The Top Three Most Reliable Laptop Computers

Which Brand Of Laptop Is Best?

Wouldn't you like to know which brands are the most reliable before spending any money on that new laptop? After all it's not like we all have extra money to just throw away on a defective product. And even if you do buy the extended warranty, a major problem with your laptop pretty much guarantees that you'll be without your laptop while it's away for repairs.

A recent study that ranks the three year failure rate of nine different brands of laptop computers rates these three computer brands as being the most reliable when it comes to failure rates and malfunctions.

top three most reliable laptop computers
top three most reliable laptop computers

Asus Laptop Computer

A report that I read recently claims that 1 in 3 laptops will fail over a three year interval. That's not very good odds when you think about it.

The top rated most reliable laptop according to Square Trade is the ASUS. one of the nice things about the ASUS is that they offer laptops in all price ranges as well as performance levels, which only makes sense of course because someone requiring an entry level computer doesn't have the same needs as someone who wants a gaming laptop.

Buy A Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Number two on the list is the Toshiba, next to the Sony the Toshiba has been one of my favorites for quite some time.Considering just how powerful the Toshiba Satellite is you will find it to be surprisingly inexpensive and very durable and long lasting which is always an important feature for a computer to have.

Buy A Sony Vaio

Number three on the list is my personal favorite the Sony Vaio. I've owned a Sony Vaio for approx. three years now and in this time have experienced no problems at all. Because of this the Sony Vaio gets my vote every time , so it's not surprising at all that you will find the Sony Vaio as number three on this list when it comes to costumer satisfaction.

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Reynold Jay 5 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

Up 1 and useful. Now to go shopping. RJ

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