The Top Five Star Wars Fan Movies

Here They Are

I give you, the Top Five Star Wars Fan Movies/Series. On most of these, watching the first video of a series will give you a pretty good idea what the whole series will be like. You can't call yourself a star wars fan until you've seen these fan films. One is a full length film (45 min.), two are shorts, and two are entire series, but I'll just collectively call them fan films.

#5: A Lost Hope (Short)

This is just a great spoof of Star Wars, mainly the events surrounding Episodes III and IV (thus the name). It almost goes too far of all of these fan films, mainly due to its odd types of humor and slight profanity, and therefore, it is last on this list. But it is hilarious in its own right, and deserves to be watched if only for the pure joy of hearing the authors' hilarious take on Jar Jar Binks' voice. That and watching him get hit by darts and finally sink to the floor...(the audience yells YESS!!)

URL: Most likely on youtube and plenty of other video sites.

#4: Duality (Short)

This is a great example of why the Sith will never win against the Jedi--they can't even win against each other! (Ok, fine, all you Sith enthusiasts, hiss and spit all you like but watch the film and you'll see! Just wait...) Make sure you watch all the credits b/c there's an awesome little clip at the end for an extra laugh.

URL: Honestly it's been so long since I got it that I have no idea where it is nor do I have the time to figure out where that was. However, for anyone who has used Google before it shouldn't be that hard to locate. Youtube probably has a low-quality version but I'd recommend looking for an HD version, it's worth it.

#3: Revelations (Movie)

Revelations is a full-length movie set right in between Episodes III and IV. It's a good story and all but don't be disappointed when you don't see any familiar characters. It was made on literally no budget, so considering that, it's a decent movie, especially for the heavy fx workload that comes with all Star Wars fan films. It wasn't acted incredibly well, but hey, it's either find a good actor who will work for free, or find any random Star Wars fan with no acting skills at all who will beg to be in the movie. Hard choice there! All the people who made this had to sacrifice their very own time and money to make it happen, and that they did. I think they deserve credit for that, so they made number three on my list.


#2: Chad Vader (Series)

Ah yes, the Chad Vader series. "I believe in you, Chad...I also believe in ELVES!" When you're tired of seeing the same old Star Wars universe surrounding Darth Vader, why not watch these videos? This series does a perfect job of exploring what would happen if Darth Vader were plucked right out of Star Wars and put in the real world--as a supermarket manager! (Well, he's supposedly Darth Vader's brother, but you know,'s the same suit.)

URL: Youtube...(there's eight episodes in Season One, I have yet to hear definite news about Season Two but am waiting expectantly...)

#1: Pink Five (Series)

Hehe, and number one is Pink Five, hands down. It's won plenty of awards from fan film contests, and rightly so. It is just the best Star Wars Fan Film Series ever. Picture a very hot jersey-girl named Stacey in the cockpit of an X-Wing, trying to figure out how to put the deflector shields on double-front. Picture a pink lightsaber and a lot of drama. Best of all, picture a Yoda that says things like "totally" and "to the hand you must talk!" This is the wonderful world of Pink Five. You should visit it sometime. There are three parts--the first one is just called Pink Five and is a short. Second one is a bit longer--Pink Five Strikes Back. Third part is broken into three separate 15 minute "volumes," therefore the entire third part, entitled Return of Pink Five, is 45 minutes total. Volumes 1 and 2 are out, and I am anxiously awaiting the release of the conclusion in Volume 3.

URL: Only place you'll find this series is on because they have an exclusive license to show the Pink Five series. No, you can't buy it on DVD, it's lucky enough that people can even legally make Star Wars fan films. The official Pink Five website is here: (duh)

Honorable Mention: Ryan vs. Dorkman

Yeah, I had to at least mention this one. I'm guessing about 80 percent of Star Wars fans have already seen it. It's probably the best lightsaber battle scene done by only two nerds (I assume the two in the video are the only ones who worked on it). It's a classic Star Wars fan film, a must watch. (Hint: It's on youtube)

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Misty Magick profile image

Misty Magick 8 years ago from New York

well i'll be sure to check these all out seeing as how i am an avid star wars fan.

My thanks, you have!!

Cybermouse profile image

Cybermouse 8 years ago from Bentonville, AR Author

Glad you like Star Wars, I am! Happy, I am, to have helped you. Very funny, they are.

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