, where will tomorrow take us?

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Developers looking to change the Auto Industry with Apps

Fresh off emerging from bankruptcy and with money to spend, no less, General Motors is looking to fill 300 new positions in information technology this year.

This comes as a glimmer of hope in Detriot, as city on the brink of bankruptcy itself. In the state, the Department of Labor projects that job growth in software development for applications to grow 23.5 percent from 2010; for software developers in systems software, 36.9 percent, the highest of any technical job classification. Compared to Michigan's average 8.5 percent growth for technical occupations, the numbers are promising.

Gm is banking on the integration of apps to enhance the overall driving experience. One company GM has started working with, smartphone app developers Detroit Labs, is starting to shift towards creating build-in apps for automoblies. Companies like these are working hard on creating apps that allow drives to interact with their cars from both inside and out. For example, apps that allows drivers to monitor mileage and gas consumption to increase fuel efficiency. Student drives can use instructor apps to log practice hours and produce performance reports.

Gm has come out as the front runner in implementing IT into their products. Daniel F, Akerson, GM's chairman and chief executive, look at IT as the biggest factor in the turnaround from bankruptcy. Over the next three to five years, GM wants to hire 4,400 workers for its IT centers in the Detroit suburb of Warren as well as in Austin, TX, Roswell, Ga, and Chandler , Ariz., making it the fastest-growing employee group in the company.

(Source: New York TImes)

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BusinessTime profile image

BusinessTime 5 years ago from Twin Cities

My dog ALREADY has more Twitter followers than me.

Thanks for the great lens! (And I'm pretty sure anything my dog tweets is way more interesting than a Kardashian.)

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