The Trojan Horse Is Alive And Kicking

Beware.The Trojan Horse is back with us
Beware.The Trojan Horse is back with us

Remember that horse that the Greeks sent to Troy? Well, that Trojan horse passed into legends but not for good..

Now the Trojan horse has been re-born and is very much alive and kicking,

Not only that. You yourself may be having this horse. No, don't go looking for it in your backyard or front yard. It could be where you are now - sitting unseen in your computer,.

While the legendary Trojan horse wreaked havoc only on the people of Troy, the modern Trojan horse wreaks havoc on a global scale.

So What Is This Trojan Horse?

It is a piece of code. And when it gets into your computer it can wreak unimaginable damage.

Here is a taste of what a Trojan horse can harm you.   Among other things, it can... 

  • Erase or overwrite data on your computer
  • Re-installi itself after being disabled
  • Encrypt files in a cryptoviral extortion attack
  • Corrupt files in a subtle way
  • Upload and download files
  • Copy fake links, which lead to false websites, chats, or other account based websites
  • Falsify records of downloading software, movies, or games from websites never visited by you
  • Allow remote access to your computer

A Trojan horse can act as a keylogger and monitor your every stroke. Then it can relay the information by the Internet to the maker of the virus. who can use this information to harm you as well as control your computer.

How The Trojan Horse Gets Into Your Computer

A Trojan horse is not an uninvited guest of your computer like other viruses. In fact it is you who lets them in when you download an infected software and install it. This is because like its legendary ancestor, the modern Trojan horse comes disguised with an apparently harmless software. Hence this virus is called a Trojan horse 

This happens often happens when you download a free software from the internet or your email attachments. As soon as the program is installed it starts doing its work though you might not feel any difference at least in the first few days after the installation.

What Can You Do To Keep Safe?

First and foremost, don't download softwares from an unknown source. Go only for the reputed vendors for free and paid softwares. Also read the terms and conditions when installing a software. Don't just click the I agree button in a hurry to get the software running as most of us usually do.

Don't download email attachments. Email attachments are NO, NO. Even take care of those attachments that you get from your relatives and friends. They may be sending you some infected files they received from somewhere else.

For every software from the internet or email, make it a point to scan them before unzipping and installing.

In a word, don't download everything you come across on the internet. Be careful to avoid a disaster.

While these precautions should keep you reasonably safe from new Trojan horses getting into your computer, scan your computer with an antivirus to find and destroy any such viruses that already may be present on your computer.

There are a number of such antivirus software available such as Spyware Doctor and Norton Antivirus.But don't limit yourself to these two only. Look at other antivirus options to find other security options to decide which is suitable for you.

Above all, be security conscious. Remain up to date in what is happening in the pc security and virus prevention.

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The Trojan Horse - Now

Virus Reality:

  • You think that you are getting a free game or software from a generous software developer
  • You download and install the software
  • You are happy running the free program
  • You don't know that the free software carries a malicious virus
  • The Trojan horse starts working without your knowledge and wreaks havoc on your computer

The Trojan horse is bad now


Trojan Horse - Then

Greek Legend:

  • Trojans believed that the wooden horse was a sort of a gift from the fleeing Greek army.
  • Trojans opened the city gates and drew in the Trojan horse
  • Trojans rejoiced at their victory over the Greeks and made merry
  • The Trojans didn't know that Greek soldiers were hidden in the body of the body of the wooden horse
  • The Greek Soldiers came out from the horse and defeated the Trojans

The Trojan horse was bad then


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